Comic Book Review: Ultimate Spider Man #92

As followers of the Revolution know, Ultimate Spider-Man is a huge favorite here in the bunker. So, we were psyched to read Ultimate Spider-Man #92 as we enjoyed some fresh mangos and papayas.

Creative Team
Writer: Brain Michael Bendis
Penciller: Mark Bagley
Inker: John Dell & Mark McKenna

Art Rating: 7 Night Girls out of 10.
Story Rating: 9 Night Girls out of 10
Total Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10

Synopsis: The issue starts with Deadpool and his henchmen tossing Spider-Man and the X-Men out of the plane with no parachutes and still tied up. Spider-Man managed to cushion his fall with plenty of webbing. Suddenly, a giant cyborg is thrown at him. Spider-Man webs up the cyborg and as he runs away he smacks into Colossus.

Spider-Man and Colossus debate if it is a shape shifter who is impersonating everyone. Suddenly they see Cyclops’ optic beams. They run to where Cyclops is and he is in battle with several cyborgs. Colossus and Spider0Man join the fight and clean house.

The three then discuss what to do next when another cyborg attack them. Suddenly lightning takes out that cyborg and now Storm is on the scene. The four of them take on a couple of attack helicopters and then Kitty Pryde, Nightcrawler, Angel and Jean Grey find their teammates. Now that everyone is together they discuss what is going on. The X-men believe that they are on Krakoa and are on a TV show. Krakoa is a prison island owned by Genosha where they put mutants and then hunt them while they broadcast it on TV.

At the realization that they are being hunted on TV, Deadpool and a bunch of cyborgs crash the scene in a big 2 page splash and the issue ends.

The Good: This was a rocking good issue! Brian Michael Bendis turns in yet another great job on Ultimate Spider-Man. This is the title that Bendis was born to write. Marvel can never let Bendis leave Ultimate Spider-Man.

First, as always, Bendis wrote excellent dialogue. It was absolutely hilarious. And the magic of Bendis’ dialogue is that it just flows so naturally. None of it is stiff or forced. All the dialogue between Spider-Man and the X-Men was classic. Bendis knows exactly how to write the wise-cracking Peter Parker. Bendis always makes Ultimate Spider-Man a fun read. Bendis’ dialogue always gets us to smile and chuckle.

Second, Bendis is more than just dialogue. This issue was very well paced and had plenty of good action in addition to the funny dialogue.

Even though we here at the Revolution are not big Deadpool fans, we are definitely waiting to read next issue to see how our favorite web-head gets out of this mess.

Mark Bagley’s art was solid. Nothing great, but definitely not bad.

The Bad: The Revolution has absolutely no complaints with the story. The only minor complaint would be the art. Even though it is solid, it isn’t our taste. The Revolution just isn’t all that impressed with Bagley’s stuff. If Ultimate Spider-Man could get a better artist then it would constantly rock 10 Night Girls out of 10 almost each and every time.

Overall: The Revolution recommends this title to anyone and everyone. It is a guaranteed good read every time.