Batman/Superman: World's Finest #2 Review

Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #2 Review

Batman/Superman: World's Finest #2 Review

Batman/Superman: World’s Finest was a comic book that was not on my radar whatsoever. Because of that I did not pick up the first issue of the series when it was first released. Over the last few week’s I heard a lot of good things about the Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #1 from friends whose comic book opinions I trust that I should check it out. That is what I did and was pleasantly surprised how fun the first issue was. With such a strong start will Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #2 continue that momentum? Let’s find out.


Writer: Mark Waid

Artist: Dan Mora

Colorist: Tamra Bonvillain


With Robot and Negative Man’s help The Chief is able to save Superman from he Red Kryptonite poisoning he was dying from.

Later, Batman talks with the Doom Patrol about a sword they discovered from the Legend of Nezha that dates to the Shang Dynasty. During this time a powerful Warlord named Li Jing worked his entire life to resurrect his son, Nezha, until he got a magician to create an “Elixir Of Eternal Life.” The resurrected Nezha killed his father and through embracing magic became known as Devil Nezha. It was only through a team of House of Ji magical warriors and deities that Devil Nezha was able to be imprisoned. Because of this its likely that either an acolyte or Devil Nezha has broken free that is the cause of this current crisis.

Batman/Superman: World's Finest #2 Review
The Doom Patrol save Superman’s life in Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #2.

The Chief then shows everyone that Felix Faust is torturing a boy outside of Philadelphia. With Flash, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern busy Superman calls in Supergirl to help Robin travel through time to meet with the House of Ji to learn how to stop Devil Nezha.

Superman and Batman rush to find Felix Faust is attacking Billy Batson. Superman quickly saves Billy and gets him to a safe location. Felix Faust is able to magically tie up Batman and Superman. Superman uses his voice to send out a signal that hurts Felix Faust’s head.

Elsewhere while flying Supergirl and Robin share some tense minutes as they don’t want to talk about what happened in their previous team up. After some silence they argue about who was to blame for how things went wrong with their previous team-up.

Supergirl and Robin eventual reach a Time Barrier. Supergirl is able to use her X-Ray Vision to find the Tachyon Trail of Nezha’s sword to find the point in history it comes from.

They eventually reach the Shang Dynasty time period. When they arrive they are attacked by the House of Ji, who believe Robin and Supergirl work for Nezha.

Meanwhile Superman and Batman question Felix Faust about who is behind the current crisis and how to cure Billy. Felix Faust laughs, revealing that this was all a misdirection by his new master. Felix Faust then magically transports Superman, Batman, and Billy to Hell. End of issue.


With how long characters like Batman and Superman have been around not worrying about continuity or when things happen in a timeline can be extremely beneficial to a comic book. That is exactly what you see with Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #2, as was the case with the first issue. There is no concern about continuity or explaining who characters are. Instead, Mark Waid and Dan Mora just worry about telling the best story possible with the characters they have involved in this story.

That is seen right away with how there is no time wasted with The Chief and Doom Patrol saving Superman’s life. There is no long monologue to explain to the reader why The Chief is the best person to save Superman’s life. Waid and Mora instead have the focus be on showing you the master surgeon that The Chief is along with how Robot and Negative Man are able to help save Superman. This show rather than tell storytelling allows the reader to stay in the moment so you feel the concern about whether Superman will make it out. Of course, he survives but the storytelling was there.

Batman/Superman: World's Finest #2 Review
Robin and Supergirl “discuss” how their previous team-up went in Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #2.

Transition from here to the Doom Patrol explaining the Legend of Nezha was well done. It was fun seeing this start with Batman and The Chief showing how they are very much the same person with how, as Robin points out, they talk over each other. From there having the rest of the Doom Patrol talk about Legend of Nezha fills both the other heroes and the reader on what exactly is going on. And this is where Mora’s artwork is so key. Mora does such a good job with bringing this legend being told to life so you are invested in what is being revealed.

What made the entire Legend of Nezha work was how it added to the threat that Felix Faust posed. Being a master of magic was now second to him being the acolyte to Devil Nezha. Even without seeing the current Devil Nezha there is enough to the legend built that now you are left to wonder how Batman and Superman will get out of this. Adding in Billy Batson to the plot was a good way to tie Shazam into the story so Batman and Superman have a magic based friend to possibly help them out.

But by far what stole the show in Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #2 was the team-up between Robin and Supergirl. Waid and Mora have such great comedic timing with Dick Grayson and Kara Zor-El going from an awkward tension to getting out all their frustrations from their previous team-up out in the open. The chemistry between Dick and Kara is perfectly established. Even if they don’t get as much screen time as Batman and Superman, the time they were given made you wish Robin and Supergirl were the series leads instead. With Batman and Superman stuck in Hell, I would not mind the next issue just being about their adventure in the Shang Dynasty trying to convince House of Ji to help them out.


Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #2 is just pure fun. Mark Waid and Dan Mora are doing a wonderful job using the DC Universe to tell an story around Batman and Superman you are fully invested in. Add in the scene stealing moments with Robin and Supergirl, Batman/Superman: World’s Finest is truly a series all DC Comics’ fans should be reading.

Story Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10

Art Rating: 9 Night Girls out of 10

Overall Rating: 8.5 Night Girls out of 10