Comic Book Review: Wonder Woman #24

The Revolution has not checked in on the Wonder Woman comic since issue #3. I thought it was time. I have enjoyed Gail Simone’s work on other titles(especially Villains United and Secret Six). Bernard Chang is a good solid artist. The pairing of this duo should produce a good comic. Let’s take a look and see what they have been doing.

From what I have read, Diana has hooked up with Tom(Nemesis) Tresser (how many remember the Dan Spiegle drawn stories that featured him?). On the Hollywood front, a studio is producing a feature film about Wonder Woman. Diana is not happy that they are doing this without consulting her.

Creative Team
Writer: Gail Simone
Artist: Bernard Chang

Art Rating: 7 Night Girls out of 10
Story Rating: 7 Night Girls out of 10
Overall Rating: 7 Night Girls out of 10

Synopsis: Diana and Tom are flying on what appears to be a giant sea shell. It lands on the beach of Paradise Island. Diana asks him if he is cold. She does not notice those kind of things. He is more nervous about meeting her mother. She tells him to be completely honest. Diana realizes this will be tough for Tom since he is a professional spy.

She rides up on horseback. Diana’s mother calls him by name and says that he is a warrior and a spy. She welcomes him to Themyscira. Tom hesitates stepping off of the shell. He is afraid that the island will blow up if he sets foot on it. She tells him that the island does not blow up because a man steps on it. He says it is a pleasure to be there. Hippolyta asks if it really is a pleasure. He says no. He bows down and says it is an honor. He was not prepared for her to be so beautiful.

Hippolyta says there are chores to be done. Tom is invited to help her. Diana volunteers but her mother commands her to stay. Tom is quite capable.

She takes him to the Royal Menagerie. Beasts that have passed from the rest of the world live there. They are kept there to protect them from the outside world. Tom is startled by the stench. Hippolyta says it is the remains of last week’s slaughter. The griffins prefer it when the remains rot. She has spoiled them. They like to be hand fed. The giant griffins eat from the Queen and Tom’s hands.

Hippolyta tells him they are perfectly safe as long as he makes no sudden moves. Or sweats. And don’t make eye contact because they mate for life. Speaking of which, she wants to know if Tom has made love to her daughter. He is startled. This causes the griffins to act up. The Queen tells them that this is a man, not food.

Hippolyta says that the griffins don’t like Tom. She asks again if they have “attempted to procreate”. Tom says no. She asks if he has been wed before. Again Tom says no. She asks if he will protect her if he is able. He answers yes. Then she wants to know if Tom loves Diana. Yes, he does. He also knows that the Queen does not feel he is worthy. She thinks nothing of the kind. In fact, she made a spear for Tom.

Normally, there would be a cerimony but her tribe is kind of lost. Hippolyta names him Sir Tom of Cleveland. He is now considered an amazon. As they return to Diana, her mother says she approves. She only wants one thing. Babies, as fast as they can produce them. Diana and Tom leave on the flying sea shell.

He takes Diana’s hand and asks if she can even feel his hand. She does not feel the same as humans. She tells him to stick his hand in the water for good luck. When he does, a giant shark like creature comes up out of the water. Diana tells him that it is one of the creatures who protect the island. He is now an Amazon. She returns him to Washington then she flies to Hollywood.

Diana respects the creative mind. She also respects the ambition of the people in Hollywood. But you must always negotiate with them from a position of strength. Diana brought two advisors who happen to be ambassadors from Gorilla City. One of them licks the hand of the studio head-Laney Kirswel. They comment that she tastes unpleasant.

Diana confronts Laney. She plans on making the Wonder Woman movie with or without Diana’s consent. Yes. But if she agrees to endorse the movie, a million dollars will be donated to the Athenian Woman’s Help Shelters. Diana asks her advisors what they think. They want to hear more about the fresh fruit they were offered when they arrived.

One of the creators explains that she could be an inspiration to young girls. Diana sees that one of the people is not happy. She asks why. She feels that Diana is not a good role model. She thinks that Diana’s answer to every problem is violence.

In addition to that, she doesn’t think that wearing a flag that barely covers her rear is something they want girls copying. Diana explains it is not a flag. The colors have meaning. She asks for a meeting with Ms. Condero(the one who objects to Diana). The rest leave them to talk.

Diana gives her a hug. She tells Condero that it will be alright if she stops now. Condero says Diana does not know what she is talking about. Diana insists that she does. Condero runs out of the room.

Diana and her advisors are taken to the movie set. While there, she finds out that the movie features a love triangle between her, her mother, and Hercules. Because of what Hercules did to Hippolyta, Diana wants the movie cancelled. Laney’s eyes turn completely white. The pupils disappear.

Diana says she will fight them if necessary. Laney says if that is how Diana really feels. Diana and her friends start fighting the movie characters. Laney says that all the sins have come home now.

Next we see the powerless Diana Prince from the old comics attack Diana. Laney’s assistant asks what is going on. Laney says Diana has a lot of demons to fight. She says that if Diana did not want to be her plaything for all of eternity she would never have taken a bite of a poisoned apple. Laney changes into what appears to be a witch.

Max Lord appears to Diana. He tells her that for all her talk of peace, she still killed him. Then she is jumped from behind by Hercules. She beats him.

Diana realizes that she has been poisoned. The assistant wants to know what Laney did to Wonder Woman. She says that is not Diana’s real name. It is Snow White. She owes her centuries of agony. Suddenly, mystical representations of all the different versions of Wonder Woman appear. They lasso her.

The Good: Simone seems to have a good grip on the different characters. The Queen is perfect with her regal appearance mixed with a sarcastic sense of humor. Tom is not sure how to handle her remarks. As one would expect, Tom is overwhelmed by his visit to Paradise Island.

The ambassadors from Gorilla City were great additions to the cast. They provided the viewpoint of an outsider while at the same time providing some humor.

Bernard Chang provided some nice visuals. The scenes he drew on the island were very good.

Fans of character driven comics will enjoy this issue.

The Bad: Fans looking for action will be disappointed. Wonder Woman does not go into action until the end of the issue. It looks like this is seting up a fight for the next part of the story.

Overall: A decent comic. Nice art, good writing, but nothing exceptional. There was enough here to bring me back for the next issue but it is not something that will have me waiting on the edge of my seat.


  1. The witch is called the Queen of Fables. She first appeared in JLA #47 back in November 2000. I don’t know if you knew that, but it didn’t sound like you did from reading the summary.

  2. It was great to see the Cathy Lee Crosby Wonder Woman from the 1974 movie version.

  3. What about Wonder Woman’s frustrations with how hollywood portrayed her in the movie?

    I thought Gail deserved some credit for that, because it brings up some of the frustrations that’s gone into real-life attempts at making the Wonder Woman movie.

    And her gorilla posse RAWKed.

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