Mighty Avengers #30 Review

Since Dan Slott began writing this book, the Mighty Avengers has been more in the style of a traditional team book. I like that on the Avengers. Will he continue to build on that in the newest issue? Only one way to tell.

P. S. This issue is reviewed in the latest podcast by Rokk and Shawn.

Creative Team
Plot: Dan Slott
Script: Christos N. Gage
Pencils: Sean Chen
Inks: Mark Morales

Story Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10
Art Rating: 7 Night Girls out of 10
Overall Rating: 7.5 Night Girls out of 10

Synopsis: Pym is leaving the Macroverse and entering the Overspace. A voice calls him by name. It is Eternity (Marvel’s embodiment of everything). Eternity says he wants to talk.

Infinite Avengers Mansion…Jocasta is running out of a room, yelling for Henry Pym. Jarvis asks what is wrong. The filament that anchored Pym to Jocasta has gone slack. Jarvis suggests that something cut it. Jocasta replies that is impossible. The filament was subatomic. Jarvis tells her not to worry. He will go and get the Avengers to help find Pym.

Jarvis finds a room of Avengers. Among them are the Young Avengers, Captain America, Ronin, Ms. Marvel, and Spider-Woman. Ronin gives Jarvis a hug. Then it is Ms. Marvel’s turn to see Jarvis.

Jocasta interrupts the reunion. Ronin explains that he heard about the situation in China. He went to find more Avengers to help prevent World War III. Speed and Kate are recovering from injuries. They will stay and help Jocasta while the rest head to China.

Avengers Resistance Headquarters…Stature and Vision went to see if they would help with the problem in China. Justice, Tigra, Gauntlet, and Rage agree to help.

Avengers Tower…Hercules and Cho are asking Osborn’s Avengers to help. Hercules wants Osborn to help stop the threat to the world. Osborn says that Hercules has to be kidding. Herc and Cho exit through a door connected to the Infinite Avengers Mansion. Osborn orders Sentry to throw the door into the sun.

Infinite Avengers Mansion…Jarvis gets choked up serving refreshments to the combined Avengers teams.

Back with Eternity…Henry Pym is surprised that Eternity is the same size as him. Eternity explains that he appears normal sized because Pym is not impressed with size. While he is here, Eternity represents the rest of the universe.

Eternity makes a fist and punches Pym. Then he kicks him. Pym wants to know why Eternity is attacking him. Eternity says that Pym controls this. As long as Pym thinks that the universe is against him, Eternity will keep on hitting him.

The fight is now over. Eternity helps him up. He is in debt to Pym. Pym saved him from chaos by assembling the Avengers. He tells Pym that he is the opposite of the Sorcerer Supreme. Pym is the Scientist Supreme.

China…the few remaining heroes are trying not to hurt the ones who were affected by the Unspoken’s Xerogen Mists (when a human is exposed to them, they become an Alpha Primitive-the subhuman race that are slaves to the Inhumans). The Unspoken is almost done finishing the machine that will turn all of humanity into Alpha Primitives. The Xerogen device lifts into the air.

The Unspoken says that he used to think of this machine as an abomination. Now he will use it to enslave humanity for Attilan. He announces that humanities prayers will fall on deaf ears. No words can save them now. Quicksilver says that two words can save them…Avengers Assemble. The combined might of the Avengers arrives.

While the Avengers and the Unspoken battle, Cho and Hercules board the vessel. They are stopped by a giant robot.

Eternity…Pym denies that he is Earth’s Scientist Supreme. Eternity explains. Reed Richards is the Explorer. To him, science is about pure discovery. Tony Stark is the Engineer. Science is his tool. It is used to shape the world. Pym is the Mage. Science is about making the impossible possible. Eternity tells him to never forget this. Pym is his champion. A new age of heroes is dawning. Eternity is entrusting the future to him.

Pym returns to the Infinite Avengers Mansion. He explains to Jocasta what has happened. Jarvis begins to explain about the problem in China. Pym interrupts him. He already knows. He picks up two guns. Jocasta wants to know where he is going. Pym announces, “To save the world”.

The Good: This is a good super hero comic. Slott is taking full advantage of the various groups of Avengers. He shows what can be done with them.

Unlike the last issue of Dark Avengers, this group does not sit around and talk all of the time. Slott balances the action scenes and the talk scenes. Even the scene with Eternity and Pym contains action.

I liked that Eternity attacked Pym. This scene demonstrates that Henry needs to step up, realize that the universe is not against him, and take his rightful place among the superheroes.

Instead of just focusing on a few characters, Slott pulls out all of the stops. It was amazing to see the return of the large group of Avengers. When the world is threatened, Avengers should join together.

Like Rokk and Shawn pointed out in the podcast, this issue has a nice flow to it. The plot advances logically. When a major threat is looming, the Avengers go and recruit all of the groups to help. The battle with the Unspoken next issue should be epic.

The Bad: The art is average. Chen does not do a good job of displaying emotion on the characters faces. He does an okay job with this issue.

Overall: Dan Slott has returned the “real” Avengers to the Marvel Universe. When the Siege miniseries is over, I hope that Dan stays on the Avengers. He appears to have a plan and knows how to implement it.

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  1. This was a good issue of an incresingly good series. The title still hasn't found its way, but it's working on it.

    I'm sure Hank Pym will never forget the injection of trust Eternity gives to him, but… Will future writers do the same? Time will say.

    Nobody here reviews the Initiative?

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