DC Comics July 2017 Solicitations Analysis

It’s that time of the month again as DC Comics released there new set of solicitations for the month of July. From just a glance there is a lot going on in July for DC Comics. The biggest amongst them all is the big Dark Days event that Scott Snyder is heading up. While a big event sure to add to the bigger things going on in the DC Universe that is not the only that is going on in July. What other things stood out from DC Comics July 2017 solicitations? Let’s find out.

Dark Days For The DC Universe

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DC Comics is not holding back on making Dark Days a major event for the DCU. Not only is Scott Snyder writing the main series but DC is loading the event up with talent like James Tynion, Jim Lee, Andy Kubert and John Romita Jr. Those names alone get over how big Dark Days will be for the future of the DCU.

Learning that the Joker is the one threatening Batman’s plans to secure the DCU creates further interest on the direction of the event. Given that Dark Days is a major event this may mean that we see Joker take on not just Batman but other members of the Justice League like Green Lantern, who is teased in the solicit for Dark Days: The Casting #1. With how much we don’t know about Dark Days, this tease helps further build excitement for what is to come.

Another Superman Mini-Crossover

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We aren’t far removed from Superman: Reborn, which had some serious ramifications for the Superman Family of comic books. Now after that major event is over it does not look like we will have to wait long to see all of the Superman Family members teaming up. What would bring the entire Superman Family together? How about the reappearance of General Zod.

General Zod is a character that has always been amongst Superman’s greatest foes to it is great to see him make his big return in a story involving the entire Superman Family. With the Phantom Zone looking to play a major role in the story I’m most excited to see what other characters General Zod brings with him. Could we possibly see the return of Christopher Kent, the adopted son of Lois and Clark? Anything is possible with how things have gone since DC Rebirth started, especially for the Superman Family.

Batgirl vs Catwoman

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Even though Catwoman has yet to have her own ongoing series during DC Rebirth it does not mean she isn’t hiding in the shadows. Catwoman has already played a large role in the recent arcs involving Bane in the main Batman ongoing series. Now it looks like Catwoman is taking her talents to the two series headlined by Batgirl.

This will be the first big clash between the two since DC Rebirth began. With both Batgirl and the Birds of Prey comics playing up a feud between Batgirl and Catwoman it’ll be very interesting to see what direction Hope Larson, Julie Benson and Shawna Benson go with the clash. Hopefully it all leads to generating interest in a new Catwoman ongoing series. With what already has been established with Catwoman’s recent history in the Batman books there is a lot of possibilities to mine from if that does happen.

Betrayal Is The Teen Titans Theme

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Things are never easy when it comes to being a Titan. That fact looks to be the theme for Deathstroke, Teen Titans and Titans following the events of The Lazarus Contract. Instantly standing out is the fact that Deathstroke is creating his own version of the Teen Titans that includes the current Kid Flash, Wallace West. Kid Flash’s inclusion in Deathstroke’s Teen Titans creates a lot of questions as to what will take place in The Lazarus Contract.

But while the Teen Titans are losing a major member it looks like Robin already has Kid Flash’s replacement in Superboy. Given that Superboy is being introduced to the Teen Titans in the Super Sons ongoing it doesn’t seem likely that the membership will be full time. Learning what Robin’s real motives are may paint a better picture as to why Kid Flash would defect and join Deathstroke’s Teen Titans.

At the same time we are seeing the original Titans trust being tested in more ways than one. HIVE definitely looks to be a much bigger threat than in the previous DCU. Who the supposed traitor is will be interesting to find out. What is even more interesting is learning that Wally and Donna may be getting together. This is certainly an unexpected development but one that should provide some interesting reactions if the pairing happens, especially from Roy.

Green Arrow’s DCU Road Trip

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Outside of interacting with Black Canary we have not seen Green Arrow alongside other heroes in the DC Universe. Since the New 52, Green Arrow has more or less be secluded to his own adventures but that looks to be changing in July. Now after all that has happened in his life Green Arrow will finally run into other heroes in the DCU as he goes on a big road trip through the USA. The idea of a road trip is an intriguing one as we could see various team-ups that bring out the spirit of the old Brave and the Bold series. Already seeing as Green Arrow is running across Flash and Wonder Woman is a big deal as it could set the stage for him being part of the Justice League in the future.

These new announcements from DC Comics July 2017 solicits are not the only things to be looking forward to. DC looks to be furthering their catalogue of comics exploring Adam West’s Batman as we are getting a sure to be fun crossover between Batman ‘66 and Legion of Super-Heroes In addition, we have everything is Batman is dealing with in his various ongoing comics as well as Reverse Flash causing more damage to Barry Allen’s life.

With all that in mind what are you most excited for come July 2017 from DC Comics? Let us know by commenting down below.