Cartoon Review: The Spectacular Spider-Man Ep. 2


Continuing the fun from the first episode the second episode of The Spectacular Spider-Man gives us the origin of this universes Spider-Man villain Electro. Though this was a fun episode too watch I was a bit disappointed with the pace of this episode compared to the previous one. The fight between Spider-Man and Electro just did not have the same type of energy as Spider-Man’s fight with the Enforcers and Vulture from the last episode. I actually found Spider-Man’s quips to be one of the only things that keep me entertained through their fight, though for some reason in the second and concluding fight scene we did not get that many quips from our Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man. But I guess this is because of the wild nature of Electro’s powers but it just felt the end of the fight to be to quick and convenient.

The only other thing that I found to get tired was the constant ring on Peter’s phone when his curfew was up. The first few times was nice and somewhat funny but the last time it happened I was saying “please don’t let this be a recurring joke in this series.”

Now the rest of the episode that dealt with the things outside of the Spider-Man and Electro stuff I thought was well done as we some nice interaction with Peter and his supporting cast. Even though Peter and Liz are now good friends in the comics and in their Ultimate Universe counterparts originally Liz was the popular cheerleader who was Peter’s high school crush and never gave him the light of day until the end of their senior year of high school. I’m glad that the creators behind the series went back to their original relationship for this series. Though it was odd that they have made Liz of Hispanic descent (Mexican or Cuban?) instead of being Caucasion as she is in all her comic book versions. It may take a while to get used to Liz ascent as the her voice actress seems to be forcing the ascent a bit.

Also it is interesting to see that Gwen looks to have a crush on our young Peter Parker and that while Peter may not realize this it seems that Eddie knows. It should be interesting to see where this goes with it looking like Liz might have gotten a small crush on Peter at the end of the episode. I did find it funny how during their last tutoring session Peter basically just repeated what Dr. Connor’s said earlier in the episode.

I do wonder if that lizard formula that got the jolt from Electro’s attack at the lab will contribute to Dr. Connor’s transformation into The Lizard.

Overall this was an average episode involving Electro and hopefully the next villain gives us a much more fast paced fight sequence(s) in the next episode just as we got in the first episode.

Episode Rating – 7.3/10