Kikoru Shinomiya Illustration by Naoya Matsumoto

Ghost Powers Kikoru Shinomiya Beyond Her Limits In Kaiju No. 8 Chapter 79

Kaiju No. 8 has been in the middle of its 8th full story arc titled “The Second Wave.” Starting back in Kaiju No. 8 Chapter 77, “The Second Wave” arc has featured Kikoru Shinomiya, Mina Ashiro, Soshiro Hoshina, Gen Narumi, and Rin Shinonome facing off against Kaiju No. 11 through Kaiju No. 15. With five different battle zones Naoya Matsumoto has created an opportunity to further spotlight the heroes in the Kaiju No. 8 Universe beyond Kafka Hibino.

For those not caught up with what’s gone on in Kaiju No. 8 up to “The Second Wave” arc we’ve seen Kaiju No. 9, the current main antagonist of the series, in a way birth six different Kaiju that are numbered Kaiju No. 10 to Kaiju No 15. Kaiju No. 10 has already been captured by the Defense Force and turned into Numbers Weapon 10 that Soshiro Hoshina is in possession of. Now Kaiju No. 9 has caused a new cataclysm event and sending out his children Kaiju No. 11 through Kaiju No. 15, all of who are Daikaiju with a Fortitude level of at least 9, to take on the Defense Force’s current powerhouses.

Ghost Inside Numbers Weapons
Artwork by Naoya Matsumoto in Kaiju No. 8 Chapter 79. Credit: Viz Media

So who is up first in this battle spotlight? None other than Kikoru Shinomiya, using her mother’s Numbers Weapon 4, against Kaiju No. 15. Kaiju No. 15 did not waste any time in making things personal as she has used her shapeshifting ability to make herself look exactly like Kikoru with black hair.

Not looking to waste time Kikoru Shinomiya activated 84% combat power while using Numbers Weapon 4, much to the surprise of Defense Force officials of how much combat power she was able to unleash. But even with that impressive amount of power unleashed along with using Numbers Weapon 4 Kikoru was completely overwhelmed by Kaiju No. 15 first assault.

That all brings us to the events of Kaiju No. 8 Chapter 79 where as Kikoru was on the ropes against Kaiju No. 15 something happened. Determined not to be taken down Kikoru somehow started tapping more into Numbers Weapon 4 by reaching 88% combat power level much to the Defense Force higher ups surprise.

This led into the revelation that in rare cases the memories of previous Numbers Weapons users will still be part of a Numbers Weapon core. This exact phenomenon is what happens to Kikoru as she sees a vestige of her mother, who was the previous Numbers Weapon 4 user, as a ghost in front of her. Seeing her mother, Hikari Shinomiya, ghost Kikoru to move forward and achieve her goal of surpassing her mother. This added power and determination gives Kikoru the ability to fight back against Kaiju No. 15 as we close out Kaiju No. 8.

Kikoru Shinomiya Surpasses Mother
Artwork by Naoya Matsumoto in Kaiju No. 8 Chapter 79. Credit: Viz Media

As the Kaiju threats have increased Naoya Matsumoto has found new ways to improve the characters of this series in ways that work in context of the Kaiju No. 8 Universe. This latest development taps into Kikoru, one of the younger characters, character and what has driven her to the point she is at. Having the goal of surpassing her mother, who was a legendary member of the Defense Force, is a great goal. This also highlights the importance of family in Kikoru’s foundation as even if they aren’t around both her parents continue to play a key role in her pushing forward as one of the protectors of the world.

This new revelation that there is a possibility of memories could still exist within the Numbers Weapons of previous users could be game changing. Because we see with Kikoru that it could give future successors greater powers. With the Defense Force actively recruiting those with high compatibility with to wield Numbers Weapon we could see remnants from other past users come into play as well.

This could also play into the greater war going on against the series main antagonist, Kaiju No. 9. That is because back Kaiju No. 8 Chapter 68 it appeared that the last bit of Isao Shinomiya, Kikoru’s father, disappeared after being consumed by Kaiju No. 9. But now that we see this development with the Numbers Weapon and their previous users remnants it is possible that there is a part of Isao Shinomiya still exists within Kaiju No. 9. That possibility could very well play an important part in how Kafka and the others ultimately defeat Kaiju No. 9 in the current story.