Ultimate Spider-Man #89 Review

Ultimate Spider-Man #89 Review

Ultimate Spider-Man #89 Review

Let’s keep that Bendis ball rolling! I give this issue 3 Night Girls out of 5. This rating is due to my Nazi Rule. If a comic mentions the word “Nazi” and it is not a flashback WWII issue then I automatically deduct 1 Night Girl from the comic’s rating.

The issue starts with a flashback of Silver Sable and her childhood. Silver was a scrappy kid with a dad who was never around. Luckily, she became a mercenary and not a stripper! Anyway, at her dad’s death bed she finds out that he was never around while she was growing up because he was a Nazi hunter! Sound the alarms!! The Nazi Rule has been broken!

The scene then snaps back to the present day and Peter Parker is tied up in Roxxon’s building and Silver Sable unmasks him! GASP!!! Oh wait; this would have much more impact if Bendis had not already unmasked Peter about 100 times in the past 89 issues! Anyway, cue some funny dialogue from Peter and Roxxon basically captured Spider-Man to find out why he has been saving his company from attacks.

It turns out by mere coincidence that when Peter defeated Omega Red and some other villain, that he saved Roxon’s company from being damaged.

As they argue, SHIELD is alerted that Spider-Man has been captured. SHIELD has had Peter Paker tagged and tracked since he was unmasked to them as well a while back. Fury orders a recon team to the area. Bendis then goes to a flashback scene of Roxxon as a kid. I do like the scene of him partying in college because those ATO letters you see is my fraternity! Rock on Alpha Tau Omega! Basically, Roxxon partied and never studied since he was a rich kid. But, when his dad suddenly died he assumed control of the company and basically wasn’t properly trained or prepared.

Anyway, we snap back to the present time and suddenly the room explodes. Spider-man saves Roxxon from splattering on the ground. Another bomb is launched at Silver Sable and Spider-Man and the attacker is revealed. A two-page splash shot of the Vulture ends the issue.

This was an entertaining issue. Bendis rocks writing Ultimate Spider-Man. Marvel should sign him to a lifetime contract for this title. In 89 issues, my only complaint was the cheesy and lame death of Gwen Stacy. Other than that, Bendis has been money.

I thought the flashback scenes for Silver Sable and Roxxon were great. I like how there were no word balloons. Just 3rd person narration. I’m excited to see the Ultimate universe version of the Vulture. I always thought he was a lame hero, but the Ultimate titles have done a good job turning total Morts into pretty cool characters.

My only slight complaint is Mark Bagley’s art. I have never been blown away by Bagley’s art. It isn’t bad, it just isn’t good. It is just average. So, my complaint is that while the art does not bring the title down, it does not lift it up either.