DC Comics August 2018 Solicitations Analysis

There are a lot big developments coming from DC Comics in August 2018. The recently released August 2018 solicitations revealed a lot of big information on how the DC Universe is shaping up to look like moving forward. On top of that we are getting a brand new crossover between the DC Universe and Looney Toons. That along with some personal character developments makes what is going on over at DC Comics an exciting future. Now let’s take a look at what is coming from DC Comics in August 2018.


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The drought of a period without Super Sons will luckily not last long as DC Comics taps Peter Tomasi to write a new 12-issue miniseries titled “Adventures of the Super Sons.” The 12-issue mini-series route with this new series also gives Tomasi the opportunity to tell an extended story that will have a definitive end. And for the fans it’ll be a good opportunity to show DC the demand for the series as if it sells well through the 12 issue run it’ll no doubt not be the last of the Super Sons ongoing adventures.

It’ll also be interesting to see what Superboy and Robin’s new adventure means since the solicitation state that it will be taking place in the past. This gives Tomasi more room to not have to worry about the current status quo of the DC Universe post Dark Nights: Metal and Bendis’ Superman work. Though it’ll be interesting if this is the only place that we will see Superboy in action since Bendis’ Superman titles don’t mention Jon or Lois much in them right now.


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One of the big revelations in Dark Nights: Metal was the reintroduction of Dream from the Sandman Universe being part of the DC Universe. Since Dream’s appearance in Metal we haven’t seen any sign of the character or what his role will be moving forward. Now in August we may get more of an idea of just that as DC Comics is giving the Sandman Universe its own comic. What makes this even more intriguing is the fact that Neil Gaiman is going to at least be writing the story that other creators will be working off on for the script. How much control Gaiman has over the Sandman Universe could dictate how important this series will be in the grand scheme of things.


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On top of being given the keys to the Fortress of Solitude part of Brian Bendis’ new DC Comics contract allowed him to do his own creator own work under the company’s banner. With that said, it is interesting to see Bendis and DC already launching a couple of these titles early on in his tenure. More surprising is the fact that one of the comics is Scarlet. This is a series that Bendis launched during his time over at Marvel and was hit with major delays, hurting the overall impact of the series. Hopefully Bendis and Maleev will have better planning this time around so we don’t get major delays that it is forgotten about like it was when Marvel published it. The same goes for new series Pearl.


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In a bit of a surprising announcement from DC’s August solicitations is the fact we will be getting a manga published by the company starring the Justice League. Given the fact that Batman is in the title he will most likely take the starring role in this new manga series. I’m not to familiar with Shiori Teshirogi’s work since the biggest thing she has written so far is the manga adaption of the Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas OVA. This could be a good breakout series for Teshirogi as she gains more exposure with a major adaption like this. Though hopefully the artwork matches more of the style we see more modern mangas have rather than the pretty boy and girl look from the teaser cover.


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Supergirl’s new costume reminds me a lot of the old Superboy shirt and jeans that Connor Kent wore during his days. While the design may take some getting used to it is not a bad update as it makes her stand out from just being exactly like her cousin’s costume but with a skirt. What will get me to pick up Supergirl for August’s issue is the fact that Marc Andreyko is going to be writing the series. Andreyko is a writer who has delivered a lot of good work with his time on Manhunter and Batwoman. His past DC work alone makes Supergirl #21 a comic worth checking out even though I haven’t read a Supergirl title before.


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DC Comics has really gone all in with crossing over their characters with other universes. That is something that you can’t blame them for, especially since their recent crossover with the Looney Toon characters was largely critically acclaimed. What makes revisiting the DC Universe and Looney Toons crossover more intriguing is the fact that we will be seeing more villainous characters meet the cartoon characters. Out of the four new comics the Lex Luthor/Porky Pig and Joker/Daffy Duck Specials look like they could be dark stories that can stand out. Though the Porky Pig in the cover for his comic is one that will give me nightmares for a long time.


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Tom King continues to explore what being Batman means to Bruce Wayne with the upcoming trial involving Mr. Freeze. The “Cold Days” arc looks like it will be one that will redefine what Bruce believes Batman should symbolize moving forward. It’ll be interesting to see if that will mean Bruce will end up clashing with some of his allies. Given that Dick Grayson has been temporarily given the Batman mantle for this arc we may end up seeing Bruce go on more on his own road of discovery.

The one thing I do hope for is that “Cold Days” ends up fixing Mr. Freeze as a character. The New 52 version of Mr. Freeze was a serious botch job. After watching Batman & Mr. Freeze: Sub-Zero recently, I was reminded of how complex of a villain Mr. Freeze can be. Hopefully that is something we will see the character return to being as Mr. Freeze could easily be a compelling long-term villain for the franchise.


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Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps has been one of my favorite comics since DC Rebirth happened. So when it was announced that Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #50 would end Robert Venditti’s run and the series it was hard news to read. Though given the rumor that Grant Morrison is going to be taking over the Green Lantern comics with Hal Jordan as the lead this isn’t surprising. I just hope that Venditti will be able to wrap up as much as his ongoing stories as possible. And while Venditti’s run is ending he definitely has left his mark on the franchise with a phenomenal comic book run on Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps.


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With how Lex Luthor has been built up over the years it is not surprising to see him bring the Legion of Doom back. This is a long time coming now and with Lex’s greater role in the DC Universe this is an opportune time for him to bring the villainous group back. How Scott Snyder plays the Legion of Doom as antagonist while furthering the Source Wall story will be interesting to see play out.

While each of the villains brings something different to the table what I’ll be most interested to see is which version of Joker we get in the Legion of Doom. Scott Snyder Tom King and Geoff Johns have established that we’ve seen multiple versions of Joker. Hopefully that is something that comes into play with the Legion of Doom being brought back as Joker and Lex are at the front of the group.


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As the Red Hood and leader of the Outlaws, Jason Todd has stayed away from everything going on Gotham City and the rest of the Batman Family for the most part. It has actually been rare to see Jason interact with his mentor and brothers. So given that fact what promise is big enough to cause Batman to try to stop Jason? That’ll be interesting to find out, especially if it does lead to an all out brawl between Batman and Red Hood.