DC Comics Justice League - No Justice #2 Review

Justice League – No Justice #2 Review

DC Comics Justice League - No Justice #2 Review

I was blown away by Justice League – No Justice #1. The debut issue of this big event story exceeded by expectations. Snyder, Tynion, and Williamson are a powerhouse writing team. They are matched perfectly by Francis Manapul who is delivering some amazing artwork for this title. I am fully confident that this creative team is going to deliver another impressive read with Justice League – No Justice #2. Let’s hit this review.

Words: Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, and Joshua Williamson
Art: Francis Manapul & Marcus To
Colors: Hi-Fi

Story Rating: 9 Night Girls out of 10
Art Rating: 9 Night Girls out of 10
Overall Rating: 9 Night Girls out of 10

Synopsis: We begin with Amanda Waller three miles from the Fortress of Solitude in the Arctic circle. General Lane contacts Waller and tells her to turn around and that he will send a team in. Waller tells General Lane to back off and that she knows what she is doing. General Lane gives Waller one hour before he sends a team in.

Amanda Waller gets out of her snowmobile. Suddenly, an arrow fires into the ground near her. Green Arrow enters the scene. Green Arrow says that he knows Waller is behind what is going on and that he wants answers. Green Arrow asks, “Where the hell is the Justice League?”

We cut to Colu, where the hell the Justice League is. (Heh. Nice narration at this point.) The Coluans view the Justice Leaguers as the enemies since they wear Brainiac’s symbol on their uniforms. Suddenly, our heroes are attacked by Colu’s robot security team. Our heroes are marked as threats since they are affiliated with Brainiac.

Our heroes begin battling the security robots. Suddenly, we see the Tree of Wisdom sprouting high above the city. Cyborg says that it is not a real tree. That it is made out of information and that it is broadcasting a signal. This is how the Omega Titans determine the dominant energy on a planet. On Colu, the dominant energy is Wisdom. Cyborg says that he can feel his suit being drawn to it.

At this point, Starfire says that she can feel her suit being drawn to a different location south of here. Zatanna says that she can feel her suit drawing her in a different location northwest of here. Beast Boy says there are four energies and four teams so maybe there are four trees.

DC Comics Justice League - No Justice #2 Review
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Batman then says that the Justice League will take point and reform the teams on their own terms before exploring these different locations. Sinestro balks at following a delusional human in a kevlar bat-cape. Lobo says that he doesn’t care who is in charge as long as he gets to kick-ass on a space god. Lobo asks Superman if he wants to give him a toss.

Lex asks Martian Manhunter if he wants to tell them or if Lex should. Martian Manhunter tells Lex to go ahead. Lex says that Brainiac was one of the smartest beings to ever live. Lex says as much as it pains him that none of them are anywhere near as smart as Brainiac. Lex says that they need to follow Brainiac’s plan. Lex says that nodes in their costumes are drawing them to the four energy trees. That Brainiac said they needed to restart the three dying energies in order to counteract Wisdom’s power over Colu. Therefore, they need to get into the teams that Brainiac had assigned to them.

Superman reluctantly agrees. Batman says that he is okay with the plan since there is at least one Justice Leaguer on each of the four teams. Wonder Woman and Cyborg both agree with Batman. Robin tells Batman that it is a bad idea to follow a plan by Brainiac and endorsed by Lex Luthor. Batman tells Robin that it is the right decision for now.

We hop back to the Arctic circle. Waller tells Green Arrow about the Source Wall, the Omega Titans and the seed on Earth. Waller says that she had her team of psychics rip every piece of data from Brainiac’s head. That Brainiac managed put Earth next on the menu for the Omega Titans and blackmailed Earth’s heroes into fighting the Omega Titan on Colu.

Green Arrow then reveals that there are no more super heroes. That once Brainiac left with the heroes that he selected that the rest of the super heroes all went into some kind of stasis. That Brainiac must have implanted a fail-safe. Green Arrow says that they do not know why the fail-safe went off now. But, the fact is that Waller and Green Arrow are on their own.

Therefore, Green Arrow decides to follow Waller for now. Waller responds that the first thing they need to do is dig up the dormant seed.

We cut to Batman, Lex Luthor, Deathstroke the Terminator, Lobo, and Beast Boy arriving at the Tree of Entropy. Lobo says that the Tree of Entropy is growing out of a prison named Ultra Penitence. (Great name.) Lex says that the tree feeds off the chaos inside of the prison. Beast Boy wonders out loud how he got picked for this team.

We shift to Wonder Woman, Zatanna, the Demon, Doctor Fate, and Raven arriving at the Tree of Wonder. The tree is nearly petrified. They wonder how they are to regrow what looks dead. Doctor Fate says that Coluans are people of science so magic is nearly dead on their planet. Zatanna says that their suits are drawing them toward a temple that is beneath the tree. That is wear Colu’s last magic users were buried.

We zip to Martian Manhunter, Superman, Starfire, Sinestro, and Starro arriving at the Tree of Mystery. There is a barrier surrounding the bottom of the tree that not even Sinestro can crack with his power ring. Superman says that he cannot scan the barrier. Starro asks, “You’re saying it’s a mystery?? I’ll show myself out.” (Ha! Starro is quickly becoming the breakout character of this story.)

We hop over to Flash, Cyborg, Robin, and Harley Quinn arriving at the Tree of Wisdom. Cyborg says that the tree is growing out of Colu’s core data bank. Suddenly, the Coluan Hyper Guard appear on the scene since their main job is to protect the Central Intelligence of Colu.

We then see Team Entropy being attacked by the wardens of the prison. We then see Team Magic being attacked by the ghosts of the temple worshippers.

DC Comics Justice League - No Justice #2 Review
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We then see Team Mystery being attacked by robot guards tasked with protecting “the nursery.” Sinestro and Starfire immediately begin arguing with each other. (Am I sensing some sexual attention from these two fiery opposites? Somebody needs to start shipping this.)

Martian Manhunter uses his powers to calm Sinestro’s mind. Martian Manhunter tells his team to listen to him. Martina Manhunter says that Starro is the most powerful telepath in the galaxy. Starro mumbles, “(Most powerful in the universe. but whatever.) Go on.”

Martian Manhunter has Starro amplify his powers so Martian Manhunter can convey a message to their friends. Martian Manhunter tells the other teams that their prospects may look grim. But, they broke the Source Wall. The challenge they are facing is entirely new. This means they need to fight in new ways and with new allies. That they are four new teams, but they are all the Justice League.

Starro says, “Well said.” Starfire agrees with Starro. Suddenly, the once bickering Team Mystery begins to fight as a well oiled machine. The team enters the nursery. There they see thousands of bottled planets. Superman says that it is like Kandor on an exponential level.

Starfire says that they have to free the planets. Sinestro says that there must be tens of thousands of planets. Enough to form a whole new space sector. That these ancient alien races have never been seen before. That this will create unimaginable chaos.

Martian Manhunter says that it is not chaos. That is mystery. Superman agrees. That these planets were bottled to protect them from the Omega Titans. That releasing them is the right thing to do. Also, that so much mystery will help to power the Tree of Mystery. Sinestro says that these planets should be controlled and kept under their jurisdiction. Martian Manhunter disagrees. Martian Manhunter says that they will free them and do no more. That is their part.

We hop back to Ultra Penitence where Team Entropy is making their way through the prison freeing prisoners and battling the prison guard robots. Batman says that they need to keep pushing deeper into the prison. That their suits are pulling them toward their target goal.

Beast Boy comments that he thought entropy was evil. Lex responds that entropy is not evil. It is the natural decay of things. It is pathology. Chaos. They need it to reignite the Tree of Entropy. Beast Boy says that he has no idea how to help. Beast Boy feels misplaced on Team Entropy.

Deathstroke the Terminator responds that this is why Teen Titans should never be allowed at the adults’ table. (I love it. Slade is never letting go of his longtime feud with the Teen Titans.)

Lobo tells Beast Boy that he understands that Beast Boy is a team guy. That Beast Boy is scared of letting lose. Lobo says that Beast Boy might be on Team Crazy because when Deathstroke “sasses” Beast Boy he just takes it instead of giving in to his urge to attack Deathstroke without giving a damn about what happens. Lobo tells Beast Boy to give in and turn into the scariest thing he can think of and then throw Lobo into the biggest guy he sees. Beast Boy smiles and says he can do that.

Beast Boy then transforms into a massive T-Rex and lion combination creature. Lobo yells, “Now we’re talking!” Lobo and Beast Boy lay into the robot prison guards. Batman says that Team Entropy still has not hit the true source of entropy yet. That there must be somebody locked in the center of the prison who is worse than all of the rest of the criminals.

We see Team Entropy approaching the center of the prison. We see Team Magic nearly approaching their target. We see Team Mystery in the nursery. Martian Manhunter tries to use his powers to wake up the worlds in the bottles. Martian Manhunter struggles and says that there is something wrong. That he cannot reach the worlds. We cut to Team Wisdom. Cyborg contacts the other teams and tells them that there is a bard in the programming of their Brainiac suits. That it won’t let Cyborg connect directly to the Coluan Defense System.

We slide back to Earth. We see Waller and Green Arrow in front of the seed. Waller is stunned that the seed has been activated. Green Arrow yells that Waller said that the seed was dormant. Green Arrow asks what caused the seed to become activated. Waller answers that she killed Brainiac. That there must have been some kind of hidden fail sage. Green Arrow retorts that Waller screwed them. Waller says that there is nothing left for them to do other than pray.

We zip back to Team Entropy breaking into the center cell of the prison. A person from off panel says that the heroes are all idiots. That they should have run from here the second they were free to do so. We then see a Coluan in the shadows. The Coluan says that there is no hope of Colu. That Brainiac would never put his faith in Earth’s heroes. That Brainiac needed their powers. But, Brainiac’s plan required him at every step. The second Brainiac died Colu and Earth were doomed.

DC Comics Justice League - No Justice #2 Review
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Lex asks who the hell is this Coluan prisoner. Batman responds that it is Vril Dox. (HELL YEAH!!!) Vril Dox steps out of the shadows. He is wearing his L.E.G.I.O.N. outfit. Vril says that they can call him by the name his father gave him: Brainiac 2.0. End of issue.

The Good: Justice League – No Justice #2 was another excellent read. Snyder, Tynion IV, and Williamson just keep killing it with this story. Justice League – No Justice is what I look for in a mainstream super hero comic. DC is showing a commitment to their long-time readers as well as new readers who desire honest super hero titles whose primary purpose is to delight the reader’s imagination and provide for fun action and adventure.

DC seems committed to learning from their nearly fatal mistakes of the New 52. DC is now fully embracing what makes them unique. DC is wrapping their arms around their characters and the classic conventions of the super hero genre. DC has always been about stories of impossible worlds, wild imagination and classic super heroes. DC has always been more of the gimmicky, cheesy and campy super hero universe that is firmly rooted in the Silver Age.

DC has always been more of the bright and positive universe while Marvel Comics has always been darker and grittier. DC has always been a make-believe world full of make-believe cities like Metropolis, Gotham, Star City, Central City, and Fawcett City. Marvel has always been very grounded in the real world. Marvel is based in reality while DC is more a world of fantasy.

Marvel’s super heroes are like the average person while DC’s super heroes are iconic characters from modern mythology. Ever since Rebirth, DC has been fully embracing who they are and have been running with it. Justice League – No Justice is a natural culmination of this newly reinvigorated and confident DC.

Snyder, Tynion, and Williamson are wrapping themselves tightly with all that makes the DC Universe special and delivering a super hero story that feels larger than life and seeks to entertain the reader with amazing action and adventure. Coming out of Rebirth, DC seems filled with confidence in who they are. They are not trying to be Marvel. They are not trying to be 1990’s Image. DC is embracing their core values.

Justice League – No Justice #2 is another excellently paced issue. Snyder, Tynion, and Williamson move this story forward with a clear point and purpose in mind. The story moves at a fast and frenzied pace. The writers crank up the intensity and anxiousness in the reader as this issue progresses to the climactic hook ending. The pacing creates a sense of urgency in the reader that reflects the urgency and hopelessness that the heroes are feeling in the story.

Justice League – No Justice #2 is also impressively plotted. The writers do a fine job juggling the four different plot lines involving the four teams as well as the plot line on Earth involving Waller and Green Arrow. The scene transitions are smooth and help to connect the five different scenes together in a coherent and seamless fashion. This is not an easy task at all given the large roster of characters and the number of teams involved in the story.

The plotting also shines in how logically the various plot lines are progressing. The story continues to evolve in an organic fashion. The story has plenty of depth and substance. The strong plotting helps pull the reader deeply into the story. The writers pay close attention to the little details that make for an engrossing story.

DC Comics Justice League - No Justice #2 Review
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Justice League – No Justice #2 kicks off with a nice two page scene involving Waller and Green Arrow. I dig that the writers gave Green Arrow an appropriately dramatic entrance into the story. It is nice to see that Green Arrow will be playing a role in this story. This is also the right plot line for Green Arrow. Staying behind on Earth is a good place for Green Arrow in this otherwise cosmic tale that is not ideally suited for his style of character.

The writers then give us a seven page scene of the assembled heroes and villains on Colu trying to find their footing and formulate a plan in the wake of Brainiac’s sudden demise. This is the longest scene in Justice League – No Justice #2. This is also the slowest part of the issue. There are also moments when this scene does veer a bit into exposition dump territory.

Having said that, this scene is vitally necessary to show the importance of Brainiac’s plans. This scene also is necessary to show the friction between the assembled characters. This scene helps to lay the foundation for the story going forward. I also like that the writers took time to show the Justice Leaguers wanting to assert their dominance on the other characters before their inevitable acquiescence in following Brainiac’s plans.

DC Comics Justice League - No Justice #2 Review
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We then get the two page scene with Waller and Green Arrow and the surprise reveal that the remaining heroes on Earth are all in stasis. This is another brilliant little wrinkle in the story. The writers use this moment to keep ratcheting up the intensity of the story and to raise the stakes for the teams on Colu. At this point, the reader realizes that there is no safety net back on Earth for the heroes on Colu. If the heroes on Colu fail then Earth will be left without any protectors and will be doomed.

The writers then give us the three page scene of the four teams on their missions. This scene was an enjoyable and effective way to demonstrate the large scope of this story.

Then we get a three page scene with Team Mystery. I absolutely loved the emphasis of Martian Manhunter as the soul of the Justice League. That Martian Manhunter is the conscience of the Justice League. This is the proper role for Martian Manhunter. And it is a role that just does not fit any of the other Justice Leaguers. I also liked the surprise reveal of an entire space sector shrunk and hidden away. This is a pretty wild idea that the writers have sprung on us. I will be interested to see what happens with this new space sector for the DCU.

The writers then give us the four page scene with Team Entropy. I loved this scene. I have been a massive Beast Boy fan ever since he was going by the name Changeling in the Wolfman/Perez Teen Titans. Gar is a great character. It was nice to see the writers spending some time on his character. I thought it was brilliant for the writers to have Beast Boy question why he was placed on “Team Crazy.” The reason this was smart is because most readers were also probably confused as to why Beast Boy was on this team.

The other members in Lex, Batman, Lobo, and Deathstroke all have common core personality traits or philosophies. I understood those characters all being placed on Team Entropy. But, Beast Boy stood out to me as an odd inclusion to this team. The writers did a good job explaining why Beast Boy fits on Team Entropy. The writers also did a good job defining Team Entropy as not being evil when explaining why Beast Boy belonged on the team.

DC Comics Justice League - No Justice #2 Review
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The three page final scene was spectacular. I absolutely loved this ending. It was a masterful way to close out this issue. I like how the writers tied all of the four teams back together along with the Waller/Green Arrow team into one cohesive double page splash shot.

Then the writers drop to big surprise reveals on the reader. The first surprise reveal is that the seed on Earth is active. This was a big moment. However, the second surprise reveal is by far bigger. This was the moment that had me stunned and amazed and then absolutely cheering in elation. The fact that the prisoner Team Entropy had to free is none other than Vril Dox. Wow. By the end of this issue I was at the edge of my seat, my heart was pounding, and my jaw dropped to the ground.

This was such a good hook ending. I love the twist of Brainiac having a failsafe and causing the dormant seed to become active. It is consistent with Brainiac’s character. I also like it when a character continues to have great impact on a story even after they have died. I also liked this moment because it gave the reader a rare moment of Waller being exposed and defeated.

Let’s go ahead and talk about the real story spinning out of Justice League – No Justice #2: The return of Vril Dox. Hell yeah! I am a massive Legion of Super Heroes fan. And Vril Dox has a clear connection with the Legion of Super Heroes. And the title that Vril starred in called L.E.G.I.O.N. also had a connection with the Legion of Super Heroes. So, I have always been a huge fan of both Vril Dox and the L.E.G.I.O.N. title. I am beyond happy with the return of Vril’s character.

Vril Dox was created by Edmond Hamilton, Cary Bates, and Curt Swan and first appeared in Superman #167 back in 1964. He was presented as Brainiac’s adopted son and was called Brainiac 2. Vril is also the great-grandfather of famed Legion of Super Heroes member Brainiac 5.

After Crisis on Infinite Earths, Vril’s character was reinvented by Keith Giffen and Bill Mantlo in Invasion #1 in 1989. Vril Dox’s character was retconned into being a clone of Brainiac. Vril then became the leader and central character in the title L.E.G.I.O.N. and the follow-up title R.E.B.E.L.S.

Of course, with the New 52, Vril Dox was thrown into the trash bin along with the Legion of Super Heroes and the other L.E.G.I.O.N. characters, with the sole exception of Lobo. We did see one appearance of a Vril Dox in the New 52. That was in Superman Annual #2 in 2013 when it was revealed in a flashback scene that Vril Dox was Brainiac’s original identity. This is consistent with Brainiac’s origin post Crisis on Infinite Earths. Therefore, the Vril Dox we saw in the New 52 was Brainiac and not the Vril Dox known as Brainiac 2 from the L.E.G.I.O.N.

With Justice League – No Justice #2, DC is finally bringing back Brainiac 2 who we have not seen since the New 52 reboot. And this Vril Dox makes his return in all of his pre-New 52 glory. Vril is even wearing his classic outfit that he wore in the L.E.G.I.O.N. title from 1989–1994 and then wore again in the second volume of the R.E.B.E.L.S. title that ran from 2009 to 2011.

Once again, we see yet another instance of the New 52 being erased away from DC’s continuity. The return of Vril Dox is another in a long line of moves by DC to re-establish the true pre-New 52 DC Universe. This is a beautiful and exciting thing to see. I do like the one small tweak that the writers make to Vril’s character in calling him Brainiac 2.0 rather than Brainiac 2. It is a small little touch that updates the character for a modern audience.

Vril is an intriguing character with great charisma and a complex personality. Vril always made for compelling reading either in L.E.G.I.O.N. or in R.E.B.E.L.S. This is a character with tons of potential. I am excited to see what Snyder, Tynion, and Williamson have in store for Vril. I have no doubt that it will be exciting.

Also, as a massive Legion of Super Heroes fan, I am happy to see another character with a relationship with the Legion back in the DCU. We have seen Saturn Girl in the pages of Batman and Doomsday Clock. Now we have the return of Brainiac 5’s great grandfather and leader of the L.E.G.I.O.N. I have to think that DC is setting the stage for the eventual return of the Legion of Super Heroes to the DCU.

Justice League – No Justice #2 not only provides a substantive and engaging story that is well plotted and paced, but it also delivers quality character work and just enough action scenes.

Now, to be sure, Justice League – No Justice #2 is not jammed full of action from cover to cover. However, the writers give the readers just enough action to keep this issue lively. Most of the excitement of this issue relies on the ever-increasing tension as our heroes keep facing increasing obstacles in their effort to save Colu and Earth.

DC Comics Justice League - No Justice #2 Review
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The strong character work really shines in this issue. And that is actually quite stunning. Usually, when a title boasts a massive roster of characters the character work often suffers as the writer struggles to handle so many characters. That is why you will often see writers like Bendis give all the characters on the team similar personalities and external voices. It is just easier to do that.

Snyder, Tynion, and Williamson do not take the easy way out. Instead, the trio rise to the challenge and deliver great character work and strong dialogue on a title that has a stunning 22 characters between the Earth team and the four teams on Colu. This is no easy feat and deserves praise.

The writers go an excellent job given each character their own unique external voice in the well crafted dialogue. The writers also do a good job fleshing out almost all of the characters in an attempt to make them as fully developed as possible. The writers also manage to create some enjoyable chemistry between all of the characters in this story as well. And the writers do all of this with limited panel time given the fact that they have 22 characters to handle.

Of course, it is nearly impossible to devote enough panel time to make sure all of the 22 characters get a chance to shine. Therefore, there are a few characters like Ryan Choi, Raven, Wonder Woman, Doctor Fate, and the Flash who take a back seat in this issue.

What is so impressive is how the writers are able to use an economy of words and panel time to effectively convey a characters personality while still delivering the story in a purposeful manner. This sounds easier than it really is and many current writers do not even bother to perform this old school style of story telling.

In just a few lines, the writers effectively convey Starfire’s fiery nature. This helps generate some quality conflict between Starfire and Sinestro for a second issue. I’m calling it now. These two are either going to end up getting into a fist fight or they are going to have sex. It’s going to be one or the other.

The writers also are able to utilize just a few lines and panels to clearly convey Sinestro’s personality. This was done perfectly within the context of the story when Team Mystery discovers the shrunken planets. Sinestro’s immediate response is to place them under the jurisdiction of his Lantern Corp and to control them. This was such an excellent way to use a few lines without disrupting the story to effectively convey Sinestro’s haughty attitude and controlling nature.

The writers got across Batman’s naturally controlling nature when he wanted to immediately redistribute the characters into teams along his preferences rather than what Brainiac had selected. I also liked how Batman only agreed to keeping Brainiac’s team rosters since a Justice Leaguer was present on each team. Controlling and paranoid Batman is always the best Batman.

The writers did an excellent job with Robin’s personality in just a few lines with Robin incredulous over the Justice Leaguers agreeing to keep the teams that Brainiac had set up for them. Robin’s bluntness and rightly pointing out the stupidity of following any plan devised by Brainiac and endorsed by Luthor was spot on. I loved seeing Robin his usual self even in the company of so many big name and high-profile adult super heroes.

I loved how the writers handled Martian Manhunter’s character. Martian Manhunter is rightly portrayed as the heart and soul of the Justice League. This is where Martian Manhunter belongs. This is also the role that Martian Manhunter is meant to play within the DCU. The New 52 ruined Martian Manhunter’s character and made the Justice League much weaker with his absence. It is about damn time Martian Manhunter was returned to his proper place in the DCU. The Justice League is so much stronger with J’onn as their heart and soul. It just feels right.

The writers also did a great job with Waller’s character. I like how the writers used the opening two page scene to set up Waller’s character as her normal alpha personality who is supremely confident that she is always right and there is nothing she cannot do. This brilliantly contrasts with the final scene in this issue where the writers have Waller exposed, humiliated and defeated at the end of the issue. This approach gives the ending so much more impact on the reader.

DC Comics Justice League - No Justice #2 Review
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Of course, the character that got the most character work in this issue is Beast Boy. The writers did an excellent job with showing why Beast Boy belongs on Team Entropy. Beast Boy’s personality serves as a pleasant contrast with the other characters on Team Entropy. Beast Boy’s questions of his placement on the team was believable and felt natural. Lobo’s answer to Beast Boy’s placement on the team was equally fitting. Finally seeing Beast Boy cut loose was fantastic. And Deathstroke being the agitator that lead to that moment was exactly how it should be.

Now, the two characters that I had the least amount of interest when Justice League – No Justice’s roster was first revealed were Lobo and Starro. I thought that both additions to this roster was stupid. Well, Snyder, Tynion and Williamson have completely won me over.

As I read Justice League – No Justice #2 I sat there thinking, “Oh, no. Are…are the writers getting me to…to like Lobo?!” Yup. I started liking Lobo more and more with this issue. Lobo is a character that I have rarely enjoyed. The only times that I have enjoyed Lobo at all was when he was a member of L.E.G.I.O.N. and R.E.B.E.L.S. And even then it was only on the rare occasion.

However, Snyder, Tynion, and Williamson are getting me to actually like Lobo. I dig that Lobo is actually displaying something other than an over-the-top cartoonish personality. I like the sense of humor that the writers have given Lobo. Lobo provides for some good comedic relief in this story.I also like that the writers have made Lobo more intelligent and perceptive. The scene with Lobo and Beast Boy helped to give Lobo more depth to his personality.

The writers have also completely won me over concerning their decision to add Starro to the roster of this title. I have never particularly cared for Starro. I appreciate his importance in the Justice League of America’s mythos as the first villain that the Justice League of America ever fought. But, he is a silly Silver Age character that I never developed much of an affinity for.

However, the writers have done a good job with Starro’s character. I love the use of Starro as much-needed comedic relief in this story. Now, often adding humor to a character like Starro can seemed force. But that is not the case at all with this story. Starro’s humorous lines actually fit with the Silver Age styled gimmick of his character. Starro’s zingers are delivered with a proper dry wit and organically fit into the story. At this point, Starro is the scene stealer of this story.

Francis Manapul does a wonderful job with the artwork in Justice League – No Justice #2. This is no surprise since the last issue looked incredible, too. Manapul is at ease with dialogue heavy scenes as he is with action scenes. Manapul continues to do a good job with the facial expressions of all of the characters. This helps to bring the story to life in an exciting fashion.

What I really appreciate are Manapul’s panel layouts. Justice League – No Justice #2 has such an amazing diversity in panel layouts. Manapul changes things up with nearly every page. This helps give Justice League – No Justice #2 a dynamic and creative look.

The Bad: I have no complaints with this issue.

Overall: Justice League – No Justice #2 is another strong read. Snyder, Tynion, and Williamson are white-hot at the moment and are delivering an epic super hero story. Francis Manapul is equally on the top of his game and is bringing this story to life in a gorgeous fashion. If you love the DCU then I urge you to pick up Justice League – No Justice. Hell, if you have a pulse and like reading super hero comic books then you need to run to your local comic book store and pick up a copy of Justice League – No Justice #2. This is a comic that is absolutely worth the price of admission.

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