Avengers/Invaders #6 Review

Creative Team
Plot: Alex Ross and Jim Kruger
Writer: Jim Kruger
Artists: Steve Sadowski and Patrick Berkenkotter
Colorist: inLight Studios

Issue Rating
Story: 7.5/10
Art: 7.8/10
Overall: 7.65/10

Review: Finally reaching the midway point of this series Krueger and Ross have done a nice job building this story. It is great development seeing how Krueger and Ross were able to build the original Human Torch, Jim Hammond, into a credible threat early in this issue when he was able to defeat the Sentry. By defeating Sentry, whose power levels are said to be similar to Superman, the original Human Torch shows how powerful he really is and that the (Mighty) Avengers may not be enough to defeat him.

The revelation that the Cosmic Cube is involved in the Invaders being transported to the current Marvel Universe was not surprising but it still brings to question who is behind this event and what they want. The obvious choice would be the Red Skull but since this story takes place after Bucky becomes Captain America I doubt Krueger and Ross will use Red Skull in a robot suit.

Also the other star of this issue was Toro and I will be interest were Krueger and Ross take his character in the second half of this story.

The only problem I have with this issue is that it felt like a very quick read and the flashback scene at the end felt very disjointed with the story. In truth most of the flashbacks in Avengers/Invaders have felt a little to forced and take up space. Hopefully Krueger and Ross will find a much better way to utilize these flashback scenes in future issues.

Sadowski and Patrick provide some nice, if not inconsistent artwork. Though Sadowski and Patrick action scenes are very well choreographed.