Anime Review: Bleach ep. 80 and Code Geass:Lelouch of the Rebellion ep. 20

Bleach 80: “Assault From a Formidable Enemy! A Tiny Final Line of Defense?!”
After Yoshino’s death and Kariya releasing Bount eggs into the world Kariya and his group disappeared. Urahara and Renji decide to search for the Bounts and Ririn, Cloud, and Nova decide to teach Ichigo a lesson by dressing up as Bounts.

After it seemed that Bleach finally hit its stride with this filler arc with the last four or five episodes being very well done and furthering the plot this episode wasn’t a must watch episode for this arc. Bleach has always tries to add some into each episode and many times the comedy works but there have been times when the comedy does not work. This episode is an example of Bleach trying to hard with the comedy. While the beginning of the episode did have its funny moments the joke of Ririn and Cloud being stuck in those blue egg looking suits and Ichigo and Rukia chasing them got old fast. I was glad that we only had one episode of this because when the “final” battle between Ririn and Cloud vs Ichigo, Rukia, and Renji I didn’t really care like I should have about what happend to Ririn and Cloud. This episode could have been much better if we were given more information about what Kariya and his group of Bounts are going to do with the eggs they released and what the Soul Society going to do about the growing problem with the Bounts.

Episode Rating – 6.2/10

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion 20: Battle for Kyushu
Suzaku, who quits his job of being Euphimia’s Knight, has to deal with Japanese terorist who have invaded Kyushu on his own with the Lancelot equipped with a Float System. Even with Lancelot’s ability to fly Suzaku is overwhelmed by the Japanese terrorist. When Suzaku loses all of Lancelot’s energy and is about to be killed Lelouch and CC save Suzaku in the Gawain. With Lelouch’s help Suzaku is able to defeat the Japanese terrorist.

With this episode Code Geass has a time change to 2am here on the West Coast which is basically Adults Swim’s way of condeming there shows. It is obvious that Adult Swim has now shifted to a much more comedy oriented network. This just continues Cartoon Networks continueing to lesson the anime they show on there channel with the only anime being shown on a reasonable time for fans now is Naruto and Bleach. The good thing for fans who didn’t drink a case of Red Bull to stay up at 2am, or wake up at 5am ET, is that you can use your TIVO to record the episode or if your lucky you can watch it on YouTube since someone will likely uplode this episode their for as long as possible till it is taken down.

Enough of my rant about the ridiculous hour for Code Geass it’s time for me talk about the actual episode. As expected Suzaku did not get repremanded for his actions and it should not be suprising to anyone. The writers and directors of this show continue to show they have a very good grasp of there characters and were they want to take them in the story. While Suzaku giving up being Euphimia’s Knight being predictable it shows how guilt ridden a character Suzaku is to go back to being to the front line as a self punishment. I thought that it was interesting that Lelouch didn’t actual team up with the Japanese terrorist. It just shows that Lelouch isn’t a small picture guy and that he is all about the big picture and he knew that these terrorist were stupid for doing what they did. And with Lelouch helping Suzaku out it looks like Lelouch and the Black Knights will get the support they need to put up a real fight against Britannia and its army. The only thing that I thought just seemed a bit to out there was Nina’s continued lesbian obsession with Euphimia. Nina continues to be the strangest character on the show since she was caught humping a table in the earlier episode. Though the interaction with Nina did help Euphimia realize her feelings for Suzaku which should lead to some interesting development when Lelouch finds out his best friend and sister are now going out.

Episode Rating – 8.3/10