Alice Never After #4 Review

Alice Never After #4 Advance Review

Alice Never After has been a trippy story of the Wonderland story that we normally get in pop culture. The last issue of Alice Never After threw a major curve ball with the revelation of Alice’s pregnancy. That development is sure to shake what we see go on in both London and Wonderland settings. We got an advance copy of Alice Never After #4. Find out how it during out with our advance review of Dan Panosian and Giorgio Spalletta latest issue.


Writer: Dan Panosian

Artists: Dan Panosian, Giorgio Spalletta, and Cyril Glerum

Colorist: Francesco Segala and Gloria Martinelli

Letterer: Jeff Eckleberry


“While the White Rabbit may be perpetually late for a very important date, he can’t run from Alice forever, or keep hiding the secrets behind why he’s always in a hurry.

Meanwhile, Alice may have some help in returning from Wonderland, but just like the twists and turns and dead ends of a maze… will it ever be something she can ever emerge from?” – BOOM! Studios


The deeper we have gotten into Alice Never After the more we are seeing how Wonderland is opening up the story more. Alice’s being revealed to be pregnant sets things off for Wonderland and its citizens to tackle Alice’s true state of mind. This is all complimented by how the real world deals with how everyone around Alice are dealing with her situation.

What particular stands out with Alice Never After #4 is how much it reflects the internal and external battle going on in this series. Dan Panosian and Giorgio Spalletta do an good job at having both the scenes in London and Wonderland compliment one another. Everyone in both settings has their own objective of how to “best” deal with Alice’s situation.

Alice Never After #4 Preview
Preview of interior artwork by artists Giorgio Spalletta, inker Cyril Glerum, colorists Francesco Segala and Gloria Martinelli, and letterer Jeff Eckleberry for Alice Never After #4. Credit: BOOM! Studios

Edith in particular stood out most in how she is trying to help her sister. There is genuine honesty to her character as she is unfraid when her family tries to throw all her intentions at her face. It does make Edith be the key character helping drive the story even as Alice is the protagonist. Edith’s interactions elevate how Lorina, Dr. Madsen, and others are positioned as antagonists in the story.

Maximizing these real-world scenes with Edith makes how Alice deals with her situation in Wonderland. While her real world self is closed off, Alice emotional state as things in Wonderland get out of control keeps you invested in her story. She is much more active internally. Though as she actively searches for answers in Wonderland the more we see her shut off when Edith reaches out. All of this leads to an ending that sets up he final issue of Alice Never After to deliver big on the resolutions.

All of the scenes in London and Wonderland are elevated by Panosian, Spalletta, and Glerum’s artwork. The shifts between the two settings is at its best in Alice Never After #4. With how different the art styles are the story is paced in a way that the transition with the switch in setting is smooth. The smooth transition allows every scene to compliment one another.


Alice Never After #4 does a good acting as the penultimate chapter of the story. Dan Panosian, Giorgio Spalletta, and the rest of the creative team balance out Edith and Alice scenes to establish the stakes of the latter’s situation. It leads to a strong set-up for Alice Never After’s final issue to deliver a memorable ending.

Story Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10

Art Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10

Overall Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10

Check out a preview of Alice Never After #4 ahead of its Wednesday, November 25th, release by clicking here.