Comic Book Review: Captain America #28

We are knee deep in a pretty interesting story arc involving Bucky on a rampage. Brubaker is doing a great job allowing Captain America’s supporting characters assume the spotlight. I’m sure that Brubaker is going to deliver yet another excellent read in Captain America #28. Let’s go ahead and hit this review.

Creative Team
Writer: Ed Brubaker
Artists: Steve Epting & Mike Perkins

Art Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10.
Story Rating: 9 Night Girls out of 10.
Overall Rating: 8.5 Night Girls out of 10.

Synopsis: We begin with Bucky listening to two guys talk about how Captain America’s death was an assignation. That is wasn’t the plan of a super villain. They two men talk about how it is all a conspiracy. Bucky thinks how the men are wrong. That the Red Skull was behind Steve’s death. The real question is why the Skull did it. What is the Skull up to? Bucky stands on the rooftop of a building and stares at the SHIELD helicarrier. Bucky thinks how he hasn’t been able to get a way onto the helicarrier yet, but there has to be a way to get to Tony Stark.

We cut to Professor X attempting to probe Crossbones’ mind. Xavier tells Tony that he was unable to find anything about the Red Skull in Crossbones’ mind. That someone has erased large parts of Crossbones’ memory and that Crossbones doesn’t even know if the Skull is alive. Xavier says that it isn’t the work of a telepath because a telepath would have been more surgical.

We shift to Sin and her new Serpent Squad consisting of Cobra, the Eel and Viper breaking into an office that serves as the nerve center of the Asian stock market that processes the data from the Chinese market for Wall Street. They brutally kill all the guards and workers. Sin said that this should cause enough problems with the stock market to suit her father’s needs.

We hop over to Falcon talking with Nick. Neither Falcon nor Nick can ascertain Bucky’s location. Falcon tells Nick that they just may have to wait and hope they get lucky. Nick then signs off. Falcon and Sharon then decide to formulate a plan. Sharon doesn’t want to go to SHIELD and tell them about Bucky’s plan to attack Stark. Sharon doesn’t trust SHIELD. So, Sharon and Falcon decide to go searching for the Red Skull. They figure that Bucky is also probably after the Red Skull and this might be their best way to find Bucky.

We then zip to Dr. Faustus in his office thinking how soon everyone will all now about his presence and his plan.

We cut to Tony Stark’s office where he is meeting with Agent Hermann. Agent Hermann is there to request that Tony make him the new Captain America. Tony says that the costume and shield are retired permanently. Tony tells the agent to leave immediately.

Agent Hermann leaves and Tony is buzzed by his receptionist that he has another visitor. In walks attorney Maurice Greely. Greely says that he has a letter that Steve gave him during the events of the Civil War just in case Steve died. Greely says the letter contains the final wishes of Captain America. That Steve didn’t want it as a part of his will since Steve wanted to keep it private just between him and Tony. Greely says that Steve said Tony would understand once he read the letter. Tony reads the letter and says “Damn it, Steve.” Tony then tells his receptionist to get Black Widow to his office immediately.

We hop over to Bucky kicking ass on a bunch of AIM scientists at a roving AIM listening post. Bucky asks one of the AIM scientists where the Red Skull is located. The scientist claims he knows nothing about the Skull. The scientist says that they work directly with Skull’s daughter, Sin.

Bucky asks the scientist what their mission entailed. The scientist said they were running counter-surveillance. The scientist gives Bucky a list of names of SHIELD agents and addresses stationed at HSIELD mentoring station in New York. The scientist says he doesn’t know what Sin wanted with this information.

We slide over to one of those SHIELD monitoring stations where we see Sin and her Serpent Squads killing some SHIELD agents. Cobra wonders why the on of the SHIELD agents simply let the Serpent Squad in. Sin replies that the agent hasn’t been exactly in control of his own impulses lately and leave it at that.

The Serpent Squad then slip into the SHIELD outfits and engage some devices from the Red Skull that will alter their physical appearances. Sin says it is time to go free her boyfriend, Crossbones.

The Good: Captain America #28 was a great read. Brubaker continues to throw out gem after gem each and every month on this title. Captain America #28 was moves along at a wonderfully measured pace. Brubaker is a master at properly pacing a story. Brubaker can deliver a story in a steady pace without it ever dragging or seeming slow. Brubaker never rushes a story and knows how to give the reader just enough to keep their interest yet and get the reader wanting more.

Captain America #28 is well plotted as Brubaker shows that he has a clear vision for each and every plotline that he has constructed on this title. The reader knows that eventually, Brubaker will reveal how all these various plotlines all connect with each other. Brubaker is spinning various complex plotlines and I am completely engrossed in each and every one of them.

Brubaker crafts his usual excellent dialogue. Each of the characters have their own unique voice. The dialogue is natural and has a pleasant flow. Brubaker also serves up plenty of quality character work. We get plenty of quality chemistry between the various characters. Brubaker brings to life three-dimensional and complex characters on this title.

I am continuing to enjoy the various supporting characters assuming the spotlight on this title. It is a real tribute to Brubaker’s talents that he can take a cast of supporting characters and have them shoulder the load on Captain America’s title without missing a beat. This title is just as interesting with the Winter Soldier, Sharon, Flacon and Nick Fury as the main characters as it was when Captain America was the main character. Brubaker is really taking advantage of the opportunity to flesh out and evolve the Bucky, Sharon and Falcon’s characters in the absence of Steve Rogers.

I really dig the new Serpent Squad. This new Serpent Squad is as nasty and vicious as any version we have seen before. I love Sin and all of her psychotic glory. Her character always spices up any scene she appears in. And Crossbones is such a fantastic villain. He is a truly unrepentant asshole. Brubaker has assembled a fantastic collection of villains for this story.

I’m enjoying seeing a bit more of Nick Fury with each issue. Fury is a great character and I enjoy his role as a behind the scenes manipulator and super spy rather than the Director of SHIELD. I’m sure it is only a matter of time before Brubaker has Fury assume a more active role in this story and come out of hiding.

Of course, my favorite scene in Captain America #28 was the scene where the attorney gives Tony a letter from Steve containing Steve’s last wishes. This scene highlights the fact that no matter what happened between Tony and Steve during the Civil War, that Steve still trusted Tony with sensitive information more than anyone else. The respect that Steve had for Tony never waned. The trust in Tony that Steve had never disappeared. This was a nice move by Brubaker to show the deep and strong bond that Steve and Tony had with each other. This is an extremely cool twist to the story and I cannot wait to learn what Steve’s letter said.

As usual, the Winter Soldier kicks plenty of ass. Winter Soldier is by far and away my favorite character in this title. Actually, I even dig the Winter Soldier more than Captain America. Brubaker uses Bucky as the source of most of the action that we get on this story.

Normally, I strongly dislike art by committee. However, Captain America is the rare exception. Epting and Perkins art blend together perfectly and create a rather seamless looking issue. I dig both artists and they work very well with each other and deliver a fine looking comic book.

The Bad: No complaints with this issue.

Overall: Captain America #28 was another excellent read. Brubaker is working absolute magic on this title in the wake of Captain America’s “death.” I’m enjoying the supporting characters and this storyline so much that I am in no hurry for Captain America’s inevitable return. If you still haven’t given this title a try then I definitely recommend you do so. Captain America is certainly worth your money.

2 thoughts on “Comic Book Review: Captain America #28

  1. One of the things I really liked about this issue was Professor X’s involvement. Most of the time in both Marvel and DC, the ‘realistic’ books in a shared universe will ignore the existence of more fantastical characters like Professor X when the plot requires it (for example, street-level DC heroes like Batman rarely call on their JLA teammates with the truth-compelling lasso or mind-reading powers). Instead, Tony does what he should do and calls in the telepathic Illuminatus (speaking of them, Professor X is the only member of the group still on good terms with everybody else), and we get a completely reasonable excuse (Faustus) for why Xavier can’t find anything.

    Also cool to see a new Serpent Squad. Brubaker has been bringing all the various classic Cap element from different eras together in this run, updating where necessary (like Johns on Green Lantern). Sin and Crossbones are two great examples of this (Crossbones’ analysis of fascism vs. capitalism in #15 is one of my favourite comics moments in the last few years), and the new Squad works well too (I’m still waiting for Batroc the Leaper and the B.A.D. Girls).

    Between the attack on the stock market, and the mentioned meeting between the Skull and the Treasury Secretary in #26, it seems that America’s financial markets are in for a beating.

  2. The one good thing that all of these massive events has done is to highlight the “B” list characters. Why have a character if he is just giong to be on the shelf most of the time?

    In regards to Captain America specifically, while I despise the idea that one man is the only symbol of our country for what is now roughly 70 years, I do like the fact that they allowedhim to die. Will he stay dead? Doubtful, at best, but you can be damn sure that the United States isn’t going to just leave that post empty or allow someone who is a nut like Punisher to take the mantle over.

    Where is the United States we live in? Come on!

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