Devil’s Reign #6 Review – Daredevil & Wilson Fisk Final Battle!

The end of Marvel’s latest blockbuster event is here as Devil’s Reign has reached its conclusion. The road to this finale has tested our heroes both physically and emotionally as Wilson Fisk has taken his anti-vigilante agenda to a whole new level. With Purple Man being unleashed to finish the heroes off as Wilson Fisk has always wanted there is no telling where things will go. That is without factoring in the shocking death of Mike Murdock by the hands of Wilson Fisk, who he believed was Matt Murdock. Will this death be the turning point for Devil’s Reign? Let’s find out with Devil’s Reign #6.

Creative Team

Writer: Chip Zdarsky

Artist: Marco Checchetto

Colorist: Marcio Menyz


In the middle of New York City the Avengers take on the Purple Man controlled Thunderbolts and Superior Four. During the fight Kirsten McDuffie calls Daredevil to inform him about Wilson Fisk killing “Matt” Murdock (Mike Murdock). Daredevil quickly tells Kirsten to head to the District Attorney’s office.

At the Fisk Family home Wilson and Mary Walker-Fisk leave their home with the aim to go off the grid.

As they drive off Daredevil (Elektra Natchios) jumps through their car and stabs Wilson in the arm, causing Wilson to crash the car. The other Daredevil (Matt Murdock) shows up much to the anger of Wilson Fisk, who thought he killed Matt.

Back at the battleground Iron Man knocks out Otto Octavius just as the Fantastic Four show up to provide the Avengers with back up. Purple Man immediately turns all of his power against his son, whose name is Joseph.

One of Purple Man’s sons walks through the battleground and uses his powers to get to his father.

Elsewhere the two Daredevils fight Wilson and Mary Walker-Fisk. During the fight Wilson is able to overpower Matt’s Daredevil. Matt is able to pull the Purple Man staff Wilson was using from the car and uses it to flood Wilson’s mind with all the crimes he has committed throughout his life. After making him feel this Matt breaks the Purple Man crystal across Wilson’s face.

Back at the battleground, Luke Cage is able to reach Joseph and gives Joseph his neutralizer to nullify Purple Man’s effect on him. Luke then is able to convince Joseph he is stronger than his father. Joseph is able to overpower Purple Man and put an end to him.

The Avengers unite to stop Purple Man’s latest rampage through New York City in Devil’s Reign #6.

Elsewhere, as Matt is about to kill Wilson Elektra says she won’t stop him but reminds Matt that when he became Daredevil he choose to be a symbol not an assassin. Seeing that people are watching him Matt decides not to kill Wilson.

Elsewhere as the Avengers and Fantastic Four to arrest the Thunderbolts and Superior Four Jessica Jones congratulates Luke on winning the Mayoral race as Wilson Fisk was just arrested.

Later, Kingpin Butch Pharris is able to sneak Wilson (his father) to a secret facility. At this facility the Stromwyns offer Wilson the opportunity to have his record be wiped so he can become President of the United States. At first Wilson looks like he is going to take the offer but instead rebukes it by crushing Quinn Stromwyn hand. Wilson and Butch then proceed to take out all of Stromwyns guards.

Wilson then tells his son that rumors are to be spread that Butch killed him so he can gain the power of being the man responsible for killing Matt Murdock’s murderer. Wilson then tells Butch he has the crown now before walking away. Butch collapses realizing that his father killed Mike Murdock.

One week later, seeing as the world believes Matt Murdock is dead Matt decides that it is time to join Elektra in The Fist organization and help her take down the Hand.

At some unknown pier, Wilson Fisk and Mary Walker-Fisk decide to disappear by sailing away from New York on a boat. End of story.


Devil’s Reign #6 was a non-stop finale that got us to the end that this event needed to have. The entire ride Chip Zdarsky and Marco Checchetto captured the feeling that all the chips were on the line for both heroes and villains side of the event.

With the big battle going down between the Avengers and Thunderbolts Zdarsky found a great way to use the death of “Matt Murdock” to give a reason why Daredevil would break away from the fight. And like the solo hero he is Matt doesn’t even warn the Avengers as to what he doing. While this could’ve been seen as a major deal, which Ben Reilly’s Spider-Man tried to make it to be, the Avengers showed they understood the bigger picture. None of the Avengers could worry about what Daredevil was doing with what was at stake against the Purple Man. The Avengers and Fantastic Four showing this type of focus showed they understood the bigger picture and they couldn’t be distracted by one surprise element.

This led to how Luke Cage in the end was the one responsible for ultimately leading to Purple Man being taken down a strong character moment. It wasn’t something as simple as Luke being able to get close enough to use his strength to knock Purple Man out. Instead it was Luke empathy that was ultimately the thing that helped save the day. Seeing Luke show faith in Joseph, one of Purple Man’s children, was a major character moment. It was the best showcase of how Luke is prepared to be in a powerful leadership position such as Mayor of New York City. Props to Checchetto for delivering on the art side of things to make this look as big of a character moment that this deserved to be for Luke Cage.

That said, the one element that did not completely work on this end of the story was the Fantastic Four’s involvement. Zdarsky did such a good job with the whole prison break story involving Reed and Sue Richards. But when they showed up along with Thing and Human Torch it just did not have the earned moment feel you wanted it to. They just came out of nowhere to provide back-up without giving greater context to how big of a deal the prison break in the previous issue of Devil’s Reign was.

On the other end of Devil’s Reign #6, what most certainly was a major positive for this issue was the battle between the two Daredevils and the Fisk couple. Zdarsky and Checcheetto did a phenomenal job giving a big fight feel to the fight between Matt Murdock, Elektra Natchios, Wilson Fisk, and Mary Walker-Fisk. There was time given to the two fights this battle turned out to be to showcase each combatant’s skills. It all worked to come across as the big battle that Zdarsky and Checchetto built their entire Daredevil run around.

Daredevil is left with a decision of whether to kill or not kill Wilson Fisk at the conclusion of Devil’s Reign #6.

Ultimately having it come down to Matt as Daredevil being left with the decision of whether to kill or not kill Wilson Fisk when given the opportunity such an excellent resolution. Elektra being their to not stop but rather remind Matt of the agency he has in this moment was well done. This along with the crowd shot Checchetto drew with people having their phones out to film elevated the scene to another level. It all made Matt’s ultimate decision to not kill Wilson Fisk an even more powerful moment.

This nicely transitioned over to what appears to be the exit for Wilson Fisk character at the moment. Zdarsky and Checchetto did a really good job keeping Wilson true to his character as he knew if he accepted Stromwyns offer he would let go of all the power and agency he has had in his life. Wilson not only deciding to demolish the Stromwyns but also using this as the opportunity to transition his power as Kingpin to Butch Pharris get over the importance of this moment. With this decision Zdarsky and Checchetto are finally able to elevate Butch to have the importance to the character always felt he had. Now as a reader you are invested in what’s next for Butch as the fully anointed Kingpin of Crime.

Devil’s Reign #6 ending with Matt taking the chance that the world believes Matt Murdock is dead to finally accept Elektra’s offer to work together under The Fist banner was a strong set-up for the future of Daredevil. As a fan that has been following this narrative this felt like the necessary next step for where Zdarsky and Checchetto have been planning to take Daredevil. Because now that the latest Wilson Fisk Saga has come to a close it is time to focus on the other major persistent threat in the Daredevil franchise. Which in this case has always been The Hand. How Matt and Elektra deal with everything The Hand has been doing in the shadows will be very interesting to see developed.

Final Thoughts

Devil’s Reign #6 is a strong conclusion to the latest Marvel blockbuster event. This issue was non-stop with big action sequences and major character moments you expect to see from the ending of a big event. When the dust is allowed to settle you are left excited for what is next in the Marvel Universe.

Story Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10

Art Rating: 9 Night Girls out of 10

Overall Rating: 8.5 Night Girls out of 10