MOTU Origins Rokkon: Buy or Pass?

Yesterday afternoon, Mattel Creations dropped a Masters of the Universe Origins surprise on us! After being teased on the box art for the Eternia playset, we are finally getting Rokkon! I have been anxiously waiting for Mattel to get around to creating an Origns version of Rokkon. This is such a cool figure and one of the few transforming Masters of the Universe figures. The vintage Rokkon was part of Wave 5 and was released in 1986. Since the vintage Rokkon arrived late in the MOTU run he is not as common and incredibly popular. At any rate, let’s get back to this new Rokkon and check out what this new figure delivers and if it is worth buying or not.


Rokkon has 16 points of articulation and stands at 5.5 inches tall. Rokkon’s sculpt looks incredible. The MOTU Origins Rokkon is faithful to the vintage sculpt. Part of what I love about MOTU is that it has always been a toy line based on reusing shared parts in unique ways to create different characters. However, Rokkon is highly unique in that I do not think he shares any parts with other MOTU Origins figures. Maybe I am wrong, but all of Rokkon’s sculpting looks unique to him.

The head has a slightly different face, but still honors the original figure. I love the detail on the sculpt of Rokkon’s helmet.

The chest sculpt has a ton of detail! There are cool-looking ribbed hoses along with a bunch of buttons. There is also some excellent ornate sculpting across Rokkon’s abs.

MOTU Origins Rokkon 2
Credit: Mattel

The arms have an excellent sculpt with the armored pieces placed over Rokkon’s space suit. The legs are a bit simpler with their sculpt but still look fantastic. I dig the padding across the space suit. The boots have a clean and simple Sci-Fi look with neat little hinges at the ankles.

Overall, Mattel kept the MOTU Origins Rokkon extremely faithful to the vintage Rokkon in terms of the overall sculpt. I appreciate that. Rokkon has an incredible design and there was no need to mess with it at all.


The MOTU Origins Rokkon has an excellent paint scheme. The main colors are blue and orange. Again, Mattel remained faithful to the general paint scheme of vintage Rokkon.

Rokkon’s space suit is a nice shade of orange. This color orange looks nearly the same as the vintage Rokkon. The helmet, collar area, trunks, knee pads, and boots are in a nice-looking blue. Again, this shade of blue is very close to the shade of blue used on the vintage Rokkon. I love orange and blue together so this color scheme looks pleasing to my eye.

The shoulders and gloves are silver which was the same on the vintage Rokkon. I dig the belt with the maroon belt and silver buckle. These colors are also found on Rokkon’s chest. We have maroon accents on the abs and the maroon rectangle with buttons on Rokkon’s right pec. There is also silver on the hoses and around the abs. The accent colors of maroon and silver help make Rokkon’s paint scheme pop.

Of course, my favorite aspect of the MOTU Origins Rokkon’s paint scheme is his rock plates. The plates are blue with a shimmering silver spray on top of it. It looks gorgeous! I love it.


Rokkon comes with his classic radar dish gun. The gun has such a unique design and is faithful to the vintage Rokkon. This is easily one of my favorite MOTU weapons. The color scheme is maroon and silver which matches the accent colors on Rokkon’s body.

I am happy to see that Mattel kept the cool play feature of the vintage Rokkon! Yup, the MOTU Origins Rokkon also has a hole in his abs where you can attach his radar dish gun which frees up his hands for fighting.

MOTU Origins Rokkon 3
Credit: Mattel

Of course, the biggest play feature is that Rokkon is a transforming action figure! Rokkon can transform into a space rock! Mattel did an excellent job replicating the vintage Rokkon’s transforming ability. I guess you could nitpick the space rock form, but I think it is damn good for such an articulated action figure.

Also, it should be noted that it appears that Mattel was able to pull off the transforming space rock feature while still keeping the interchangeable parts feature of the Origins toy line. It looks like you should be able to pop out Rokkon’s arms and legs and put them on another figure. This is insanely cool!

MOTU Origins Rokkon also comes with his own mini-comic! Hell yeah! Nothing beats a MOTU mini-comic.


Look at this! Rokkon is going to come in collector-friendly premium MOTU Origins packaging! Yes! This is how all MOTU Origins Mattel Creations figures should be packaged. The premium MOTU Origins packaging will allow you to slip the cardback off of the blister pack and remove the figure without damaging any of the packaging. It will also allow you to repackage the figure at a later date. Chef’s kiss, Mattel.

MOTU Origins Rokkon 1
Credit: Mattel

As always, MOTU Origins Rokkon comes with gorgeous card art. There is simply no other toy line that can match the phenomenal artwork of MOTU Origins. And check out which character is teased in the card art. Yup! It’s Modulok! Mattel has to be releasing a MOTU Origins Modulok as a Mattel Creations deluxe figure at some point in 2024!

Price and Availability

Given Rokkon’s transforming play feature, his unique sculpt, and the premium MOTU Origins packaging, I was expecting this figure to be marketed as a MOTU Origins deluxe figure with a deluxe price. Nope! MOTU Origins figure is priced as a regular figure for just $20!! What?! That is awesome.

MOTU Origins Rokkon will go on sale at Mattel Creations on February 16, 2024, UPDATE: Mattel has just pushed back the date for the MOTU Origins Rokkon! This figure will now go on sale on February 21, 2024, at 9 am PT. This is the first time I have seen a Mattel Creations MOTU figure have the date of its sale get pushed back. Perhaps Mattel realized they made the period of time between announcing this figure and the sale date way too short.

At any rate, usually, these figures are limited to three figures per person. However, Mattel does not mention a specific number with Rokkon. Instead, Mattel says that purchase limits are subject to change at the sole discretion of Mattel.


Are you kidding me? MOTU Origins Rokkon is easily a buy, buy, buy!!! This is an amazing figure for just $20. Personally, I am going to get two so I can have one in his space rock form and one in his regular form. Naturally.