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Spider-Gwen: Ghost Spider #6 Review
March 17, 2019 0

Spider-Gwen: Ghost Spider #6 Review

Now that Spider-Gwen: Ghost Spider is out of having to tie-in to the recent Spider-Geddon event Seanan McGuire can establish what this series identity is. That started in the last issue as Gwen Stacy started her life back on her Earth, where her identity as Spider-Woman is well known. With the [...]

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DC Comics Justice League #20 Review
March 21, 2019 0

Justice League #20 Review

Justice League continues to be DC’s gold standard. Scott Snyder is delivering an epic tale dealing with DC’s Multiverse and the very foundation for DC’s mythology. I am confident that Justice League #20 will be another quality read. Let’s hit this review. Plot: Scott Snyder and Jorge [...]

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Transformers #1 Review
March 19, 2019 0

Transformers #1 Review

There are few franchises that I am as nostalgic about than the Transformers. Along with Power Rangers, the Transformers franchise is what I grew up with watching and playing with the toys of as a kid. While I’ve been a Transformers fan for a long time I have never dipped into the comic books for [...]

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Marvel Comics June 2019 Solicitation Analysis
March 20, 2019 0

Marvel Comics June 2019 Solicitation Analysis

Marvel is entering the summer with a lot of big things going on. Specifically, it looks like Marvel is not wasting any time in having War of the Realms conclude with the final two issues releasing in June. Along with that we are getting several major creative returns as Chris Claremont is writing [...]