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Mondo Scareglow: Buy or Pass?

Mondo has established a name for itself in delivering some gorgeous and detailed Masters of the Universe collectible toys. We covered the insane Mondo 1/6 scale Battle Cat and the incredible 1/6 scale Skeletor. Well, we now have another mind-bending MOTU toy from Mondo: a Scareglow soft vinyl Timed Edition figure! Scareglow is one of the most popular figures from the vintage MOTU toy line and is a big fan favorite. Let’s not waste time and dive right in!


The most obvious aspect of the Mondo Scareglow is that he is an absolute unit! This figure clocks in at a towering 15 inches tall! The only soft vinyl figures in my collection are from Kinnikuman or Godzilla. My largest soft vinyl figures are the jumbo soft vinyl Kinnikuman figures that check in at 16.9 inches tall. This Mondo Scareglow is going to come damn close to those figures! 15 inches is impressive and will allow the Mondo Scareglow to dominate your toy shelf in an impressive fashion.

The Mondo Scareglow soft vinyl is sculpted in the same classic form as the vintage MOTU Scareglow. Mondo stays true to the original figure and presents the Mondo Scareglow in the trademark squat-legged stance of the vintage figure. The vintage Scareglow was the vintage Skeletor body with a different head and different paint application. The same applies to the Mondo Scareglow, which has the vintage Skeletor arms and hands in that classic slightly bent pose. The Mondo Scareglow has the same belt and furry trunks as the vintage Skeletor, just like the vintage Scareglow. Last, the sculpt is finished off with the vintage Skeletor legs and feet just like the vintage Scareglow. 

Mondo Scareglow 1
Credit: Mondo

The Mondo Scareglow comes with a head sculpt that is also nearly identical to the head sculpt of the vintage Scareglow figure. I love that Mondo stayed true to the classic figure with the head sculpt. This will allow collectors to display the Mondo Scareglow next to their vintage Scareglow like a monstrous big brother.

Now, while I love that Mondo stayed true to the vintage figure with the head sculpt, I appreciate that Mondo had a surprise in store for us. The Mondo Scareglow will come with an alternate head! Indeed, the alternate head is a rather interesting “modern” interpretation of Scareglow. The alternate head looks more menacing and is much more detailed than the vintage head sculpt. I am going to display my Mondo Scareglow with its vintage head, but I love having the option of switching things up if the mood hits me.

Of course, I have purposely not touched on the most mind-blowing aspect of the Mondo Scareglow’s sculpt. That would be that the body is made from transparent vinyl. This differs from the vintage Scareglow which came with a body sculpted from glow-in-the-dark plastic.

The Mondo Scareglow’s transparent vinyl body allows you to see the phenomenally sculpted skeleton inside of the vinyl figure! This is insane and a big departure from vintage Scareglow.

Mondo Scareglow 2
Credit: Mondo

The vintage Scareglow had his skeleton painted on the front of the figure. The Mondo Scareglow has a fully sculpted skeleton inside of its transparent vinyl body. It is just incredible looking. The skeleton is sculpted in pleasing detail and makes the Mondo Scareglow a mesmerising-looking figure. I cannot take my eyes off this guy! This is one of the coolest-looking sculpts I have seen in a long time. This also satisfies my childhood wish of having Scareglow’s skeleton visible from the inside of the figure rather than just painted on the exterior.


The Mondo Scareglow has the same purple paint scheme as the vintage figure. The belt is painted in a nice metallic-looking purple. The furry trunks and the boots are both painted in a slightly darker glossy purple. The vintage head sculpt has the trademark lightning bolt line on the forehead. The eyes are black with red pupils. The nose and mouth are painted in black.

The alternate head has more painting and more detail on it. The alternate head has the same lightning bolt line on the forehead. However, the alternate head has lots of shading on the forehead, sides of the head, and around the mouth. The alternate head also has more detailed black paint for the nose and mouth. 


The Mondo Scareglow has articulation at the head and the arms. That is nothing that is going to get you excited. But, that is fairly standard issue articulation for most jumbo soft vinyl figures.

This figure also comes with not one but two poleaxes. The poleaxes are in the same design as the weapon that came with the vintage Scareglow. Of course, both of the poleaxes glow in the dark.

Mondo Scareglow 4
Credit: Mondo

The Mondo Scareglow also has a gorgeous purple cloth cape. Even better is the fact that the cape is posable courtesy of its wired edge. This is a nice touch that should make this figure look even more imposing as you make the cape flow dramatically. The cape looks excellent and I dig it has several layers at the shoulder to give it that Jack the Ripper look. 

However, the coolest extra feature is that the skeleton in the figure glows in the dark! Hell yeah! This is going to make this figure look so badass in the dark. This feature makes the Mondo Scareglow one of the most visually interesting figures I have seen in a while. 


The packaging for the Mondo Scarglow is top-notch. The figure comes in a black box with some cool artwork in the interior of a cave, complete with stalagmites and stalactites. We even get a few bats inside the cave. However, the coolest part of the art is that it is all glow-in-the-dark. Fantastic. I am obsessed with glow-in-the-dark toys, so I love that Mondo made the box glow-in-the-dark, too.

Mondo Scareglow 7
Credit: Mondo

The cherry on top of the packaging is that there is a large window in the middle of the box that looks like the back of the cave. Box with a window and glow-in-the-dark design of a cave and bats! Love it. The perfectly sized and situated box window allows you to display this figure inside of its box. This would give you the advantage of appreciating the excellent box art and also still being able to see the figure. It also looks cool, since displaying the Mondo Scareglow in the box makes it look like he is lurking in the back of a cave.

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