Comic Book Review: The Incredible Hulk #108: World War Hulk

The last issue of The Hulk was a solid read. This is certainly the only title that I actually look forward to reading the World War Hulk tie-in issues. Pak is doing a nice job augmenting the World War Hulk mini-series with the story on The Hulk. I’m sure that The Incredible Hulk #108 will be another good read. Let’s do this review.

Creative Team
Writer: Greg Pak
Penciler: John Romita, Jr.
Inker: Klaus Jansen

Art Rating: 5 Night Girls out of 10
Story Rating: 3 Night Girls out of 10
Overall Rating: 4 Night Girls out of 10

Synopsis: We begin with Rick Jones thinking back about his relationship and friendship with the Hulk. Miek the Unhived also thinks back to his relationship and friendship with the Hulk. Rick goes through how he first met Bruce Banner when Bruce saved his life from the gamma bomb. Rick grew up alone in an orphanage for troubled boys. When he met the Hulk everything changed. For the first time he was free.

Miek thinks how he was always weak and treated poorly as a child. Then when he met the Hulk he realized for the first time what he could be and that for the first time Miek was strong.

Rick thinks how many times Hulk went on rampages. And sometimes he didn’t always fight for the side of right. Rick thinks how many times Hulk has hit him or injured him during their history. Rick then realizes that no matter what he is Hulk’s friends and is always there for him no matter what. Miek thinks the exact same thought that Hulk is his friend and that he will always be there for him.

Miek thinks how he has been there for the Hulk every time the Hulk was about to give up. That Miek encouraged the Hulk to keep on his path of vengeance.

SHIELD soldiers then grab Rick and tell him that he is their ace in the hole and that they will escort him to the Hulk in hopes that Rick can calm down the Hulk. Miek says he will not let that happen and Miek takes out the SHIELD soldiers. The second command of Miek’s insect army, Mung, threatens to kill one of the SHIELD agents if Rick Jones doesn’t surrender. An insect hiveling reminds Mung of the orders not to kill any humans other than the four who wronged the Hulk.

Mung brutally attacks the hiveling. Miek then attacks Mung for attacking a hiveling. Mung reminds Miek that their females are all done and their species is dead. That their rage gives them strength to take down all of Earth. Miek then attack Mung and kicks the crap out of him.

Miek is about to kill Mung when Rick Jones tells Miek that killing Mung will only prove Mung right. That Mung is wrong about the Hulk and wrong about Miek. Miek says that Rick doesn’t know Miek’s Hulk. Rick responds that Miek doesn’t know Rick’s Hulk. And that they are both Hulk’s friends and that Hulk needs their help.

The two agree to go their own ways and help the Hulk in their own manner. End of issue.

The Good: Hulk #108 was certainly a neat retrospective of Rick Jones’ relationship with the Hulk. If you are a new reader or an older reader who is simply new to the Hulk, then this was educational. Pak also gave us a nice comparison and contrast of the Hulk’s two very different friends in Rick Jones and Miek.

The Bad: Unfortunately, I am not a new reader so I am already quite familiar with Rick Jones’ relationship with the Hulk. And I can’t say that I have ever wondered or cared to know a single thing about Miek’s relationship with the Hulk.

The fact is that Hulk #108 was absolute pure filler. This issue was a complete and utter waste of time and, more importantly, money. Hulk #108 was a boring and uneventful read that failed to address a single plotline from the World War Hulk storyline. There was absolutely no need for this issue at all other than Marvel simply cashing in on yet another pointless and irrelevant tie-in issue.

Hulk #108 is another in a long line of examples of why I almost always abhor tie-in issues to large comic book events.

I honestly don’t have much else to say. I mean, an issue has to have some actual substance to it in order for me to post much of a critique. I think that this may be The Revolution’s shortest review ever.

Overall: I cannot imagine why in the world anyone would want to purchase this issue unless they are huge Hulk fans who want to keep their perfect run on this title going. Other than that, don’t waste your money on this pointless tie-in. If you are simply following World War Hulk, but don’t get the Hulk, then don’t waste your money on this pointless tie-in. Nothing important happens in Hulk #108 that you need to know about in order to enjoy World War Hulk.

I only started getting Hulk because, silly me, actually thought that some important parts of the World War Hulk storyline would be addressed in this title. And I didn’t want to miss anything important that would hinder my enjoyment of World War Hulk. Obviously, I was wrong in that belief and these Hulk tie-in issues are going to be the normal garbage that most tie-in issues are. Therefore, The Revolution is giving the Hulk the dreaded axe and will be sticking solely with the World War Hulk mini-series.