Anime Review: Bleach 95

Instead of grouping all my anime reviews together I will instead do individual reviews for each anime I review. With this I should be able to post my anime reviews a lot quicker. The format for the reviews will stay the same as before.

Bleach 95:”Byakuya Takes the Field! Dance of the Wind-Splitting Cherry Blossoms”

Since arriving into the Soul Society Bleach has slowed down the pace a bit. This episode picks up the pace by giving us a fight between Kariya and Byakuya with Ichigo joining in later in the episode. Overall the fight served to show how strong Kariya is. Up until now we knew that Kariya was strong but he has only fought Ichigo twice and each time it Kariya seemed to only be testing testing our young hero. But now that Kariya is shown to be able to go toe to toe with a Captain of the Soul Society it makes Kariya out to be a bigger threat than before especially with his instant healing ability that he has due all the spirit particles in the Soul Society. As strong as Byakuya is he was barely able to dodge all of Kariya’s attacks and it actually looked like Byakuya would have lost the fight if Ichigo didn’t get involved. The only complaint I had with the fight between Byakuya, Ichigo, and Kariya is that the animation wasn’t as strong in this episode as it has been with the other fights in Bleach.

Outside of the fight the comedy didn’t work well in this episode and I am starting to get annoyed by Kukaku and his gang. Also the subplot with Koga and Ichinose convincing all of the thiefs in Kusajishi to fight along side them wasn’t very interesting. But even with everything outside the fight not being very interesting the episode was a much better episode that we have seen since the Bounts arrived in the Soul Society

Episode Rating – 8.3/10