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Kill Your Darlings #2 Advance Review

The first issue of Kill Your Darlings was one of the more impressive debuts of 2023. There was a ton of imagination pumped into the debut. Ethan Parker, Griffin Sheridan, and Robert Quinn delivered that imagination not in the way expected. They blended fantasy and horror in unexpected ways that created a lot of questions about what was going on. We got a chance to check out an early copy of Kill Your Darlings #2. Find out how it turned out with our advance review.


Writers: Ethan S. Parker and Griffin Sheridan

Artist: Robert Quinn

Letterer: John J. Hill


“The terrifying new saga continues! After the fateful fire, Rose finds herself a social outcast. As whispers of murder and insanity plague her, she begins to question everything she’s experienced. Will the truth of that night confirm the grisly rumors, or will reality prove to be even stranger?” – Image Comics


With the debut issue introducing to us all the concepts around the series Kill Your Darling #2 does a good job at slowing things down. This second issue is packed with a lot of character work for the series lead in Rose. That character development gets you even more invested when the “imaginary” elements from the debut issue return you are hooked even more.

The first issue ended in dramatic fashion as Rose’s house burned down with her mom presumably inside. This second issue takes that ending to create a world around the reaction to this event. This allows the real world setting Kill Your Darlings to have a life of its own. That life also further pushes how Rose is the star of the series as she is the driver of everything we see with the presentation of the world.

Kill Your Darlings #2 Robert Quinn Cover
Robert Quinn’s main cover for Kill Your Darlings #2. Credit: Image Comics

This reaction to this event all centers around how others perceive Rose. So, on top of Rose dealing with being an orphan, she also can’t run away from the perception given to her of that ending. It’s a tough spot that makes you feel for Rose with where we find her in Kill Your Darlings #2. It also makes Elliot, Rose’s childhood best friend, have an important supporting role in the story.

All of this character and world development makes the fantasy aspect of Kill Your Darlings #2 continue to stand out even more. There is a deep mystery of why we see these fantasy elements come to life the way they do. The flashback we saw in the first issue seems to play some role as to why these fantasy elements are happening. The question is still as to why Rose is at the center of all this. That is why the hook ending Kill Your Darlings is a question you are fully invested in finding the answer to.

For as great as the writing is the artwork by Robert Quinn once again steals the show. Quinn does such a great job at delivering a darker-shaded art style that you would normally expect to be bright and colorful. Quinn does a great job of spotlighting Rose’s mental state at this point in her life. Overall, the art just makes you want to learn more about what is going on with the story.


Kill Your Darlings #2 is an incredible follow-up to the strong debut in what is quickly becoming one of the best titles in 2023. The creative team of Ethan Parker, Griffin Sheridan, and Robert Quinn deliver a lot of quality character development to make you care even more about Rose as the lead character. The way the dark fantasy elements are integrated into the story creates an even greater investment in what happens next.

Story Rating: 9 Night Girls out of 10

Art Rating: 9 Night Girls out of 10

Overall Rating: 9 Night Girls out of 10