Final Crisis 7 First Impression

I have read it 3 times now, and am still trying to figure it out. There is so much in there, each page so dense, and the story so disjointed that I am still trying to work out all of the story beats, and the details of what happened in the story.

I like to mull things over and not go for the immediate reaction, but this does concern me a bit. I was hoping for DC to gain some capital with Final Crisis, as most of DC’s events, at least Crisis related, have hit good notes and helped propel the Universe along. I don’t see the average DC reader doing anything more than scratching their head after reading this issue. Maybe following issue in respective comics will clear things up. I will be digging deeper, and of course will let you know what I think after some deliberation.

If Final Crisis ends up a failure, it was a wild, original spectacle of one. For what its worth.

7 thoughts on “Final Crisis 7 First Impression

  1. I confess that I hated it. Were there good ideas in this series? Yes. But I think Morrison’s status at DC is that no one truly edits him anymore. He should have been forced to pare this down to a coherent story, not just a bunch of ideas thrown out there with no rhyme or reason. As a major ‘event,’ this is a failure.

  2. Blame DiDio more than Morrison. DiDio runs the show. He was the one that failed to keep the whole series, including all the side-stories, on a timely schedule and all on the same page.

    If you go back twenty years to the original Crisis, you’ll find a cohesive story spread out over twelve issues. Here you have a failed attempt to shove 12-issues into 7 and on a timetable reminiscent of the Valiant/Image Deathmate series.

    If you want someone to blame, it’s the guy at the top.

  3. I’m full-stop supportive of almost anything that tries to be different. Willing to extend a lot of credit. But we were just informed by Mr. Morrison himself via an interview at Newsarama that at least two tie-ins were required reading – which you’d think might have meant it should’ve been part of the series itself, or at least would’ve warranted mentioning in the series (“NEXT: THE ACTION CONTINUES IN FINAL CRISIS # 6! BUT GO READ BATMAN FIRST OR YOU’RE GOING TO BE TOTALLY LOST!”). And I think it has caused my support to finally snap.

  4. spoiler:

    I’m just glad batman isn’t really dead. It was to soon after Captain Americas Death and made it seam like they were copying marvel. This way he’s only out of the picture and assumed dead. Maybe the omega sanction doesn’t actually kill people but some how replace them

  5. Anonymous:

    The Omega Sanction doesn’t kill people — it’s the fate worse than death that was promised for Batman since the beginning of RIP. It traps the victim in an infinite sequence of alternate lives.

    I had to read another comic book to figure that out, which gets to my biggest problem with Final Crisis: You have to read other comics to understand it, but if you note any of the numerous ways in which it defies continuity in other comics, you’re some kind of geek with nothing better to do.

  6. Yeah this wasn’t a good miniseries, I’ll be the first to blame Didio, but I can’t blame him, the only person who understands this story is Morrison, and I dare anyperson who understands what happened in all 7 issues to defend him.

    Seriously, between this and Secret Invasion the only way to keep this from happening is stop buy books over 2.99 and event books…but that will never happen, so fingers crossed for crap-fest 09 next summer…

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