Ed Bubaker’s Captain America

All right, I have just finished reading Captain America #1-14. I’m amazed. Brubaker did one hell of a job writing an excellent story. I can’t believe that I couldn’t put down a Captain America comic. I was completely enthralled. And even though I’m going to rave on and on about the writing, I can’t forget the art. Steve Epting’s art is perfect for this title. His dark gritty style gives a nice realistic edgy look to the comic.

What impresses me the most is that Brubaker took a character that was about as gay as he could get and made him a total bad-ass. Of course, I’m talking about Bucky. The Winter Soldier is obviously an ass kicker. But, what is amazing is how cool Brubaker made Bucky in all of the flashback scenes. Brubaker’s Bucky is basically the deadly dirty killer that Cap cannot be since he is our National Symbol. But, Bucky can do all the dirty work. Sneaking around and slitting the throats of enemy guards to make way for Cap and the troops to attack an enemy base. It was so fascinating to see what has long been a rather wimpy and gay little sidekick transform into a deadly assassin who Cap relied heavily on during combat.

I hope that the Winter Soldier can find his proper place in the Marvel Universe. I think there is vast potential for this character and I hope Marvel doesn’t waste it. I’m curious to see what Brubaker does now that the cosmic cube is gone, the Red Skull is living inside the brain of Lukin and Bucky is now somewhere out there with his memory restored. All I know is that as long as Brubaker is at the helm I’ll be coming back each month to read Captain America. If you haven’t checked out this comic then run to your nearest comic store and start reading it now!