Mondo Juggernaut Figure 1

Credit: Mondo

Buy or Pass: Mondo Juggernaut Soft Vinyl Figure

Whenever Mondo rolls out a new figure I know two things: 1. It is going to be expensive. 2. It is going to look insanely good! This latest Mondo figure is no exception. Mondo is kicking off 2024 with a timed edition figure in the form of the Juggernaut! Everyone loves Cain Marko, the roid-rage-fueled mutant bad guy powered by the Gem of Cyttorak. Juggernaut has a unique design courtesy of the King himself, Jack Kirby. Juggernaut has always been my favorite X-Men villain. At any rate, let’s check out what this new figure delivers and if it is worth buying or not.


The Juggernaut soft vinyl figure is designed and sculpted by Tommy Hodges. Oh. My. God. This Juggernaut looks badass! This is the definitive version of the Juggernaut and is exactly what comes to mind when I think about this character.

Mondo Juggernaut Figure 3
Credit: Mondo

The first thing that is evident is the size of this monster figure. Juggernaut stands at an impressive twelve inches tall and is a whopping fifteen inches wide. This dude is a total beast. There is no doubt that this figure is going to dwarf anything else next to it on your toyshelf.

The proportions of this figure are insane! I love them. The massive boulder body, gargantuan arms that come down to his feet, and his round stubby head. It is perfection. The outrageous design fits the over-the-top nature of Juggernaut’s character.

The figure has some excellent detailing from top to bottom. I love the texture of this figure. You get some nice rhino hide-like texture of the costume on his upper chest and legs. Then there is some cool ribbed mesh texture across his abs. The costume is finished off with a third texture in the sleeker fabric at his pelvis. The accessory items on this figure in the metal helmet, arm bands, knuckle bands, and boot tops are all a nice smooth surface.

Mondo Juggernaut Figure 6
Credit: Mondo

The sculpting of the Juggernaut’s bulging muscles is fantastic. I dig that he has veins popping out of his muscles to accentuate the power in this figure. The sculpting of the muscles helps to make the Juggernaut look like he is seething with rage and about to explode.

I dig the sculpting of the helmet. I love the angry eyebrows that add a touch of whimsy while still keeping with the character’s angry nature. The rivets along the base of the helmet are a great touch.

What is also impressive is that even though the Juggernaut’s face is largely covered by the helmet, Mondo is able to inject plenty of personality into this figure. The intense angry eyes and the 1990s Liefeld-esque gritted teeth deliver enough personality for this masked figure.


The paint looks fantastic on this figure. The flesh paint is layered on to help to accentuate his muscles. This figure is dominated by the matte crimson paint from top to bottom. The costume has a nice black wash to help give some additional definition to the figure. The metal accessories on this figure all have a nice shiny gloss crimson paint that gives a good contrast to the costume.

Mondo Juggernaut Figure 8
Credit: Mondo


The Juggernaut comes with some basic articulation. The figure has swivel articulation at the arms, fists, and boots. That’s pretty good for a giant-sized soft vinyl figure.

Price and Availability

The Juggernaut comes with a beefy $200 price tag. I know prices for collectible toys have become a hot-button issue. You will have to decide for yourself what you can afford and if you think this is worth the price tag.

This bad boy is a Timed Edition. So, it became available on Mondo’s website at noon on January 16, 2024, and ends on January 19 at 11:59 AM CT.

Mondo Juggernaut Figure 4
Credit: Mondo


If you are a fan of the X-Men then this Juggernaut figure is going to be hard to pass on. I am on the fence with this one. I love the look of this figure. It is phenomenal and it is so damn big that it will command attention while sitting on your toy shelf! This is an eye-catching figure. No doubt about it. I am also a soft vinyl figure fan. Almost all of my soft vinyl collection consists of Kinnikuman figures and Godzilla figures. So, it would be kind of cool to have an American soft vinyl figure added to my collection.

This is not a cheap figure, but I am used to an expensive price tag since almost all the soft vinyl figures I have are expensive. I plan to continue to give some more thought to purchasing this incredible figure and then make a final decision early January 19!