Blog Roll Part III

Time to hit the Blog Roll once again. Let’s see what other fantastic blogs are out there.

Golden Lasso: This blog is a great place to go for comic book reviews. They are all well written and offer good insight and commentary. Plus, each comic book gets a grade at the end of the review. You also get reviews of comic book related TV shows and DVDs.

Governed By Prophet Kings: D. Edward Suave serves up one seriously entertaining blog. You get tons of commentary and musing about the world of comic books. I dig Eddie’s unique and unfiltered views. Eddie is always engaging and never boring.

Hypnoray: This is an offbeat and unique blog. Jon posts wonderfully written and in depth reviews on lots of independent comic books. If your tastes stretch beyond the mainstream Marvel and DC titles, then you will certainly enjoying hanging out at this blog. Plus, Jon gives bite sized reviews of the new comics that he gets each week.

Invincible Super Blog: Chris serves up one of the funniest blogs around. Chris posts some humorous commentary about the world of comics. There are also plenty of scans of funny panels from old comic books. Obviously, I love it when Chris posts old scans from the Adventure era Legion of Super Heroes. The “Dear Bouncing Boy” column was great! Plus, Chris delivers nice short reviews that are well done and interesting. I just dig Chris’ take on the new comic books that he gets each week.

Jog the Blog: This is an awesome blog. Seriously, Jog boggles my mind with the amount of posts. This blog is update very frequently. Jog posts extremely well written reviews on not just comic books, but also trade paperbacks and manga. And that is cool, because I love manga. I wish I had time to review more manga on my blog, but I barely can get out reviews for the DC and Marvel comics I read each week. Jog’s attention to detail and in depth posts make this blog a must read.