Daredevil #83 Review

The Revolution was totally impressed with Ed Brubaker’s work on Captain America, that we weren’t that upset when Bendis left Daredevil once we found out that Brubaker would be taking over the title. But, just because you love a writer on one title, it doesn’t mean you will love them on another one. Bendis on the New Avengers is a good example of that.

Creative Team
Writer: Ed Brubaker
Penciller: Michael Lark
Inker: Stefano Gaudiano

Rating: 3 Night Girls out of 5.

Synopsis: Foggy Nelson is dead. Matt is let out of jail to attend the funeral. Matt has now been pushed over the edge. After the funeral, Matt goes back to his jail cell and starts to totally lose it. He has a talk with his father in his mind. Matt tells his dad that he has lost everyone: his dad, Karen, and now Foggy. It is time for vengeance. Matt’s cell door opens and the leader of the black inmates offers him the name of the guard who let the killer get to Foggy in exchange for Daredevil working for him. Matt tells him no and that he will find out that information on his own.

We cut to the courtroom where the judge rules that Matt should be taken out of solitary and placed back into the general populace at Ryker’s Island. On Matt’s first day back he kicks the crap out of the Owl for stepping into his cell. Matt then asks him for the name of the person who ordered Foggy to be killed. The Owl says he doesn’t know who it was.

We then cut to a person masquerading as Daredevil taking out some drug dealers. After beating up the drug dealers, the fake Daredevil finds the dead body of a prison guard.

The issue ends with Ben Urich having a drink with Dakota North. Ben tells Dakota that the prison guard that set up Foggy to be killed was found dead by someone claiming to be Daredevil.

The Good: There is no doubt that Brubaker is a talented writer. He has a firm grasp of Matt Murdock’s character. Brubaker also writes a great Ben Urich. The story itself is great. The dialogue is well done. Brubaker does a great job blending action with the story so the issue doesn’t seem too reliant on action or too “talky.” Brubaker is a master of creating depth to his characters and to evoking plenty of emotion from the reader.

I’m interested to see if Matt totally slips to the Darkside and just starts taking out criminals left and right. This imposter Daredevil is a neat plotline. The Revolution’s guess would be either Iron Fist or Peter Parker is masquerading as Daredevil.

The art is perfect for this title. This is not the Revolution’s favorite style of art and we would definitely not like it if it were on just any title. However, Daredevil is different and this art is a perfect marriage to the tone and feel of the story.

The Bad: Now, don’t be mistaken, the Revolution really enjoys dark and heavy storylines. However, if done too long or too high of a degree, they can become too much and lose their effect on the reader completely. I am afraid that Daredevil is rapidly approaching that stage.

I have enjoyed the “deconstruction” of Daredevil that Bendis started several years ago and that Brubaker is clearly continuing with his run on this title. But, at some point is just gets to be too much. And when that happens, the reader just feels the story has become too over the top and the serious tone that the writer is trying to achieve becomes more of a parody. The Revolution is very close to feeling that with Daredevil.

I have huge problems with killing off Foggy Nelson. A super-hero is only as strong or as interesting as his supporting cast and Foggy is a huge supporting cast member for Matt Murdock. One that is so important, that I think his death will negatively impact this title. Also, I think Foggy deserved better. He went out like a total bitch. And it seems like we just breezed over his passing, his funeral and just went right on with figuring out how to save Matt and find out who is the fake Daredevil. Foggy is more than just a speed bump in a storyline.

At this point, with all the massive losses that Daredevil has sustained under Kevin Smith, Brian Michael Bendis, and now Ed Brubaker, there is no possible way he can end up anything other than a psycho. This “deconstruction” of Daredevil and this dark storyline has been so extreme and has lasted for so long that it won’t be realistic or believable when Matt is “saved.” This is the only obvious end to the story since Marvel will not allow Daredevil to become another Punisher-type character.

It is starting to be laughable how much misery they are piling up on Matt Murdock. And, I don’t think that is the reaction that Marvel wants to get from this title.