Justice #8 Review

Justice continues to be a very enjoyable read. I have always liked Krueger’s work and I think he is delivering a solid story on this title. I also love Ross’ art; so naturally, I am impressed with the look of this title. I’m sure that Justice #8 is going to be a good read. Let’s hit the review.

Creative Team
Plot: Jim Krueger & Alex Ross
Script: Jim Krueger
Art: Alex Ross & Dough Braithwaite

Art Rating: 10 Night Girls out of 10
Story Rating: 7 Night Girls out of 10
Overall Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10

Synopsis: This issue begins with Superman finally realizing that Brainiac must be the mastermind behind this entire plan involving all of these various super-villains. We shift to The Flash tracking down Captain Cold and confronting him for trying to kill the Flash. Captain Cold tries to get away from the Flash, but the Flash catches him and speeds him over to the Fortress of Solitude so that he can be interrogated.

We cut to Batman interrogating Captain Cold. Batman threatens to use Cold’s freeze gun and blast off a finger every time Cold doesn’t answer one of Batman’s questions.

We shift to Hal Jordan in his imaginary world inside of his power ring. We cut back to the Fortress of Solitude where the real Atom, Ray Palmer, has discovered that the small worms that were put inside Batman and the other JLA’ers are alien in design. That they were mass-produced and then shrunk by Brainiac.

Batman informs the JLA’ers about everything Captain Cold told him. That the villains had a vision of an apocalyptic future that came about due to the world’s blind trust and dependence on the JLA. That the microscopic worms are how the villains are “curing” people and controlling them. Suddenly, Zatanna, Martian Manhunter, the Doom Patrol and the real Aquaman arrive at the Fortress.

We cut to the Joker being teleported aboard one of Brainiac’s newly constructed utopia planets. We then shift to the villains continuing to capture loved one of the JLA’ers. We see them take down Supergirl, Batgirl and Commissioner Gordon.

We shift back to Hal Jordan inside of his power ring. Suddenly, the Phantom Stranger appears and tells Hal that he is here to rescue him.

We cut back to the Fortress of Solitude where we learn that Wonder Woman’s scars from Cheetah’s claws are getting worse. That Cheetah’s claws put a magical curse on Wonder Woman and it s the same poison that killed Hercules. That Wonder Woman is returning to her origins: clay.

We see Elongated Man and Plastic Man in a heated argument. Ralph doesn’t think Plastic Man belongs with the group of heroes since Ralph is a member of the League and Plastic Man is not.

We shift back to the Phantom Stranger handing Hal Jordan his Lantern to recharge his power ring. Hal charges up and then we see Phantom Stranger and Hal Jordan arriving at the Fortress of Solitude at the exact same time that Mera arrives at the Fortress. Mera informs Aquaman that Aqualad kidnapped their son. Green Lantern uses his power ring to rid Batman of Brainiac’s worms.

Aquaman then takes command of the room and gives a passionate speech about how Martian Manhunter discovered that Brainiac cut open Aquaman’s brain to try and discover a means to control Grodd. That Superman saw the same worms that were in Batman inside of Captain Cold. Aquaman continues that Brainiac is behind all of this. That anything living and organic is his enemy. Aquaman says that it is for the best that Brainiac is only a machine because he is going to kill Brainiac.

We shift to Red Tornado receiving numerous news feeds concerning family members and friends of the League being kidnapped. We cut to a cell in the villains’ hideout where various people like Supergirl, Robin, Batgirl, Kid Flash, Wonder Girl, Speedy, Captain Marvel, Jr., Lois Lane, Commissioner Gordon, Jimmy Olsen, Alfred, Lana Lang and numerous others.

The JLA’ers are shocked and know that they must prepare to fight for their lives and the lives of their loved ones. The Doom Patrol wonder among themselves if stopping the villains means that it will only be certain that Earth will not be saved. We then see a UFO approaching Earth. End of issue.

The Good: Justice #8 was a great read. The story is gaining momentum as we finally discover that Brainiac is behind this entire plan. I like how all the various pieces of the puzzle are coming together. The discovery of the purpose of the worms designed by Brainiac to control the JLA’er, his fellow villains and to control and “cure” the general populace. This is a great twist. That in reality, Brainiac is merely using his fellow villains as tools in his grand scheme to eliminate all organic life. Brainiac is a fantastic villains and Krueger is certainly delivering one of the most frightening and chilling version of Brainiac.

However, what makes Justice #8 such an entertaining read is not just that we get plenty of answers concerning the worms, who is behind this entire plan and we also have the triumphant return of out final two heroes in Aquaman and Green Lantern, What makes this issue so great is that Krueger’s answers merely create even more questions for the reader. Krueger drops several bombs on the reader. We have every single relative and friend of all the JLA’ers captured by the League of Super Villains. And then on top of that, we have a mysterious UFO appearing outside of Earth at the very end of this issue. Krueger gives Justice #8 a tension filled ending that makes the reader anxious to read the next issue.

I am impressed with how Krueger is handling the various JLA’ers. Krueger has done an excellent job capturing the essence of their individual characters. Krueger has then built of that and fleshed out some of the most engaging version of our silver age JLA’ers. At the same time, Krueger has cultivated excellent chemistry between the various JLA’ers. For the most part, the dialogue is well done. At certain points, it gets a little silly, but that is probably due to the overly dramatic nature of the presentation of this story.

I love the characters in Justice. To me, this is THE definitive Justice League of America. Arthur Curry, the real Aquaman, Barry Allen, the best Flash, Hal Jordan, the king of all Green Lanterns, Ray Palmer, the real Atom plus all of the other characters. It is wonderful seeing all of these icons in action together.

I love the artwork. I’m a big fan of Alex Ross and he is the main reason that I decided to start collecting this title. I really dig his style and Ross creates a stunning comic book that is incredibly captivating.

The Bad: No complaints.

Overall: Justice #8 is another great read on a title that has been well done since the first issue. I have to say that Justice is much more than just Alex Ross’ artwork. Krueger is doing an excellent job with the writing and deserves a lot more praise and recognition for his work than he currently receives.