Injustice 2 Chapter 49 Review

Injustice 2 Chapter 49 Review

Injustice 2 Chapter 49 Review

The DC Injustice Universe has just finished battling the biggest threat to the universe since Regime Superman in the form of Amazo. The battle with the unstoppable android almost killed every remaining hero in the DC Injustice Universe. Luckily there was still one Super character around as Supergirl made the last minute save and defeated Amazon. Now with the android gone and the secret Wonder Woman and Black Adam have been keeping from Batman by training Supergirl is now potentially out in the open. Though that may be the least of everyone’s concerns with Ra’s Al Ghul still lurking around. Let’s see what happens next with chapter 49 of Injustice 2.

Writer: Tom Taylor

Artist: Daniel Sampere

Inker: Juan Albarran

Colorist: Rex Lokus

Story Rating: 9 Night Girls out of 10

Art Rating: 7 Night Girls out of 10

Overall Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10

Synopsis: In Delhi Batman tells those on his team that can still fight to stand and get ready for Amazo to return while also checking on the injured.

Injustice 2 Chapter 49 Review
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As the team does that Wonder Woman hears that Wonder Girl was part of the fight. Wonder Woman finds Wonder Girl under the rubble. After helping her out Wonder Girl, angry at her former mentor, reveals, to Wonder Woman’s surprise, that Superman trapped her and the Teen Titans in the Phantom Zone.

In another part of the city Harley Quinn finds Booster Gold and comments on how cool his costume is for seemingly overcompensating for how well he is known.

Batman asks Booster Gold if he can contact Blue Beetle. Booster Gold says he cannot.

On the Moon Blue Beetle checks up on Supergirl. While holding Amazo’s brain Supergirl has a vision of Brainiac attacking Kandor. Blue Beetle notices that Supergirl is acting weird and thinks it is because of a lack of oxygen.

Blue Beetle uses his suit to create a dome around himself and Supergirl that gives them oxygen to breathe. Jaime introduces himself and thanks Supergirl. Supergirl thanks Jaime for his help but says she can’t say who she is.

Supergirl then takes a look at Amazo’s Brainiac brain and decides to destroy it by crushing it in her hand. Supergirl then requests Jaime not tell anyone about her. Though he knows Batman could see through him keeping a secret, Jaime agrees not to say anything about her to anyone. Supergirl thanks Jaime and flies away.

In Gorilla City Nightwing (Damian Wayne) tells the others that Amazo is offline. Nightwing’s team is able to overwhelm Athanasia, who ends up calling the Suicide Squad for back-up.

Injustice 2 Chapter 49 Review
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Before the Suicide Squad show up Animal Man and Vixen fly away while carrying Damian and Jason out of the facility.

Before they can make their full escape Man-Bat shows up and dropkicks Animal Man, who was carrying Damian. Poison Ivy then uses her powers to capture Animal Man and Damian. Animal Man is then shot through the head by Deadshot (who was offscreen).

Jason tells Vixen to keep flying as there is nothing they can do but be killed by Ra’s if they stay. End of issue.

The Good: After all the big action sequences we have seen Batman and Wonder Woman’s forces be involved in it was good to take a step back to monitor the fallout of Amazo’s attack. Tom Taylor gives proper weight to all the destruction that was caused by Amazo. At the same time he is able to further the narrative with Supergirl while also creating several new storylines in the process.

With Wonder Woman and Black Adam becoming more part of the story Taylor has done a great job developing three major sides without one side suffering. Injustice 2 Chapter 49 is a great example of how Taylor is able to balance out the three major sides of the current conflict. From Batman getting his team ready to Wonder Woman having a serious conversation with Wonder Girl to Ra’s Al Ghul learning about his grandson’s betrayal, everything got the necessary time for it to develop. These major development provide plenty of angles for various characters to take as everyone interacts with each other more.

Injustice 2 Chapter 49 Review
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The big interaction in this chapter was by far the one between Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl. This is the first time we have seen the two interact with each other since Wonder Woman sided with Regime Superman way back when. Seeing the surprise on Wonder Woman’s face when Wonder Girl angrily revealed what Superman did to her and the Teen Titans was a great moment. Taylor gave Wonder Woman’s surprise the weight you expect from their first interaction. It also gave Wonder Girl a chance to have a spotlight on her motivation and set her up for more potential stories with the Amazons that have sided with Wonder Woman.

With Wonder Woman and Black Adam still in Delhi along with Batman and his forces there are a lot of ways things can still go after this Amazo fight. There is no way that even with Wonder Woman and Black Adam helping out that their transgressions will be forgiven. Taylor has a lot of possible angles he can go with in this aftermath arc. Things get more interesting with was is going on with Supergirl and Damian Wayne’s actions in this arc. Both characters have a big connection to Batman and Wonder Woman that could force an uneasy alliance to happen. If that is where Taylor goes then Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl’s interaction may just be a sample of how things will go moving forward.

Damian Wayne getting captured by Ra’s Al Ghul’s Suicide Squad does put the young Nightwing in a tough spot. His fate is made even more dire as we see the Suicide Squad take no mercy when Deadshot killed Animal Man. While an unfortunate death, Animal Man being killed gave a greater sense of danger to Damian’s capture. And given that Ra’s was already training Athanasia to be a possible successor Taylor can show the League of Assassins member as even more uncaring than before to his grandson. Though with Batman and Wonder Woman possibly against him Taylor has created a big question mark with how Ra’s will use Damian to regain his advantage in the current war with the world he has created for himself.

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With all that taking place on Earth Taylor did a good job with continuing to develop Supergirl’s character. After showing us how power Supergirl is Taylor took a step back to explore a little bit of her origin on Kandor. The brief experience she had when she saw her home showed that there is a lot more to Supergirl then we know so far. And with Brainiac being shown to be in control of the Amazo android before it’s destruction this flashback created more interest in Supergirl’s Kryptonian origin, even if we have seen it in other versions of the DCU before.

Taylor was also able to do a good job explaining why Supergirl presence will continue to be a secret. Seeing Blue Beetle form a bond with Supergirl was well executed. Along with being completely enamored by the power Supergirl showed it was clear Blue Beetle also related to her as they are both around the same age. The two being peers and the fact that Blue Beetle has shown to not fully believe in Batman made his decision to keep Supergirl a secret something that will give him his own sub-plot moving forward. It at least makes you look forward to whenever Batman confronts Blue Beetle about what happened on the Moon and Amazo.

Daniel Sampere does a very good job matching Redondo to maintain the consistent classic DC Comics look that this series has. With Injustice 2 Chapter 49 being more character driven, Sampere does a good job getting across the anger, shock and sympathy on various characters faces. This was especially well done with Animal Man’s death as Vixen’s reaction made the impact of the death have even greater weight.

Injustice 2 Chapter 49 Review
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The Bad: Nothing.

Overall: Tom Taylor and Daniel Sampere did a great job following up on all the destruction Amazo caused with Injustice 2 Chapter 49. Taylor delivered a lot of surprising character moments that create a lot of potential story angles to be explored in the future. The ending especially creates a big question as to what Ra’s Al Ghul will do next and how Batman and Wonder Woman will respond.