Legacy Shorts: Comic Book Reviews for 2/25/09

Nova #22

Creative Team
Writer: Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning
Artist: Andrea Divito
Colorist: Bruno Hang

Story – The Rapture

How awesome is the cover to this issue? The cover alone is worth the price of admission. Without even reading the issue you can tell what two thirds of the issue is about. Juan Doe gives us what may be the cover of the year.

The content within the issue is just as good as the cover. DnA continue to do an excellent job building up the Nova Corps, and really the whole Marvel cosmic corner, into becoming Marvel’s answer to the Green Lantern Corps. And this issue is probably gives us the biggest parallel between Nova Corps and Green Lantern Corps. Just seeing the massive amount of recruits Worldmind gains to join the Nova Corps was a sight to see and Andrea Divito does a nice job filling in and showing all the people’s surprise to seeing other people being lifted up into the sky and then the excitement of the new Nova Corps recruits as they gain their powers.

While I would have mind it if DnA would have stretched out the subplot of whether Worldmind was really mind controlling all the Nova Corps members, minus Richard, or if Richard was really losing his mind but I was fine that they revealed it now instead of having to make this subplot last for 5 to 10 issues like other writers like to do with their subplots (cough*Bendis and Loeb*cough).

It was a cool reveal that the reason that about 98% of the Nova Corps membership were from Earth was because Worldmind had an easier time controlling humans easier, due to his time inside Richard, than other alien species. It was a cool twist that makes sense and makes me wonder if with those 5 other Nova Corps members that are a different species if we will be seeing more members from their home planet become members once Worldmind figures out their brain patterns. And the ending to the issue was just an great hook ending and I can’t wait to see were they take that plot thread and how Wendell will factor into helping his friend out.

Issue Rating
Story: 8.5/10 – DnA just continue to pack Nova with twist that as soon as you think you wont be surprised of what happens next you are.
Art: 8/10 – Divito does a great job giving us nice artwork on this issue and I hope that he is the permanant artist on this title.
Overall: 8.25/10 – Nova just continues to rock and has quickly become Marvel’s answer to Green Lantern.

Thunderbolts #129

Creative Team
Writer: Andy Diggle
Artist: Robert De La Torre, Carlos Magno & Scott Hanna
Colorists: Frank Martin & Giovanni Kosoki

Story – Hammer Down Part II

Even with all the A-list villains Thunderbolts used to have now being showcased over in Bendis’s Dark Avengers this is still the premier villain title. Just like Ellis before him, Diggle is able to access that sick and vicious side of his writing in order to give this title the chaotic, bonechilling feel a title filled with villains should be like.

Even though Norman has shown to still have a villainous side to him as he tries to act as the hero over in Dark Avengers and Invicible Iron Man it here in the Thunderbolts were we are able to see that insane, slimy, and underhanded Norman Osborn we all know and love in full affect. Just seeing how Norman is able not only to convince President Obama that he is not the Green Goblin but also be able to discredit Doc Samson was a thing of beauty. Though I would have liked it if this part of the story lasted a little bit longer since the second half of the issue felt a little slow and boring as it sets up the next storyline.

And even though I would like to continue to get Thunderbolts I just can’t afford to have to pick up another title, Deadpool, due to War of Kings and Battle for the Cowl starting this month I will probably pick this title back up once that crossover is over.

The only thing I did not like about this issue is the inconsistent art we got in this issue as we had Del La Torre and Martin on the art duties. Even though both artist were able to maintain the dark feel this book should have I would have preferred that De La Torre did the art for the whole issue.

Issue Rating
Story: 8.8/10 – Marvel couldn’t have chosen a better writer for this title as Diggle is able to give all the various villains their own unique voices that allow each one to be multi-dimensional characters.
Art: 7/10 – Though the art was fine it felt a bit inconsistent as De La Torre and Martin shared art duties.
Overall: 7.9/10 – Even without A-list villains Thunderbolts continues to be the best title on the stand for seeing villains doing what they do best.