Anime Review: Bleach 87

There was no new Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 since Adult Swim aired the first episode of R2 that was already posted on their website the week before. Still we did get Bleach and also starting next week I may start reviewing Naruto as well, if Cartoon Network decides to start airing new episodes of Naruto on a consistent bases.

Bleach 87: “Byakuya is summoned! The Gotei 13 start to move!”

With the last episode showing some promise this episode continued from the last episode and delivered a nice end to the Chad, Nova, and Rangiku vs. Sawatari fight. The strategy the group came up was a very smart way to end the fight by having Rangiku combine her Kido with Nova’s dimension teleporting/sensing abilites to allow Chad to be the hero of the episode. It was good the writers allowed Chad to show much more emotion in these past two episodes since, while he has an interesting backstory and power, Chad’s stoic personality can get boring at times. Also another good thing that has come out of these two episodes is that Nova really shows that he may be the best character introduced in this “Bount” filler-arc.

I was glad that the fight with the Bounts did not take up the whole episode and we got some interesting developments within the Soul Society. First there is that someone has invade the Soul Society which is probably Ichinose. But still I wonder how Ichinose or who ever invade the Soul Society was able to stay invinsible and take out Ikkaku. Then there is Mayuri discovering finding data and instructing Nemu to find Uryu. I wonder what Mayuri may want with Uryu and what Mayuri is going to do with the information he has since he is a mad scientist-type character. And finally th last plot development in the Soul Society, I wonder what Captain Yamamoto wants with Byakuya. With their already some Soul Reapers it looks like the war with the Bounts will reach a new level the next episode.

Episode Rating – 8.15/10