A New Beginning

3204643-2482685110-marveWell, look who is back. The Comic Book Revolution started off back in the beginning of 2006 on a Blogger website. We then rolled over to comicbookrevolution.net in 2010. From there things happened in life (kids, work, etc.) and my posts became more and more infrequent until I completely stopped in the beginning of 2014.  It also didn’t help that the New 52 killed my interest in DC comics. Then Marvel followed suit shortly after that with their Marvel NOW efforts. I felt that both Marvel and DC were moving away from long-time comic book fans like myself.  With my passion for comics waning I lost my desire to continue to maintain The Revolution.

However, the time I spent away from The Revolution helped me to recharge my batteries and rekindle my enthusiasm.  While I still may not be enthused about much of what DC and Marvel is currently publishing there are still plenty of things going on in the world of comic books that gets me excited.  After taking nearly two years off from the Comic Book Revolution I have decided that the time has come for me to return and crank things up once again.

I have imported the articles from the old Blogger website. Sadly, the database of articles that we published between 2010 and 2014 in our joomla based website were lost. It sucks. We had plenty of good material in that time period. I thought I had a good backup of my articles but it turns out that I did not. So we are just going to start fresh.  I believe in looking forward rather than stressing about the past.  I have gone ahead and given the Revolution a brand new design and am ready for a fresh start.

What do I have in mind for The Revolution this time around? Honestly? I’m not too sure. I figured that I’ll just go with my heart and let things develop organically. I’ll review some comics. I’ll post articles about my thoughts on the comic book industry as well as impressions about comic book culture at large as TV and movies continue to play and every increasing role.  My reviews probably will no longer be the exhaustive full body cavity search that they used to be. I simply do not have the time for those anymore. But, the plus side is that my articles and reviews should be more streamlined and easier to digest bite sized reads which better fit the current era of internet consumption. Back when I started The Revolution in 2006 most people consumed their online media on their desktops or laptops. Now, mobile devices reign supreme. And in an era of media consumption via mobile devices I think the brevity has become more and more important.  So, here is to the future and I look forward to a new adventure. Viva la Revolución!