Guardians of the Galaxy #10 Review

Creative Team
Writer: Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning
Artist: Brad Walker
Inkers: Victor Olazaba and Livesay
Colorist: Will Quintana

Story – Blastaared!

With War of Kings starting next month most, if not all, of the various players have already been set. One of the players/kings for the war that seemed to be one of the biggest wild cards is Blastaar. Sure Blastaar is just as powerful as the other Kings in the war and could cause some serious damage. But the biggest thing Blastaar would brought to the table is that if or when he becomes involve it would mean that some of the major Marvel heroes would also become involve (the most obvious being the Fantastic Four). For Blastaar his only means of escape from the Negative Zone is to use the portal in prison 42 that goes straight into the Baxter Building.

But since War of Kings is an event that will only involve all of the cosmic characters in the Marvel Universe, at least from what DnA and the solicits tell us, it wouldn’t make sense that the Earth heroes would be involved since they are all involved in Dark Reign. The only Earth heroes I can see actually participating in the war without it feeling forced are the Fantastic Four due to them always being highly involved in the cosmic universe since they first started. But even for them to be involved would be a stretch with what Millar/Hitch are doing with the team as well as them being involved in Dark Reign.

So because of that we can’t really have Blastaar escaping the Negative Zone just yet, especially from the prison 42 portal. DnA did an awesome job making the whole scene in the prison, which took up the majority of the issue, feel insane with all of the action going on and mixing it with some great comedy that this title is known for.

And unlike the last issue the art really stepped up in this issue since Brad Walker was the sole artist on this issue, which means Rocket Raccoon doesn’t look like he is infected by rabies. Walker did a great job showing how insane the battle in prison 42 was with all the Guardians showing why they are a great team not to be messed with.

I’m glad that Star-Lord is finally back as a member of the Guardians. His dialogue with Mantis when they are talking to one another with Mantis Teep ability was a funny scene. And as always no GOTG issue is complete if we don’t get some Cosmo and Rocket Raccoon complaining about Cosmo’s teleporting skills. It will be interesting to see what the addition of Jack Flag to the continuously growing cast brings an interesting dynamic to this title since he is not at all familiar with all the crazy stuff that goes on in the cosmic universe of Marvel.

While I did like all the action going on in 42 it all felt a bit rushed. I was actually hoping we would see Blastaar take on Rocket, Star-Lord, and Major Victory since I thought a fight between Blastaar against those three GOTG members would have been great to see and wouldn’t have minded if we would have gotten another issue were it was just that fight while the other GOTG members tried to get the hell out of 42 while making sure the door is secure. It just seemed that Mantis or another member should have made sure the portal was reinforced instead of just warning Mr. Fantastic about Blastaar after spending so much time fighting their way through the prison.

Also because the fight scene dominated the issue DnA still leave the plotlines involving Adam Warlock/Gamora and Quasar/Drax to still be left out there. Even though the plotline involving Adam Warlock trying to take control of the Church of Truth got some screen time it still feels like there is a lot to that story to be told but we are not going to get it until after War of Kings. The same goes for the plotline involving Quasar and Drax which didn’t get any screen time this issue, but at least the next issue we are going to see more of that plotline.

Overall though the insane battle we get in prison 42 was entertaining enough that I can overlook my complaint. And the two plotlines left to be resolve can just be added to things to look forward to on this title. All I can say bring on War of Kings.

Issue Rating
Story: 8.2/10 – DnA continue to craft some great dialogue between all the various GOTG members and former members. It will be interesting to see what the addition of Jack Flag will bring to the team.
Art: 8.7/10 – Brad Walker did a great job in this issue and his art was really the star of this issue.
Overall: 8.45/10 – Guardians of the Galaxy #10 was another quality read that only makes my excitement for War of Kings grow. And it will be interesting to see how the other plotlines running through this title will be adressed in future issues.