Batman/Superman Worlds Finest #3 Review

Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #3 Review

Batman/Superman: World’s Finest is a title I was not expecting to enjoy as much as I have. Mark Waid and Dan Mora have really caught onto something special with the latest Batman/Superman series. Not being tied to any sort of continuity was an excellent choice so that this series can stand on its own. This magical based journey has brought a surprising amount of elements from across the DC Universe together. Now with it looking like this adventure has brought Batman and Superman to a Hell-like realm what will happen next to the World’s Finest? Let’s find out with Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #3.


Writer: Mark Waid

Artist: Dan Mora

Colorist: Tamra Bonvillain


Superman uses his super senses to break Felix Faust’s Hellscape spell and demands Faust fix Billy Batson. Faust mysteriously passes out leaving Batman and Superman to figure out how they can break Billy Batson out of Devil Nezha’s control.

Meanwhile, at Mont Blanc in Switzerland, the Doom Patrol find General Immortus and find out that Devil Nezha’s tomb resides on an island off Corto Maltese.

Somewhere in China in the year 1579 B.C. Robin (Dick Grayson) and Supergirl try to defend themselves against the Warriors of Ji, who think the heroes are working for Devil Nezha. With the Warriors of Ji’s magic they are able to contain Supergirl.

Robin and Supergirl convince the Warriors of Ji that they are on the same side in Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #3. Credit DC Comics

Robin takes off his mask to reveal he and Supergirl are there from the future to find a way to defeat Devil Nezha. Hearing this the Warriors of Ji calm down and reveal that it took them five days and nights to imprison Devil Nezha in his tomb. Robin realizes that the Warriors of Ji aren’t telling them the full story.

Back in the present Batman and Superman arrive too late to help Flash and Wonder Woman, who have been caught in traps Devil Nezha helped Doctor Alchemy and Mirror Master create. Batman and Superman are able to work together to stop both Doctor Alchemy and Mirror Master before they do more damage.

Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) suddenly appears and traps Batman and Superman in a cage construct as he is under the control of Devil Nezha.

Batman calls Alfred Pennyworth to see if anyone has accessed the Justice League servers to find all the heroes. Alfred says everything looks okay, as it is shown Alfred has fallen under Devil Nezha’s influence inside the Batcave. End of issue.


Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #3 is a great example of how to make every page count. This issue is split up into three different hero groups and they are all given the proper space to feel like an equal part of the great story involving Devil Nezha.

With this being a World’s Finest title Mark Waid and Dan Mora make the right move of having Batman and Superman start and end this issue to remain the focus of their title. Everything else in the middle gives time for Robin, Supergirl, and the Doom Patrol time to play their parts in saving the world from Devil Nezha. It shows how talented Waid and Mora are as a creative team that you aren’t at all counting how much page time each hero is getting. You always feel that the three teams that are dealing with the Devil Nezha crisis are getting enough time to play their part in advancing the story along.

On the Batman and Superman side of the story, we see how they are positioned as the front line having to combat what Devil Nezha is doing in the present. Even though they are able to overcome Felix Faust, Doctor Alchemy, and Mirror Master’s attacks on them it does feel like Batman and Superman have to continue to be on the defensive. This is further emphasized by how Devil Nezha now has Hal Jordan and Alfred Pennyworth under his control. Adding in that now any of their allies can be taken over make what Batman and Superman have to deal with impossible odds.

This works well to emphasize how important Robin, Supergirl, and the Doom Patrol are to this story. Without these heroes being successful in their respective missions there is no way to stop Devil Nezha. Creating these odds does make Devil Nezha a major threat even though he is honestly a one-dimensional villain. At least having the perception of a major threat is enough for the heroes to carry the interest of this story forward.

Batman/Superman Worlds Finest #3 Review
Batman and Superman are confronted by a demon-possessed Green Lantern Hal Jordan in Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #3. Credit DC Comics

Waid and Mora also make great use of how the Doom Patrol on top of being superheroes are also adventurers. Their trip to Switzerland to find General Immortus made great use of the latter part of the Doom Patrol. The meeting with General Immortus actually being successful without turning into a giant fight was a great way to give us a different type of scene from what Batman, Superman, Robin, and Supergirl had to deal with.

Speaking of Robin and Supergirl, Waid and Mora certainly put over how powerful the Warriors of Ji were during their fight. Even though Robin and Supergirl were trying to hold back as it was understandable that with how strong the Warriors of Ji were that Supergirl had to start fighting them for real. Robin is able to get the fighting to stop to talk to the Warriors of Ji as Dick Grayson was well done to show that they were all on the same side.

Given how quickly things are moving we needed it needed to be established that the Warriors of Ji are powerful allies that the heroes need in the present. At the same time, establishing that there is much more to the Devil Nezha story as the Warriors of Ji held something back about how they originally stopped this demonic being was handled well. Teasing that a sacrifice is likely to be needed creates more questions as to how Devil Nezha will be defeated.

All that said, what really makes Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #3 the fun read it is was Dan Mora’s artwork. Even with how many great-looking comic books are on the market Mora is making the case for having the best artwork you’ll find done in the industry. His artwork just jumps out of every single page and panel. The Robin and Supergirl vs the Warriors of Ji fight is a great example of that as Mora made every fighter bring something different to the table with their wide array of abilities. The ending with how Flash, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern factor into the story elevated the tension in this story.

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Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #3 is a lot of fun. Mark Waid captures the unique voices of each character that is involved in this storyline. This is all elevated by the wonderful artwork being done by Dan Mora as this is one of the best, if not the best, looking comic books on the market. This is certainly a comic book that DC Comics fans should all be picking up right now.

Story Rating: 7 Night Girls out of 10

Art Rating: 9 Night Girls out of 10

Overall Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10