Candy Flurry Chapter 2: Just Run Away

Candy Flurry Chapter 2 Review

Candy Flurry Chapter 2: Just Run Away

Candy Flurry has debut first chapter as we were introduced to a world were people had super powers all based arounds various desserts. With people who had cake and candy based powers ended up being the worst thing for the world as we saw one person use their lollipop, yes lollipop, powers to completely destroy Tokyo. Our lead protagonist for Candy Flurry is a young teenager named Tsumugi Minase who also happens to have lollipop based super powers. This fact immediately created questions about what her involvement is with the attack five years prior that destroyed Tokyo. Let’s see if we learn more about this world with chapter 2 Candy Flurry.

Writer: Ippon Takegushi

Artist: Santa Mitarashi

Story Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10

Art Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10

Overall Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10

Synopsis: After stopping a criminal with donut powers Tsumugi Minase is confronted by her classmate and Recette (police force specializing in taking down people with Sweet based superpowers) member Misaki Midori.

Elsewhere someone who has macaron based superpowers defeats a member of Recette in an alleyway.

Back with Tsumugi and Misaki, we see Tsumugi has pinned down Misaki and tells him she was not the lollipop superpower user who destroyed Tokyo five years ago. Misaki doesn’t believe it since there is every Sweet superpower user has unique confection powers. Seeing that there is no convincing Misaki of her innocence Tsumugi decides to run away.

Before Misaki can run after Tsumugi he gets an alert from his collegue about the macaron criminal attack.

Elsewhere the macaron superpowered criminal has defeated all of the Recette officers that have come after him. Misaki suddenly appears and begins attacking the criminal.

Candy Flurry Chapter 2: Just Run Away
Tsumugi Minase considers going on the run after she used her lollipop powers in Candy Flurry Chapter 2. Click for full page view.

Elsewhere Tsumugi walks around town as she contemplates going using her beauty to get by while she goes on the run.

Tsumugi then comes across Misaki getting overwhelmed by the macaron criminal. Tsumugi at first considers not helping but then notices a kid crying in the middle of a part of the city the macaron criminal destroyed and injured several people.

The macaron criminal notices the kid and goes to attack the kid to stop all the crying.

Tsumugi sees this and puts on a motorcycle helmet to disguise her identity. Tsumugi then stops all of the macaron criminal’s attacks from killing the crying kid. Tsumugi does not waste time in using her lollipop powers to smash the macaron criminal with a giant lollipop.

The macaron criminal is able to get back up but is knocked out by Misaki, who was able to recover long enough to attack.

Misaki immediately recognizes Tsumugi even with the motorcycle helmet she is wearing. Tsumugi reveals she has decided to not run away. Instead she plans on finding the lollipop user who destroyed Tokyo and beath him down for giving lollipos a bad rap.

Misaki wonders why Tsumugi is going to do this. Tsumugi says she doesn’t want lollipos to be the reason people hate sweets. Misaki says he understands now that Tsumugi wasn’t the one who destroyed Tokyo five years earlier.

Before they can talk more other Recette officers appear. Tsumugi makes a run for it in order to escape being captured by the other Recette officers. End of chapter.

The Good: Candy Flurry chapter 2 continues the fun that is to be had with the world created by Ippon Takegushi and Santa Mitarashi. This second chapter takes all the world building established in the first issue and continues to build up our two series leads in Tsumugi Minase and Misaki Midori as compelling characters.

A world were people have sweet based superpowers is such a ridiculous concept that you can’t help but smile when the series lead Tsumugi Minase or other sweet powered people use their superpower. In both Takegushi writing and Mitarashi artwork you can tell both creators are having fun telling stories in this crazy world they have built. That is why this entire concept of people with sweet based super powers works so well. The characters all buy into what their world has become so much that you become invested in it even as ridiculous everything is.

It helps that the two series’ leads in Tsumugi Minase and Misaki Midori continue to be built up as fun characters. Both characters are shown to have multiple layers to their characters. And while we see how in chapter 2 of Candy Flurry that there was some antagonism building as Misaki found out Tsumugi has lollipop superpowers that quickly changed by the end of the chapter. Having Misaki come to believe that Tsumugi was not the person who destroyed Tokyo five years ago was the right character move. That allows this series to now focus more on the friendship between them instead going down the typical plotline of a rivalry built on a misunderstanding.

Candy Flurry Chapter 2: Just Run Away
Tsumugi Minase tells Misaki Midori what her new goal is in Candy Flurry Chapter 2. Click for full page view.

This also opens things up to explore both Tsumugi and Misaki as individuals more in future chapters. So far Tsumugi’s development has driven Candy Flurry in these first two chapters. In that character development we’ve grown to learn more about how guarded Tsumugi is because she happens to have the same lollipop powers as the person who destroyed Tokyo five years earlier. Learning that she actually saw part of the appearance of the person who destroyed Tokyo was a nice twist. This adds another layer to the story as we now know Tsumugi is on a mission to find and beat him up.

In the process we do see how Tsumugi’s natural heroic instincts take over when she sees people in need. Which is a good way to play into how Tsumugi continues to think about just running away. Even if that is her first thought she is clearly has a hero spirit.

It will be interesting to see how Misaki factors into Tsumugi’s goal. Because while there is a friendship built between the two Misaki is still a member of the Recette police force. How that position Misaki has ends up helping or causing Tsumugi more problems will be interesting to see play out.

The Bad: Nothing.

Overall: Candy Flurry Chapter 2 by Ippon Takegushi and Santa Mitarashi takes the fun and ridiculous world crafted they created in the debut chapter and just goes even more in on the series concept. You just can’t help but have a smile on your face throughout chapter 2 of Candy Flurry as you get invested in this unique world with sweet based superpowers. Both Tsumugi Minase and Misaki Midori have been built up great protagonists who you want to see continue to be develop as the story around the mystery of who destroyed Tokyo with giant lollipops progresses. If you are a fan of superhero comics or manga like My Hero Academia I highly recommend checking out Candy Flurry.

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