Injustice 2 Chapter 26 Review

Injustice 2 Chapter 26 Review

Injustice 2 Chapter 26 Review

The story in Injustice 2 has continued to escalate. Things got to its most intense with the close of the recent arc with Aqualad killing everyone who attended the Presidential Inauguration and several heroes and villains becoming the casualty of Batman and Ra’s war with one another. These events have caused an even bigger divide in the world of the Injustice Universe. Now after all these events we are slightly taking a break from Batman and his group to spotlight Supergirl, who is still new to the Injustice Universe, and Nightwing (Damian Wayne) trying to recruit her to Ra’s side. Will Nightwing be successful in getting Ra’s a powerful ally? Let’s find out with Injustice 2 Chapter 26.

Writer: Tom Taylor

Artist: Mike S. Miller

Colorist: J. Nanjan

Story Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10

Art Rating: 6 Night Girls out of 10

Overall Rating: 7 Night Girls out of 10

Synopsis: Nightwing finds Supergirl alone in her room and tells her that she doesn’t have to spend all her time inside. He hands Supergirl a domino mask and convinces her to see some of what the world has to offer.

Injustice 2 Chapter 26 Review
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Supergirl still doesn’t know how to fly correctly and ends up crashing on the ground with Nightwing. Nightwing says that now they will take things slow and has Supergirl fly them across the land, seeing some whales in the ocean and a soccer game along the way.

They end up in Bialya, a city that has been damaged by the ongoing civil war in the country. They spot a jet that drops a toxic bomb on the city. Supergirl lands and sucks up all the poison. She flies up into the sky to release the poison at a safe distance.

Nightwing is confronted by some soldiers who fire on him. Supergirl returns just in time to stop all the bullets and quickly knocks all of them down.

Nightwing pounds the leader of the militia into the ground but is stopped by Supergirl from killing him. Supergirl then declares that Bialya is now under her protection.

The next morning in Kahndaq, Nightwing asks Supergirl if she liked saving lives. Supergirl says she does.

Nightwing tells Supergirl about Ra’s plans to kill millions and reveals that he is not fully behind the plan. He goes on to say that when he was with Superman he felt he was doing the right thing but now with Ra’s he just seems to be a soldier following orders.

Injustice 2 Chapter 26 Review
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Supergirl tells Nightwing that from what she has seen that he seems to be a good person even if his family is pure evil and that he should stop doing what he is told.

Black Adam appears and tells Nightwing that he could use someone with the skills of Nightwing for a mission. Nightwing wonders what kind of mission. Black Adam says they are going to infiltrate Themyscira and free Wonder Woman from her prison. End of issue.

The Good: Tom Taylor continues to add layers to the Injustice Universe with chapter 26 of Injustice 2. After how much death and destruction went on by the end of the previous arc Taylor has taken a step back to focus on some key character development. In taking that step back we are able to peel behind the layers of what makes characters like Damian Wayne as Nightwing and Supergirl tick.

The Injustice Universe version of Damian Wayne has not been the easiest to get behind. Of all the characters who have played a major role in shaping the universe Damian has been positioned more as a soldier for Superman and now Ra’s than his own character. That is something Taylor quickly changes that with how he focuses on the inner struggle the young Nightwing is going through.

The ending in particular highlights how even though Damian is an adult he has yet to escape the shadows of Batman and Ra’s Al Ghul. Supergirl pointing out that at his core, Damian is trying to do the right thing as Nightwing. Reminding Damian of that fact does paint him as a much more sympathetic character especially with what just happened between Batman and Ra’s.

Injustice 2 Chapter 26 Review
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The crisis of character that Damian is having also put into perspective of how the current war between Batman and Ra’s Al Ghul is turning out to be a clash of which one is the lesser of two evils. Though Batman is obviously being painted as the hero of this war it has become less clear with the mistakes he has made in trying to defeat Ra’s. At the same time, while his intentions may seem to be good to him and his followers, Ra’s is leading down a path of destruction that just causing more pain for the world.

In positioning Batman and Ra’s in this way Taylor makes Black Adam into an even more intriguing third party in this war. With Black Adam not picking a side other than his own we are left to see how he takes advantage of all the chaos going on post-Superman’s Regime. From the looks of things Black Adam is already looking to make a big power play by helping Wonder Woman escape her prison in Themyscira. If Black Adam is successful in doing that we could easily see a big shift in everything going on in Injustice 2 up to this point.

With this darker storylines going on having Supergirl around is the fresh character that is needed. Since she is still new to the Injustice Universe Taylor is able to make Supergirl into one of the few honest characters we have. In that we are able to see how Supergirl’s innocence is what makes her stand out from all the characters we have seen so far. The fact she is still learning to use her powers shows how much potential she has with the direction Taylor is taking her character’s progression.

Supergirl’s conversation with Damian showed how much she brings to the table. The dynamic between the two is very different from all the other pairings we have see since Taylor was able to build a natural chemistry to their friendship. With Wonder Woman returning to action it’ll be very interesting to see how she affects both Supergirl and Damian as individuals and as friends.

Injustice 2 Chapter 26 Review
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Mike Miller provided Injustice 2 Chapter 26 some solid artwork. While this chapter was not very action heavy Miller did give some further depth to all the different personal moments Nightwing and Supergirl got. He also made the quick battle with the soldiers standout with how he showed off Supergirl’s powers in action. It was nicely balanced out by how Miller showed Supergirl still learning how to use her powers in and out of battle.

The Bad: Though the artwork was solid the panels where we got close ups of character’s faces did come off as awkward. There were various panels with close-ups that looked as though the characters were mid-expression. That kept the character faces from matching what was being said in their dialogue. These small instances did not take away from the overall enjoyment of the issue but were noticeable when it happened.

Overall: Injustice 2 Chapter 26 was another strong entry in what has become one of DC Comics best ongoing series. Tom Taylor did an excellent job in spotlighting Nightwing and Supergirl’s characters, giving both of them time to develop where they are in their respective lives. With Wonder Woman return to the Injustice Universe seemingly imminent things should only get more interesting for this series.