DC Studios Plan and 10 New Projects – Comic Book Revolution Podcast Ep. 104

In this episode, Kevin, Steven, and Rokk get together to discuss the big news from James Gunn concerning the next 8-10 years for DC Studios. The guys talk about Gunn’s interview answers to figure out Gunn’s’ vision for DC Studios going forward. The guys then dive into the ten new projects that Gunn unveiled.

55:40:10 – Intro to the 8-10 year plan
56:28:83 – Superman Legacy
1:08:09 – The Authority
1:15:49 – The Brave and The Bold
1:29:25 – Supergirl Woman of Tomorrow
1:34:36 – Swamp Thing
1:39:33 – Creature Commandos
1:49:16 – Waller
1:54:03 – Paradise Lost
1:58:03 – Lanterns
2:06:45 – Booster Gold

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