Smallville 1/15/09 Review

I have a confession to make. Many people started watching Smallville and dropped it over the years. I kept watching. For a superhero fan, the last couple of seasons have been shown more live action superhero action than I believed possible. Let’s take a look at the cast(including characters who were mentioned) from tonight’s episode.

Clark Kent (of course)
Lana Lang
Jimmy Olsen
Lois Lane
The Persuader
Lightning Lad
Saturn Girl
Cosmic Boy
Brainiac 5
Polar Boy

Not too shabby of a lineup.

This episode follows up on the cliffhanger from before the Christmas break. Jimmy Olsen and Chloe Sullivan(Lois’ cousin) were just married. Doomsday arrives at the reception, kidnapped Chloe, brutally attacked Jimmy, and escaped. He takes her to Clark’s Fortress of Solitude. There, we find out that Chloe’s mind was taken over by Brainiac.

This week’s episode was written by Geoff Johns and features the Legion of Super-Heroes. Johns worked some classic scenes into it. One of my favorites was Lightning Lad being puzzled that Clark was not wearing his classic tights and cape. Johns has Cosmic Boy and Lightning Lad work together to create a biological electro-magnetic pulse. For a TV show, the special effects looked very good. John’s does a good job of showing the hero worship the Legion has for Clark. At the same time, they find out that Clark is not quite the same as history portrays him. He is better in some respects.

If you have not been following the series, now is the time to start. Next week features the shooting of John (Martian Manhunter) Jones. Also scheduled for next week are Green Arrow and Dan Turpin(current host of Darkseid).

3 thoughts on “Smallville 1/15/09 Review

  1. Hmm. I was unimpressed, considering it was Johns. I didn’t hear the Polar Boy reference, btw. I did think it was weird how they referenced Brainiac 5. “Hey, we’ve pulled out the Brainiac stuff and are gonna reprogram it. We’ll call it B-5” Wha? Why not B-2? Dumb. I would have preferred if they referred to having someone back home who be really interested in seeing it or something.

    Not sure if it was because it was live action, or not, but it felt lame. Uniforms, dialogue, everything.

    I did like the Persuader, and how he was portrayed, except for “Human Superiority Whatever.” Would it have been so hard to call out the Fatal 5?

    Wasn’t impressed.

    Did like the rings though.

  2. ..

    I thought the boys should have SHAVED their faces. Too much to ask?

    Doomsday was…well, he looked right, at least.

    Those Legion rings can be had on eBay sometimes. They were made in 1997. I forget how many exist. They are cool to have if yer into LSH. I like my XO ring better, however.

    So much for sanity.


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