Justice League of America #2 Review

The Revolution loved the debut issue of Justice League of America. It was well worth the wait. I like both Meltzer and Benes and believe that they are going to have a very interesting run on this title. I have been eagerly awaiting Justice League of America #2. I’m sure it is going to be a great read. Let’s do this review.

Creative Team
Writer: Brad Meltzer
Penciller: Ed Benes
Inker: Sandra Hope

Art Rating: 9 Night Girls out of 10
Story Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10
Overall Rating: 8.5 Night Girls out of 10

Synopsis: The issues starts with the mysterious person who has engineered the theft of Red Tornado’s body getting ready to take apart the android to see how he works.

We shift to Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman in the Batcave still going through potential members. First up is Firestorm. Batman doesn’t want him in. Next is Firehawk. Batman doesn’t want her in. Next is Nightwing. Batman says that Dick has already told him that he wouldn’t join the JLA. Next is Green Arrow. Superman would prefer Connor.

We cut to Arsenal, Black Canary and Green Lantern on their way to the hideout of the mysterious person who stole Red Tornado’s body. Along the way, Hal Jordan makes a target for Arsenal to shoot at. Arsenal is trying to break Ollie’s record for longest shot.

We shift to Hub City where Vixen is about to throw down with Electrocutioner and Plastique. During the fight, Plastique manages to steal Vixen’s totem belt. Electrocutioner and Plastique throw a bomb at Vixen and then teleport away. The building then blows up with Vixen in it.

We cut to Black Lightning with one of his informants, the Cavalier. Evidently, the Cavalier has been sleeping with Captain Stingaree and Black Lightening threatened to out the Cavalier unless he gave the Black Lightning some information. Cavalier is taking Black Lightning to a location where Electrocutioner and Plastique were getting something to help them sneak into heavily guarded functions that scan for metahumans.

We slip over to Red Tornado enjoying his new human body with his wife, Kathy.

We cut back to the Batcave. Dr. Light is up. Superman and Wonder Woman don’t want her. Next is Booster Gold. Superman wants to give the costume to somebody. Batman doesn’t think it is a good idea. Alfred then interrupts and tells Batman that Gordon is on a secure line and needs to talk to him. Batman leaves to take the call. While he is gone, Superman and Wonder Woman secretly vote on whether to invite the Batman to join the new JLA! (Wow! Sneaky bastards.)

We shift back to Black Lightning and the Cavalier. They arrive at a secret hideout. The thug that greats them tells Black Lightning that they can temporarily mask his powers. The longer he wants the more expensive it will be. The thug then reveals the source of how they pull this off. It is the Parasite. Suddenly, Mr. Impossible (who stole Red Tornado’s android body last issue) appears and tells the Parasite to join them.

We cut to the Red Tornado in his costume getting ready to leave his apartment. Kathy kisses him goodbye. Red Tornado’s hand is shaking from nerves. This never happened when he had his android body. The Red Tornado tells Kathy that Magnus called him and told him that someone stole his android body.

We shift to Black Canary, Green Lantern and Arsenal arriving at the hideout of the mysterious person who stole Red Tornado’s android body. They bust into the hideout. There they come face to face with Anthony Ives a.k.a. Professor Ivo. Ivo reveals that he attained the immortality serum a long time ago. Now, he wishes to finally die and he doesn’t mind taking out our heroes with him. Ivo presses a button and a door opens revealing an army of Red Tornados. Well some are red; others are blue, green and orange. End of issue.

The Good: Meltzer served up another great issue. I am impressed with how Meltzer is writing the different characters. Meltzer has a great feel for their personalities and it allows Meltzer to create wonderful chemistry between the various characters. The fraternity boy ribbing between Hal Jordan and Arsenal, the reprimanding Black Canary with Hal Jordan and the big three talking during their meeting are all good examples of this excellent chemistry that these characters have with each other. Meltzer also crafts some nice dialogue that gives this issue a nice rhythm.

Meltzer has wasted no time in setting in place a great plotline involving Professor Ivo and Red Tornado.

The meeting between Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman was well done. I’m glad that Meltzer is continuing to tease the reader concerning who is going to be a part of this new Justice League of America. And Superman and Wonder Woman voting on Batman when Batman left the meeting was a shocker! I totally didn’t see that coming. This was a brilliant move by Meltzer. Even though the big three have set aside their differences, it is only natural that after all that has happened that Superman and Wonder Woman would still have concerns about Batman being in the Justice League of America.

It is obvious that Batman still operates by his own rules and not always for what is in the best interests of the JLA. A fine example is how Batman took it upon himself to ask Nightwing to join the JLA even before he met with Superman and Wonder Woman to vote on new members. Batman clearly violated his agreement with Superman and Wonder Woman that they would all meet and vote on potential members before approaching anyone. This shows that Batman always operates by his own rules regardless of what he has agreed to with other people.

I thought the discussion about Booster Gold’s suit was very interesting. Superman’s statement that this is a good way to honor Ted was curious. This scene definitely establishes that Booster doesn’t come back to life during 52. Plus, we now know that Superman has custody of Booster Gold’s suit. I’m not too sure how to read this scene. Is the Ted that Superman wants to honor Ted Kord? How does giving Booster’s suit to someone honor Ted? Or, is Ted the person that Superman wants to give Booster’s suit to wear? Either way, I liked Batman’s response on how to honor the dead: “Build another statue.” Vintage Batman.

Batman wanting to invite the new Dr. Light to join the JLA was classic Batman. Batman thinks this would send a message. Unfortunately, Superman and Wonder Woman don’t think that is an appropriate message to send. You gotta love Batman’s style.

Black Lightning’s discovery was interesting. Meltzer is doing a great job with Black Lightning and is making him a very cool character. I like how Black Lightning has been working his informants in the super villain community. I’m thrilled that Black Lightning is going to be a part of the JLA. Now if DC could just ditch his horrendous codename.

The appearance of the Parasite adds another cool bad guy into the mix. I thought the Parasite selling his services to drain a super villain’s powers for a limited amount of time enabling them to sneak past meta human sensors was a pretty creative plotline. I’m curious to see just what the Parasite’s connection to Professor Ivo is.

Meltzer did a wonderful job portraying how the Red Tornado is adjusting to his new body. Having to learn to brush his teeth. Having his hand shake out of nervousness. All of these scenes were well crafted. The dialogue between Red Tornado and his wife just before he left was touching. Meltzer has really taken this opportunity to seriously flesh out and develop Red Tornado’s character. I have always like Reddy, so I’m glad to see that he is receiving so much attention and character growth.

The ending of this issue was kick ass! An army of evil Blue Tornados, Green Tornados and Orange Tornados being unleashed by Professor Ivo was a great hook. It certainly got me eager for the next issue. I can’t wait to see were Meltzer goes with this plotline.

Of course, Ed Benes art is just gorgeous. I love his style and he draws some of the hottest women in comics. Benes delivers a wonderful looking comic book that makes reading this story a real joy.

The Bad: No complaints at all. I will say that Meltzer can’t continue to tease the reader concerning who is in the new JLA for too much longer. I like how he is doing it over the past two issues. However, the lineup will have to be revealed pretty soon in order to avoid unnecessarily stringing along the reader.

Overall: Justice League of America #2 was a great read. Meltzer and Benes make a fantastic team and deliver a comic that has a well constructed story with excellent character development and dialogue as well as fantastic artwork. This is a great time for new readers to jump aboard this title. Give Justice League of America a try. I don’t think you will be disappointed.