Anime Review: Bleach 90 and Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 4

Bleach 90: “Renji Abarai, bankai of the Soul!”

Continuing the trend from the past few episodes Bleach gives another good episode. What made this episode good is that we finally see Renji back to his old self, or at least partly, before he got all angst ridden after his second fight with Ichigo. It is nice that the writers kind of break the fourth wall by having Renji admit this to himself and to Ichigo in a semi-long speech. In any case it is a good thing to see Renji back to his kick as self. Also it I liked that we got to see Renji’s Bankai again since it is one my favorite Bakai’s, outside of Ichigo’s.

It was interesting seeing how Ugaki was killed by his own Doll while all of the Bounts just stood in that big room doing nothing to help him. It shows just how ruthless Kariya is and how he only considers the other Bounts tools to his victory. And as I just as I thought that Kariya’s real goal was going to the Soul Society. This should make things interesting seeing all of the characters return to the Soul Society were their powers are much stronger. Also I hope we see Ichigo be able to finally get his Bakai back and Uryu return to action in either the next episode or when they go back to the Soul Society.

Episode Rating – 7.8/10

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 4: “Counterattack at the Gallows”

R2 continues to move the story in a fast pace. Just like in some of the episodes in season one this episode shows how similar and different Lelouch is from Light Yagami. Just like Light, Lelouch use some great manipulation of a character close to him, Rolo, to get to his end goal. And you kind of have to feel bad for Rolo. Even though he is a cold blooded murderer, as shown in the flashback scenes were he killed all those people with his time manipulation Geass and shooting them in the neck, Rolo is still a kid that has never known it is to be part of a family. It was obvious that Lelouch would use the brother angle to manipulate Rolo since Rolo showed a strange attachment for the locket he got as a present from Lelouch on his “birthday.” But even though this was predictable I like that Lelouch used his Geass to make a situation were he literally takes a bullet, or at least the Knightmare he is piloting, to get Rolo to his side. It should be entertaining seeing how Rolo will try and continue to play his role as a spy from Britania while actually working for Lelouch.

Unlike Light, Lelouch shows that he cares for his comrades and is willing to risk his life to save them in a fight against Britania. It was great seeing Lelouch use the same strategy he used in the Black Rebellion and this time having it work because he was there to make the plan a success. I am interested to see now that he has the Black Knight members back what he plans on doing next in his war against Britania

And while this episode did not have as much action as the second episode it still had some good mecha battles for those who love fight scenes and I continue to enjoy Kallen and her Knightmare’s abilities. Also I liked the comedy in this episode with CC complaining her gun broke. CC gives provides the necessary comedy at the right moments especially in episodes that are violent like first four episodes of R2 have been.

Episode Rating – 8.5/10