Batman and Robin #10 Review

Batman and Robin #10 Review – “Bat vs Bat”

Everything with the Man-Bat Saga is concluding with Batman and Robin #10. This is a storyline that has been going on since the series started. With how long the storyline has been going this ending could set up several other stories for the future. Especially with Batman and Robin continuing to do its own thing during Absolute Power we can see hints of the future of the DC Universe in this title. How will things conclude? Let’s find out with Batman and Robin #10.


Writer: Joshua Williamson

Artists: Simone Di Meo and Nikola Čižmešija

Colorists: Rex Lokus and Giovanna Niro

Letterer: Steve Wands


“UNLIKELY ALLIES AGAINST MAN-BAT! SHUSH RISES! Man-Bat’s plans have been unleashed on Gotham. The only person who can help Batman and Robin save the city is… SHUSH?! Can she set aside her hate for the dynamic duo and help, or will she let her quest for revenge overcome her?” – DC Comics


For all the great elements that have been built up throughout this story arc that way it all comes together in Batman and Robin #10 is unsatisfying. There is no one sole reason for it. When everything is brought together it does feel like it equal the quality of all the parts that assembled for this conclusion.

Things start off well with Man-Bat being presented as the love to hate villain he’s been built up o be during this entire story arc. The pure overconfidence that Batman and Robin can’t stop him as he has already won. There was genuine concern of how Man-Bat could be defeated. We even see how overwhelmingly powerful he is against Batman.

But where all the battling is intense it’s the results where the disappointment in Batman and Robin #10 come in. With how much was putting in to reestablish Man-Bat as a villain. Unfortunately having this version of Man-Bat be a true merger of The Bat and Kirk Langstrom we got back to the Jekyll and Hyde personality of the character. With so much build up that Langstrom was truly affected by his death and resurrection that was done away with. Seeing the meek Langstrom was the reset that was a massive step back from where he started at the beginning of this volume of Batman and Robin.

Similarly, the resolution with the Mistress Harsh sub-plot just sort of ends. After a strong introduction Mistress Harsh turned out to be mostly an afterthought for most of this series. We would only tackle Damian Wayne’s investigation here and there, mostly in the previous issue. But even when Mistress Harsh’s sub-plot was given attention she was never a driver in that narrative. Here just being arrested at the school reinforced how Mistress Harsh was just a plot device to give Damian something to do so we don’t see the Dynamic Duo investigating and fighting Man-Bat all the time.

Batman and Robin #10
Batman has a tough time against the evolved Man-Bat in Batman and Robin #10. Credit: DC Comics

Luckily once the Man-Bat and Mistress Harsh plots are wrapped up Williamson focuses back on the strength of his run thus far. That is the dynamic that Damian shares with his father and Flatline. When it comes to the dynamic with Damian and Flatline they have such an infection chemistry that you want to see them team-up more. Which made the teaser for Flatline’s return tied to a bigger story involving Ra’s Al Ghul down the line much more exciting. With her keeping such a big secret from Damian it’ll be interesting to see where exactly this latest Ra’s Al Ghul plot will go.

On the Dynamic Duo side of things, Williamson continues to do a great job at showing the maturity both Bruce and Damian have this time around. Unlike their first attempt at being the Dynamic Duo this time have grown individually that makes them have a more positive, supportive relationship. That is shown in their rooftop dinner that Bruce prepared with Damian showing appreciation for his father’s efforts. It’s something we wouldn’t have gotten during Damian’s first year as Robin and speaks to their growth.

With how positive things were throwing in the curveball of Bane was just that. It came out of nowhere that could threaten this growth from both Bruce and Damian. As Alfred Pennyworth’s killer, Bane can bring the worst out of one or both Batman and Robin. What they do when coming face-to-face with Bane for the first time since City of Bane will say a lot to about their characters.

The artwork was a mixed bag because Simone Di Meo and Nikola Čižmešija have distinctly different art styles. Their clashing art styles causes momentum to halt when we switch between both artists. It does make this a messy issue because of the transitions lacking being completely clean. Though they both do well enough with their respective assignments.


Batman and Robin #10 delivers an ending that unfortunately does not live up to all the build that went into this finale. The way Man-Bat’s plot was resolved came across as a step back from where things started. Luckily the final third of this issue lifted up this comic book thanks to the strong dynamic Damian Wayne shares with Bruce Wayne and Flatline.

Story Rating: 5 Night Girls out of 10

Art Rating: 5 Night Girls out of 10

Overall Rating: 5 Night Girls out of 10

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