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Rokk founded the Comic Book Revolution on January 24, 2006 due to his life-long love for the comic book industry. What spurred Rokk to start his own website was his frustration over the lack of honest comic reviews online. The major comic book websites appeared to be more like shills for the major comic book publishers rather than honest and critical review websites. It seemed that access to talent and posting advertisements for money were the main objectives of these websites rather than delivering quality comic book reviews. This is what caused Rokk to start the Comic Book Revolution as a true labor of love.

Kevin joined the website on April 20, 2009. If Rokk was the mother of the Comic Book Revolution who birthed the website, then it was Kevin who was the father. Kevin helped nurture and grow the Comic Book Revolution into the website that it is today.

We have increased our content beyond just reviewing comic books. We now cover all things in the American comic book industry, the manga industry, anime, TV streaming shows, and movies. We also expanded into the podcast sphere with two podcasts: The Comic Book Revolution Podcast and the Manga Revolution Podcast.

We also have regular features that dive into the advanced solicitations from DC Comics and Marvel Comics, sales charts and rankings, and general commentary. Rokk and Kevin give their own perspectives on comic book issues and the various aspects of the comic book industry in general.

If you have any product you wish us to review or if you just want to contact us for any other reason you can email us at: [email protected]. You can also reach us on Twitter at @CBRevolution or on our Facebook page.