DC Comics March 2018 Solicitations Analysis

The post-Dark Nights: Metal DC Universe continues to take shape as several titles march to even bigger events. Titles like Action Comics is making the final step before hitting it’s 1000th issue. Along with that we have some big mysteries taking shape as Tim Drake’s future comes into doubt, Arsenal falls into a bad habit, Huntress past comes back to haunt her and much more. Let’s take a look at what else March has in store for the DC Universe with all the biggest things to come out of the solicitations for the month.

Superman’s Super-Family Reunion

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With April bringing Action Comics to the monumental 1000th issue mark there is one big thing left for it to do before then. That is to have a big family reunion with General Sam Lane finally meeting his grandson, Jon Kent. What General Lane thinks of Clark and Lois as a married couple, much less as parents, has not been seen since DC Rebirth started. With how contentious General Lane usually is this won’t be a family reunion that will be filled with hugs and kisses. Instead we can expect something that could change the Kent Family dynamic forever, just in time for Action Comics #1000.

Learning More About Huntress’ Backstory

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Since being brought back into the fold of the Batman Family we have not learned a lot about Helena Bertinelli, much less her family. All we really know about her is that she has a major grudge against the mafia who destroyed her family and led her to become a secret agent. Now that she has been part of the Birds of Prey for almost two years it is about time the spotlight on Helena’s history. Being called to testify for her mother’s parole hearing may not be how Huntress thought her past would be spotlighted but should open more doors for us to learn about her.

The Flash Going Down A Dark Path

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The recent string of Flash comics have been leading Barry Allen towards a darker path and March’s solicitations aren’t changing that. It has been an interesting change of pace for a character that is normally light hearted compared to characters like Batman and Green Arrow. Now for Joshua Williamson to put Flash and his allies in a spot where they must make dark choices has led to a building blocks for a big storyline down the line. At least it is feeling that way with how much the Speed Force is being spotlighted. And bringing Grodd into the fold to force Barry to make tough choices as Flash should add to the tough decisions the character has to continue to make.

Who Will Tim Drake Become

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Tim Drake’s return was something to celebrate when it happened but now that we are a month out that does not seem to be the case anymore. Instead, Tim seems to have brought even bigger problems for the Batman Family given that we now have an established dark future for Tim. That can still change if Tim actually takes the lessons of his villainous older self in a positive way. So far that does not seem to be the case as Tim has become even more obsessed with be ultra prepared.

That has already damaged his relationship with Stephanie Brown. Now that looks to be threatening his partnership with Batman. If his partnership with Batman ends this could be the first step into him also finally leaving the Robin identity behind, much like his predecessor in Dick Grayson. The question will be if that would a be positive thing for Tim and by extension the Batman Family if he is not fully on the heroic side.

Kyle Rayner Taking Hal Jordan’s Mantle

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Since having Kyle Rayner rejoin the Green Lantern Corps we have seen Robert Venditti highlight the characters big brother-little brother relationship with Hal Jordan. That has been a highlight of Venditti’s run on Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps. Now it looks like Kyle may get a bigger appreciation of his predecessor when he uses Hal’s ring for the first time. How that possibly changes Kyle and Hal’s relationship if things go wrong, especially in the middle of a battle with Zod, adds interest to the ongoing arc it is happening in.

Justice League Crossover

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While we’ve had two Justice League titles for a while now we have yet to see the Justice League and JLA teams meet. That will change in March as the Justice League will finally cross paths with Batman’s other team. Given that Justice League #40’s solicitation talks about a clash of leadership than things may not go smoothly for the first team-up between the Justice League and JLA.

Another interesting thing to note is that on top of the two Justice League teams dealing with a lawless world Batman is going to meet the team’s biggest fan. Who the Justice League’s biggest fan is will be anyone’s guess. Though it seems that the fan will not be a very kind one given that Batman is having a showdown rather than just a meet-and-greet with them.

Arsenal Going Down A Familiar Dark Path

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The Titans have not had the easiest time being back together as a team. Not long after reforming as a team Wally West now has a weakened heart, Donna Troy dealt with an evil future version of herself and the team dealt with a traitor within the team. All these events finally seem to be catching up with them as the Titans look to have fallen apart. The Titans breaking up may be the worst thing to happen for Roy Harper. Without his friends around Arsenal may just fall back into his old habits of abusing alcohol and drugs during his latest investigation in Titans #21.