The Aquaman TV Show

Smallville is a monster hit here at the Bunker. Every Thursday, I’m on the rotating love bed, popcorn in hand, and ready for my Smallville fix. The Revolution has been addicted to Smallville ever since its first episode.

As everyone knows, Aquaman is one of the CW’s new shows. The CW is the love child between CBS and Warner Bros. designed to take the place of UPN and the WB. Like Smallville, the name of the new Aquaman show will be the place where he hails from: Mercy Reef.

Now, why do I think this is going to be a good show? Because the same people that brought us Smallville are doing this Aquaman show. Now, I have grown up hating the Big Red S. I have never thought anything about Superman was even remotely interesting. But, when I saw teasers for Smallville, I pushed back my plate of yuca, leaned back in the Bunker’s barcalounger, and decided, “Hmm, this show might have potential.” And sure enough, Smallville is the Revolution’s favorite show. Smallville made me get into and really like a character I never liked before. I like how Smallville update Clark Kent. They made him more human. More complex and easier to identify with than ever before. They made Lex Luthor far more complex and interesting rather than some one-dimensional maniacal evil genius.

So, because Mercy Reef is going to be done by the Smallville creators, I believe that they will be able to once again re-invent an aging icon into something modern and interesting. Like Superman, I have never liked Aquaman. Face it, he is pretty lame. He swims and talks to fish. End of story. To be in a comic, it means you must have an underwater villain, the story in the water or have some contrived plotline to get him into the water. That makes him somewhat limited. Aquaman fighting in space? Aquaman fighting street crime? Not so compelling. But, I do think that Aquaman has potential. There is no doubt that he is an iconic character. Even people who have never read comics may not know uber-popular Wolverine, but they will know Aquaman. I think Aquaman ranks just below Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Spider-Man, and the Hulk on a list of Icons.

With the new Aquaman comic book by talented Kurt Busiek and this new Aquaman television show, this just might be the fish guy’s year. I definitely applaud DC’s effort in trying to re-energize an old and slightly tired character rather than giving up on him altogether. Or foisting some minority character that can talk to fish and swim underwater on us as the “new” and “improved” Aquaman as they have done with some other characters. cough Blue Beetle cough

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  1. Wow Rokk! You appear to have a very impressive insight on the comic universe. Yet, I am curious as to how a man that lives in a bunker is so knowledgable in the subject of critical character development and plot foresight. I also wonder what your basis is for concluding the success of “Aquaman.” After briefly indulging in your comic rhetoric, I am, somehow, compelled to tune in and challenge your implicit “reasonable degree of comic certainty.” Your site rocks! May the force be with you.

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