Comic Book Review: Action Comics #877

Action Comics without Superman has been a disappointment. Rucka has turned in an average story. The Nightwing and Flamebird story does not live up to expectations. Maybe this will be the issue that cranks it up a notch.

Creative Team
Writer: Greg Rucka
Pencils: Sidney Teles
Inks: Sandro Ribeiro

Story Rating: 5 Night Girls out of 10
Art Rating: 6 Night Girls out of 10
Overall Rating: 5.5 Night Girls out of 10

Ursa breaks free from the rubble of the Fortress of Solitude. She swears that she will track down Lor-Zod.

Christopher (Lor-Zod) Kent flies into his mother’s (Lois Lane) appartment. He is carrying the injured Thara. Lois welcomes him home and calls for Dr. Hoshi (the good Doctor Light). Thara is dying because of the Kryptonite knife that Ursa used on her. Hoshi says that intense solar radiation will super charge Thara’s cells and defeat the kryptonite poisoning. Hoshi uses her powers to power up Thara’s cells.

The power put off by Hoshi sets off alarms at General Lane’s base. He is worried that his daughter has been tipped off about his plans.

Chris tells his mother about Zod’s sleeper agents. He heads back to the Fortress. He has a discussion with Ursa.

General Lane fires missles at Chris. He is knocked out of the sky.

In Nevada…a Kryptonian couple uses their powers to rob a bank.

The Good: The highlight of the issue was Chris turning to his earthly mother Lois. In his time of need he knows that she will help him. Chris’ characterization has kept him at odds with his biological mother, Ursa. He continues to follow in Superman’s footsteps and oppose Zod and Ursa.

The other good part of this story was Dr. Hoshi. It was a great use of this character for Lois to call her for help. Her light powers were the perfect solution to Thara’s condition.

The Bad: Another disappointing script from Rucka. He excels at down to earth, detective type stories. Superpowered Kryptonians just does not seem to fit his strengths.

After all the times that Superman has saved General Lane’s family members, I would think he would be more sympathetic to super heroes. It appears that DC wanted their own Thunderbolt Ross and decided it had to be General Lane.

Teles art is weak. It came off as very rushed and sketchy. I don’t know if he needs a different inker but this art team is not working here. Let’s get Eddy Barrows back on this title.

Overall: Action continues to disappoint the Revolution. It needs Superman back. Action without Superman has never worked.


  1. Does the cover have anything at all to do with the story inside? It looks more like it goes with an “Execution of Superman” storyline that I thought was supposed to come up later in the New Krypton saga.

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