Comic Book Review: Nova #12

The Revolution has enjoyed Nova. This is a solid title that always delivers a quality read. It is unfortunate that I have not been able to review this title all that much. Therefore, I decided that it was time to hit a review for the human rocket and give a little love to this title. Let’s go ahead and hit this review for Nova #12.

Creative Team
Writer: Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning
Pencils: Paul Pelletier
Inks: Rick Magyar

Art Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10.
Story Rating: 7 Night Girls out of 10.
Overall Rating: 7.5 Night Girls out of 10.

Synopsis: We begin with a giant old Technarch rushing back to its homeworld Kuch. Evidently, adult Technarchs search the universe for “lifeglow” energy and then return back to their homeworld to battle their offspring in a fight of life and death. We see the giant old Technarch land on Kuch and immediately pick up Tyro’s scent.

We cut to Warlock and Tyro in the Creche Terminal. Tyro exclaims that he is ready to battle its parent. Warlock interjects that Tyro cannot battle his parent. That Tyro’s parent would destroy him in a second.

Nova is lying on the floor and completely succumbing to the Phalanx virus. Warlock apologizes that there is nothing left to do but run and hide. Nova interjects that if Warlock could heal him then Nova could battle the old Technarch. Warlock then orders Tyro to flee the planet and hide. Tyro obeys Warlock and flees the planet.

Warlock then tells Nova that Warlock is going to heal him and in return he wants Nova to hold off Tyro’s parent for as long as possible in order to give Tyro a chance to successfully escape. Warlock then gives Nova his lifeglow. Warlock then dies.

We see Tyro’s parent break through the wall. Suddenly, we see a fully healed Nova blast into Tyro’s parent. Nova is now fully cured from the Phalanx virus. A rejuvenated Nova brawls with the old Technarch. Despite the Worldmind’s protests that Nova should flee, Nova decides to honor his word that he gave to Warlock. Nova soon realizes that he is no match for the Technarch, yet he doggedly remains determined to delay the Technarch for as long as possible.

Suddenly, Tyro comes streaking back on the scene and attacks his parent. The old Technarch quickly overpowers Tyro and eats him. Suddenly, Tyro’s parent collapses to the ground. The Worldmind comments that the old Technarch’s coding is being rewritten from the inside. We then learn that Tyro has taken over the old Technarch’s form and is better than ever.

Tyro mentions that his parent’s form has an abundance of lifeglow. Therefore, Tyro uses some of his lifeglow to bring Warlock back to life. Nova then asks Tyro for a favor since Tyro is brimming with so much lifeglow. Nova asks if Tyro would heal Drax and Gamora from the Phalanx virus. Tyro agrees and heals both Drax and Gamora.

We see Nova approaching both Drax and Gamora as they are fully healed. Gamora is sad that she is no longer a part of the Phalanx. Gamora sobs that it gave her a sense of true purpose and that now she is useless once again. Nova responds that Gamora will help him one day and that everything will be good.

Drax is still as hostile as ever. Tyro and Warlock then offer to go help Nova, Gamora and Drax battle the Phalanx. End of issue.

The Good: Nova #12 was a fun issue. DnA keeps this issue rolling along at a pleasant pace. The story never drags and the reader gets treated to a good amount of action. Nova #12 is a well plotted issue. DnA have constructed a fundamentally sound story arc and have been moving with a purpose and a clear direction. Nova #12 properly sets the stage for what should be an exciting finish as Nova and his new allies get ready to lock horns with the Phalanx.

DnA craft some enjoyable dialogue. The banter between Nova and Worldmind is always entertaining. DnA have crafted some wonderful chemistry between these two characters. And Worldmind plays the perfect straight main to Nova’s constant wisecracking.

DnA continue to do a nice job handling Nova’s character. It is obvious that DnA like his character and have a great feel for his personality. Nova has a well developed voice and is a fully fleshed out character.

I was glad that DnA went ahead and wrapped up the plotline involving Nova infected with the techno virus. It was a neat plotline that served to give us some interesting issues; however, this plotline was quickly running its course for me. DnA wisely wrapped this plotline up with this issue rather than let it linger on for an issue or two too long.

I am also glad that Drax and Gamora were also freed from the techno virus. I love both characters and it is nice to have them back. I dig how DnA handles Drax’s character. Drax is one nasty customer and provides some edge to this title with his hostile personality.

Paul Pelletier and Rick Magyar combine to crank out some good artwork. I have always been a fan of Pelletier’s artwork. Pelletier has a nice clean, smooth and detailed style of art that always delivers an enjoyable looking comic book.

The Bad: I’m not digging this wimpy guilt-ridden and spineless Gamora. C’mon, this is the same character that has always carried the tagline “the most dangerous woman in the galaxy.” Gamora is supposed to be a bad-assed warrior who takes no shit and could care less about hurting anyone’s feelings. I would love for DnA to return Gamora to her proper form, but I just don’t see that happening.

I also have an extremely tough time envision Gamora having any type of relationship with Nova. To me Gamora is, and always will be, Adam Warlock’s girl.

Overall: Nova #12 was an enjoyable read. Nova is such an underrated title. DnA are obviously putting forth a lot of effort on this title. Nova is a nice blend of action and drama. It also is well balanced between darker moments and lighter humorous scenes. Nova is a well rounded title that will appeal to a broad range of readers. If you enjoy cosmic characters and a science fiction themed story then I urge you to give Nova a try. This title is certainly worth the cover price.

2 thoughts on “Comic Book Review: Nova #12

  1. I agree. Nova #12 was one kick ass cosmic themed comic. It seems that with Nova and all of Marvel’s cosmic characters, it’s hit or miss because it’s a genre comic and those are a tough sell to anyone not interested in the genre. This is a well written book though and the art is also pretty darn good.

  2. I have to say, my favorite moment of this book was when Warlock sacrifices himself, his eyes go black and the next thing we see is that awesome splash of nova just taking it to the siredam. I have to say, nova is probably my favorite book from marvel right now, with Captain america, Incredible Hercules, Iron Man and Ultimate-Spider man rounding out the top five.

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