DC Comics October 2018 Solicitations Analysis

DC Comics October 2018 Solicitations Analysis

DC Comics October 2018 Solicitations Analysis

Carrying the momentum from their strong showing at San Diego Comic-Con 2018 DC Comics just released their October solicitations. With how many comics that DC showed off in their October 2018 solicitations it looks like they are looking to test the limits of their readers monthly comic book budget. The amount of big, interesting comics that DC is putting out is almost intimidating. Almost. Now with that said, let’s take a closer look at all the comics that DC is going to release in October.


Batman Secret Files #1 Cover
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One-shot Batman comics are a normal thing for DC Comics to release. What makes Batman Secret Files #1 so notable is the talent that DC has put together for this one-shot. Along with Tom King and Mikel Janin we are getting Tom Taylor, Brad Walker, Jordie Bellaire and more working on Batman Secret Files #1. This good opportunity for all these writers and artists to show what they can do within the Batman corner of the DC Universe. It is also a good test for DC Comics to create for these creators as they continue to build a stable of veteran and new writers for people to become fans of.


Heroes In Crisis #2 Cover
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So far what we know about Heroes In Crisis is that it will focus on Harley Quinn, Booster Gold and possibly Wally West dealing with recent trauma. Now with Heroes In Crisis #2 we get a better idea of the mystery that hovers over the Sanctuary that Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman have created for heroes. And it looks like that mystery will be around what Batman will be at the center of that mystery as Superman and Wonder Woman turn their attention to him in Heroes In Crisis #2. Given that the cover also shows Harley Quinn strangling Batman with the Lasso of Truth there be even more to what is going on at Sanctuary than what has been detailed thus far.


Wonder Woman Justice League Dark Witching Hour #1 Cover
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Justice League Dark’s first issue comes out this week and DC is not waiting to get more momentum behind the series as we get a crossover between it and Wonder Woman in October. Given that Justice League Dark is a secondary title that is based around DCU’s magical corner this is something that the series needs to continue to build interest for it. This crossover with Wonder Woman, who is the leader of the team, will also help Diana further integrate herself in the magical world after spending decades known in the more classic superhero setting. Also helping make The Witching Hour is the fact that James Tynion is writing both Justice League Dark and Wonder Woman during this crossover. That makes sure there will be cohesion between each issue of The Witching Hour crossover since their is one writer working on the story.


Aquaman #41 Cover
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There was no way DC Comics would avoid building an event around Aquaman with so many of their fans hyped after the Aquaman movie trailer was released at SDCC 2018. “Drowned Earth” will be that event and it will involve the Aquaman, Justice League and Titans comics. Having these three ongoings set-up what will the “Drowned Earth” even will be is good promotion as it could bring in Justice League and Titans readers that do not read Aquaman into the event. There is definitely a lot of potential with what “Drowned Earth” could be about to get more interested in the Aquaman comics leading up to the movie’s released in December.


Old Lady Harley #1 Cover
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Old Lady Harley is one title I was not expecting. Harley Quinn wasn’t the character I would think of working in a way Old Man Logan did. Though given Harley’s character she may be a fitting choice as Old Lady Harley can be different in tone from Old Man Logan. Seeing the cover that is exactly what we should expect as Frank Tieri can play with Harley Quinn’s comedic style in a post-apocalyptic setting. Also seeing Power Girl as the President of this world should add to how this setting can get over with fans.


Batgirl #28 Cover
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To put over Grotesque as a danger level it looks like Mairghread Scott will have villain put Batgirl out of commission. But even with Barbara Gordon not being able to take down Grotesque as Batgirl it does not mean she is going away. Instead, as the Batgirl #28 solicit teases, it looks like Barbara will tap into her background as Oracle to defeat Grotesque. That is an interesting way to integrate the Oracle part of Barbara’s character with her current Batgirl adventures. It’s also interesting to see Scott possibly set Barbara up with a new job at the GCPD, which would give her special access to case files that the rest of the Batman Family don’t have if this job becomes permanent.  


Batman #56 Cover
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As we are seeing with the current Mr. Freeze story arc Tom King is having Bruce Wayne question how he operates as Batman. The big thing this current arc is pushing is how Bruce’s broken heart after being left at the altar is adding to the aggressive fighting style Batman is known for. That aggression only looks to be furthered by KGBeast taking Nightwing out with a serious injury. Seeing his closest ally injured by one of his villains will not help Batman deal with his current broken heart and anger issues in a positive way. And that will only add to how Bane continues to execute his plan to break Batman in the shadows.


Nightwing #51 Cover
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Looks like to celebrate Nightwing #50 Benjamin Percy will test Dick Grayson in an unexpected way as the former acrobat struggles with heights and vertigo. This new struggle will be brought about by the Scarecrow. Since we haven’t actually seen the villain for a while in the Batman comics this is a good chance to create a rivalry between Nightwing and Scarecrow. It would be a good way to elevate Scarecrow’s character as he could work well as a long-term villain in the Nightwing comics. Even if that is not the case it is good to see the Scarecrow back as there is a lot of potential character development for Dick Grayson as he faces one of Batman’s most dangerous villains.


Sideways Annual #1 Cover
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Announcing that Grant Morrison is returning to DC Comics to write Green Lantern was one of the biggest news items to come out of SDCC 2018. Now it looks like Morrison will work on more than Green Lantern as he will be co-writing the Sideways Annual alongside Dan Didio. The Sideways Annual #1 is also notable because it looks like it will bring back New 52 Superman, if the cover is to be believed. Given that Morrison was the one that wrote Superman at the beginning of the New 52 era this appearance by this version of the Man of Steel could have greater ramification on the DCU. It will at least attract Man of Steel fans to pick up Sideways Annual #1 to find out why Morrison and DC are bringing New 52 Superman back all of a sudden.