52 #10 Review

52 is always a popular read here at the Revolution. I fully expect 52 #10 to be a solid comic book. We haven’t seen much of Black Adam in the past couple of issues. Hopefully, he’ll get some face time. 52 #10 is going to give us more screen time with Super Nova. I’m curious to learn more about this new hero. Let’s hit the review.

Creative Team
Writers: Geoff Johns, Grant Morrison, Greg Rucka and Mark Waid
Penciler: Chris Batista
Inker: Jimmy Palmiotti & Jack Jadsen

Art Rating: 6 Night Girls out of 10
Story Rating: 7 Night Girls out of 10
Overall Rating: 7 Night Girls out of 10

Synopsis: Week 10, Day 1: The issue starts with Black Adam on his balcony by himself. He says the word “Shazam” and nothing happens. Black Adam then enters a large meeting room and addresses the representatives from various countries and asks them to put aside their differences and to join his coalition. Suddenly, the woman that Intergang offered Black Adam as a slave bursts into the room and reveals herself as Adrianna Tomaz. Adrianna calls Black Adam a terrorist and spits in his face.

Week 10, Day 2: We are at the Daily Planet. Perry White is yelling at Clark for blowing his assignment since the Daily Star has broken the story on the new hero in town: Super Nova. Perry then tells Clark that he is fired. That he has been terrible for the past couple of months. Perry tells Clark that he used to take risks to get a story. Clark then sees Super Nova flying by the Daily Planet. Perry says that there is still a chance to get the first real interview, but that Clark won’t be the one to do it. Clark then opens the window in Perry’s office and jumps out the building. Super Nova swoops in and grabs Clark in mid air. Clark then introduces himself and asks for an interview. (Yeah, this was a lot cuter when Lois would to do this to Superman.)

We shift to Black Adam talking with Adrianna in her room. Black Adam tells her that she is not a prisoner and that she is free to leave at anytime. Adrainna and Black Adam engage in a feisty debate. Adrianna tells Black Adam that his coalition idea is insane and will plunge the world into war. Adrianna asks Black Adam what happened to him to cause him to take it out on the rest of the world. Black Adam calls her naïve and disrespectful. Adrianna calls him arrogant and alone. (Aww, they are in love with each other.)

Week 10, Day 3: We are at the Clark household and Lois is yelling at Clark for his stunt that he pulled to get an exclusive interview with Super Nova. Lois then mentions that Clark has been re-hired and got a raise. Lois asks Clark to tell her what happened with Super Nova. Clark says before he could start his interview with Super Nova that he spied a team of terrorists who had stolen some new Army vehicle. Super Nova dropped off Clark and then used an eye beam to destroy the road and captured the terrorists. Clark got the first clear photos of Super Nova and the first interview even though it wasn’t in depth. Clark tells Lois that Super Nova came across as experienced.

Week 10, Day 4: Booster Gold is moving into a crappy rented apartment since his finances are in ruin and he lost his luxury condominium. Skeets tells Booster that there is nothing in his records about Super Nova and that this New Earth’s history is diverging more and more with his history records.

Week 10, Day 6: Dr. Magnus is visiting Dr. Morrow. Dr. Magnus tells Morrow that Magnus got permission to examine Dr. Sivana’s lab. That Dr. Magnus found a cocoon of some king and he pulls out a small plastic bag showing a cocoon that has been torn open. Dr. Magnus asks just what would hatch from this cocoon. End of story.

Of course, we are also “treated” to a back up store on the History of the DCU. It re-tells the events in all of the various Countdown to Infinite Crisis titles like OMAC and Villains United. End of issue.

The Good: 52 continues to impress. 52 #10 was another great issue. I liked the scenes with Black Adam and Adrianna. It seems that Adrianna is going to turn out to be Isis. It also seems that Black Adam and Adrianna are going to end up an item. I like the chemistry between these two characters. The writers deliver well crafter dialogue in their scenes. I like both characters together and am interested to see where the writers take these two characters and this storyline.

The Clark Kent and Super Nova scenes were well done. I never thought I’d see the moment where Perry would actually fire Clark. And Clark’s response was ballsy. Even though he has no powers, he doesn’t hesitate to take a page from Lois Lane’s book on how to get an interview by jumping out of the window in Perry’s office.

I dug Super Nova. He has a pretty cool look. It is very bright and the full face mask and cape make for a neat costume. Super Nova’s light based powers are very powerful. I’m going to have to abandon my guess that Super Nova is Mon-El. These light based powers are totally different from Mon-El’s powers. I think his powers are two strong for him to be another version of Booster Gold. At this point, I have no clue who this character is going to turn out to be. I am looking forward to learning more about Super Nova.

Booster’s reaction to Super Nova was predictable. Booster is about as low as possible. I still believe that in the end, Booster is going to go through a transformation and be reborn as a true hero.

The meeting between Dr. Magnus and Dr. Morrow was rather interesting and ended the issue with a nice little hook. I have no idea what was hatched from the cocoon in Sivana’s lab, but I’m sure it is nothing good. This is yet another interesting mystery that the writers have dangled out their to increase the suspense.

The writers for 52 delivered another fantastic issue. These guys are impressive. With each issue, they manage to answer a mystery and then spring another new mystery on us. This story is so well constructed and plotted that it is evolving in a very natural and interesting manner. As always, the dialogue is well written and has a nice flow.

The art isn’t amazing. Instead, it is solid and good enough to not get in the way of a well crafted story.

The Bad: Once again, the History of the DCU back up story did absolutely nothing for me. The events leading up to Infinite Crisis only happened a year or so ago. I didn’t really need a refresher on those events. I really hope this back up story gets moving into some new and interesting territory.

Overall: 52 #10 was another great issue in this series. The writing is fantastic. Good dialogue. A complex, carefully plotted and constructed storyline with a clear vision. Plus, descent artwork. That all makes for a very entertaining read. And the weekly format has been a blast. 52 is definitely worth your money.