Green Lantern #4 Review

Green Lantern #4 Review – Son Of Sinestro Debuts!

The latest Green Lantern series has been just fine. It has neither been stellar nor bad. It’s just delivered solid superhero storytelling. That works for the Green Lantern franchise that has been in need of a reset of sorts. Though this series is still missing the special sauce to get it to compete with some of DC Comics best titles. That could change with the developments of the previous issue where Sinestro appears in front of Hal Jordan. With everything that’s gone down with both of them this meeting could set the stage for a bigger showdown between Hal and Sinestro. Let’s find out with Green Lantern #4.


Writer: Jeremy Adams (Fast Friends); Peter Tomasi (Wayward Son)

Artist: Xermanico (Fast Friends); David Lafuente (Wayward Son)

Colorist: Romulo Fajardo Jr. (Fast Friends); Tamra Bonvillain (Wayward Son)

Letterer: Dave Sharpe (Fast Friends); Rob Leigh (Wayward Son)


“GUEST-STARRING THE FLASH! NEW CHARACTER DEBUT: SINSON! After Sinestro’s attack on Ferris Air, Hal calls in a fast friend for help. This brave and bold duo comes one step closer to uncovering the mystery of Sinestro’s plans, all while Hal continues to figure out what it means to be the only Green Lantern on Earth! PLUS: Meet the all-new character SINSON, in the first installment of a prelude story the to upcoming Sinister Sons by Peter J. Tomasi and David Lafuente!” – DC Comics


Now this is more of what this series needed. Green Lantern #4 delivered on the fun while telling great character work for Hal Jordan, Barry Allen, and Sinestro. That mixed in with a surprisingly fun back-up story made this the best issue of the series thus far.

Kicking off with Hal and Sinestro immediately gave strong start to Green Lantern #4. Jeremy Adams nailed the intensity there is in the rivalry between Hal and Sinestro. There is absolutely no love lost between them and their shared status quo doesn’t change things. It all emphasized how both Hal and Sinestro are already ready to get back to their normal of doing their things in space. Being grounded on Earth has completely thrown them off.

Adams utilizes their similar situation to show that Hal is now using a special Green Lantern ring that not even Sinestro could use. This was a good way to fan the flames even more in the Hal vs Sinestro rivalry. Sinestro will just use this to cause even more destruction until he can find a way off Earth.

Hal Jordan and Barry Allen team-up
Hal Jordan team’s up Barry Allen’s Flash to stop Sinestro’s plan in Green Lantern #4. Credit: DC Comics

Immediately showing this to be the case through one of the villains Sinestro is working with. Giving how fast this all happened it made for a natural way to bring in Barry Allen’s Flash for a team-up story. There didn’t need to be anymore explanation other than Hal had to act fast to respond to Sinestro’s plot. Flash being the one to be called on is an easy choice.In the process we get some quality Green Lantern and Flash team-up that Xermanico does a great job in highlighting. The way Hal and Barry complimented one another got over how they’ve worked together for a long time.

This also worked to transition the story to more of a buddy cop angle as Hal and Barry were able to catch-up with one another. Adams played into the fact Hal and Barry haven’t had a chance to catch-up for a while with how unfraid he was to make the situation between Hal and Carol Ferris awkward. Barry being the friend he is does try to get Hal to not give up on being with Carol. Barry doing the classic protagonist thing made Hal admitting that he knows if he got back with Carol it wouldn’t be permanent. His life has been one where he is constantly on the go and knows that he’ll be pulled away on some sort of space mission eventually. Showing this self-awareness was by far the most likable that Hal has come across in a while.

The back-up story by Peter Tomasi and David Lafuente was a surprising change of pace. The story with the unknown son of Sinestro, named Sinson, had its own distinct tone. Tomasi and Lafuente were able to balance out how this was a story through the experience of a kid but one that is extremely violent like his father. It made for unique debut for Sinson that certainly made the character standout right away.


Green Lantern #4 was exactly the issue that this series needed to get readers fully invested. Jeremy Adams and Xermanico fully tapped into the rivalry between Hal Jordan and Sinestro. At the same time, they also delivered a fun team-up between Hal and Barry Allen. Along with a enjoyable back-up story involving the debut of Sinestro’s unknown son this was an overall fun comic book.

Story Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10

Art Rating: 7 Night Girls out of 10

Overall Rating: 7.5 Night Girls out of 10