Comic Book Review: Teen Titans #37

Teen Titans has been one of the best DC comics since Infinite Crisis ended. Johns and Daniels are cranking out some fantastic work on this title. I fully expect Teen Titans #37 to be a blast to read. Let’s hit the review.

Creative Team
Writer: Geoff Johns
Penciler: Tony Daniels
Inker: Kevin Conrad & Norm Rapmund

Art Rating: 9 Night Girls out of 10
Story Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10
Overall Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10

Synopsis: This issue starts with the Titans and Doom Patrol in a huge brawl with the Brain and his Brotherhood of Evil. During the brawl, Robin and Beast Boy bicker over who is in charge. Also during the brawl, the Brain reveals to Elasti-Girl that Dr. Caulder triggered an explosion in the Brain’s lab and then Dr. Caulder saved the Brain’s brain. Dr. Caulder’s intent was to place the Brain’s brain into Robotman’s body. But, Monsieur Mallah saved Brain and instead Dr. Caulder used Cliff Steele’s brain after Cliff’s car accident.

Suddenly, the Brain’s new cloned body begins to deteriorate. The Brain tells Mallah to carry him up to the top of the Eiffel Tower. The Doom Patrol and Titans defeat the remaining members of Brain’s Brotherhood. Up in the Eiffel Tower Mallah lovingly cradles the Brain and lets him watch the sunset with his own eyes. Then we see Brain’s body fall to the ground. His head has been cut off.

We cut to Mallah in an underground hideout. Mallah placed Brain’s brain back into his metal tubular “body.” We then shift over to Dr. Caulder talking to Kid Devil and telling him that the Titans don’t like him and that Kid Devil doesn’t fit in with the Titans. Dr. Caulder tells Kid Devil that he belongs with Doom Patrol. That the Doom Patrol with accept him and the Titans will never accept him. Suddenly, the Doom Patrol and Titans enter the room. The Titans tell Kid Devil that Dr. Caulder is lying. Beast Boy then tells Dr. Caulder that he is always talking to them like they are broken. Suddenly, Steve enters with his Mento helmet off. Steve tells Dr. Caulder that they aren’t going to put up with him treating them in this manner. That Dr. Caulder is no longer their leader. That he will never talk to Steve’s son or wife in such a manner again. That Dr. Caulder can stay with the Doom Patrol if he abides by all these conditions. With that Dr. Caulder skulks off to his lab.

Beast Boy then tells Robin that he needs to stay with Doom Patrol for the time being. Beast Boy tells Cyborg that he is the rock for the Titans and that he has to stay with the team. That when Cyborg was in his coma, all the members would go talk to him with their problems just because his presence made them feel better. Kid Devil then gets a phone call from Blue Devil. Blue Devil tells him that he is going to come by the Titans Tower tonight to talk.

We shift to Kid Devil waiting for Blue Devil outside the Tower. The sun sets and it becomes late at night and Blue Devil never shows up. Ravager walks over in her bikini having just finished taking a swim. She lights her cigarette off Kid Devil’s breathe. She then sits down next to Kid Devil.

We cut to Cyborg looking at all the security tapes of his room while he was in his coma. He sees the various Titan members, even ones he doesn’t know, coming to talk to him. Cyborg and Wonder Girl decide to stay with the Titans. Wonder Girl then goes looking for Robin to tell him that she is staying.

We shift to Robin in his cloning lab under Titans Tower. Robin is distraught that Brain’s cloned body failed and that Robin’s own experiments keep failing. Robin snaps and starts destroying his lab. Wonder Girl then appears. Robin tells Wonder Girl that he has been trying to clone Superboy. Wonder Girl tells Robin that even if he was successful that it wouldn’t be Connor. Robin responds that it would be close enough. That he has lost too many people and that he wants his best friend back. Wonder Girl says so does she. Both Robin and Wonder Girl are crying. They clasp hands. They look at each other and……THEY KISS!!! Oh mah gawd!!! They suddenly push each other away looking stunned and Wonder Girl flies off. End of issue.

The Good: Hot damn! That was one hell of an ending! Johns had just been killing it on the Titans since Infinite Crisis ended! Just excellent work.

The big brawl in the beginning was cool. We learn more about how nasty Dr. Caulder is and how he creates accidents in order to make the Doom Patrol. Dr. Caulder is truly one seriously twisted man. I like it.

And speaking of twisted, this who man/ape love angle between Brain and Mallah is just gross and yet very entertaining. It is like a horrid car accident that I can’t stop looking at. Johns does a great job with these two characters and getting across the reader the genuine love that Brain and Mallah have for each other. It is always nice when a writer gives the villain some depth and a character that we can sympathize with in some manner. It is much more interesting that a simple “evil genius.”

The scene with the Doom Patrol and the Titans confronting Dr. Caulder was perfect. I loved seeing Steve with the Mento helmet off and laying down the law on Dr. Caulder. Johns did a great job with that scene and it was very satisfying for the reader who has been waiting to see Dr. Caulder get his.

I’m actually glad that Beast Boy is staying with the Doom Patrol. Don’t get me wrong, Gar is my absolute most favorite Titan. However, at this point his character really needs to be with this new Doom Patrol more than with the Titans.

The scene with Kid Devil waiting for Blue Devil was heart breaking. Johns didn’t use any words and none were necessary. You really have to feel for Kid Devil. And Ravager showing up in her bikini all wet from her swim? Well, let’s just say that Kid Devil is one lucky guy. I never liked Ravager or Kid Devil before. However, Johns has done such an incredible job with both characters in this title. Johns has gotten me to really like both characters. And I love the two of them together. Kid Devil and Ravager have great chemistry. I’d like to eventually see the two of them hook-up, but not for a good long while. I hope Johns takes it slow with these two characters.

And of course the big bomb in this issue was the final scene. Johns does a nice job portraying Robin’s pain and sorrow. Robin is an easy character to sympathize with at this point in his life. And the kiss! Wow. I was NOT expecting that! Robin is smooching his dead best friend’s girlfriend! That is so wrong on so many different levels. It will be interesting to see where Johns goes with this plotline. Personally, I do not want Robin and Wonder Girl to become a couple.

Johns continues to kick ass on the Titans. Johns’ One Year Later storyline has been the best out of all of the DC titles. The Titans is an excellent read.

Of course, Tony Daniels kicks butt in the art department. I absolutely love Daniels’ artwork. It is fantastic. Daniels can draw great action scenes. He can draw great dramatic scenes. Daniels can do it all. Daniels draws fantastic facial expressions which enables the reader to fell the different characters’ emotions. Daniels brings Johns’ excellent writing to life and creates a world that envelops the reader. Plus, Daniels draws the best Robin. Period.

The Bad: Not a single complaint at all.

Overall: Teen Titans #37 was a blast to read. Johns and Daniels are turning out great issue after great issue. I highly recommend Teen Titans. It is well worth your money.