Anime Review: Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 16

“United Federation of Nations Resolution Number One”

After a two month absence we finally get a new episode of Code Geass. And after a two month absence this was a very methodical episode as it sets up the upcoming war between the Black Knights and Britannia. And this was a much better episode than the last new episode we got.

The only complaint I had with this episode was that we have to go through CC acting like a dumb slave girl. This whole reverting CC to her former self before even coming in contact with the Geass just smells of the creative team having nothing for the character to do but because they like her to much they don’t want to kill CC off. Even though I am a fan of the character I still question why they did not just kill her off as there isn’t a much more to do with character development and her death would probably have impacted the series much more than keeping her around and making her act as a slave girl.

Also I hate that Ohgi did not die from what happened in the last episode as he is pretty much a useless character that would be better off dead.

Even though this was all of a set episode what this episode does set up is some exciting stuff as Lelouch and the Black Knights finally take their plans to the next level and officially create the U.F.N. While not surprising it is great that Lelouch basically made the Black Knights as the army for the 49 countries under the U.F.N.

What made the scene even more interesting was the “surprise” appearance of the Emperor. The Emperor definetly does a nice job having a powerful presence when on screen. It is rare to see Lelouch be so riled by words and seeing him how he goes through so many possibilities to get Nanally out of the Emperor’s grasp in such a short time was very effective with showing how unstable he became in a short time span. And as soon as Lelouch called Suzaku the viewer knows that Lelouch has become desperate and the meeting between them will be very interesting to see in the next episode when they meet face to face.

Also I like how the creative team quickly re-introduce the viewer to the players that are going to participate in the war between Britannia and the Black Knights. It was quick but effective and it will be interesting if the creative finally takes the chance with this war to kill off some characters as the cast of supporting characters on this show has become to much. And with the FLEIJA bomb is put on the Lancelot I am guessing that bomb will be used as a deus ex machina to kill off a bunch of characters.

Overall this was a nice return to this show though still is not a similar level as some of the better episodes of this series but with the war coming up it looks like this show will return to form soon.

Episode Rating – 7.7/10